Обзор программатора CarProg.

1 dear subscribers today at your request make a review of such a wonderful carprog programmer It means that there is in fact itself The programmer will immediately show that in the box, then I will show the functionality that is present, he presents himself on the computer actually here’s the device itself through a 6 wire I made adapter for conventional microcircuits here we are through it you can also take a pad that I often use for smd with them chips and pramac can also be used such a magical thing as a clothespin I don’t use a complete set of 1, so I can wear it on a microcircuit is not you for it, I have it, but again you can also drop it in this clothespin also included a large number of wires to work through the bda have or gpd here this is a magic cable aka c1 i redid already with all the defects that were listed so I made one more adapter too we put it here from here here it is already possible to hang anything, too. cable g m in the family does not change memory key to comply the wire here here power but actually all the cables that we have in stock now let’s go tell longtime when it comes from pooping often there are a few glitches a few problems a lot, in general, on the Internet, a description of how and where it is necessary to correct, but now let’s see what it is software on cam utri I will show you Well, let’s start perhaps review of the programmer itself from the computer the instruction will immediately show a bunch of all sorts of useful pictures It is painted what year what chip where there is a block what he is and how to connect to it after all, the processor will pick up a goal the person who was consulted the processor she also sews with us just never used it here is the general documentation on the Corr Pragu that he can connect it and so on, which file is responsible for what Well, yes there we still come back and promke with which for which, in general, it performs the function 95 to 08 covers with whom in general everything is not friendly painted in detail beautifully Well, as if I understand that you want to see all the same, probably in the first more live so now let me show you more pillows we dress immediately the chips that are signed right on the wires themselves, even the blocks should not be disassembled The crash test is wonderfully erased, the same thing is done and tape recorders and a lot more why so run the program itself run to say the program finding but the device is sharpening, that is, it doesn’t see the block itself, so it’s okay, but please connect it perhaps the computer unit itself here she saw the block itself now saw surrendering room so what we have is the block on the pillows begin let’s say you need to choose alfa romeo to erase the crash test pillows choose select the block number here where it is written direct it means it is not necessary the most directly from the unit connects we connect, we press to read from this block, we don’t have a block; in fact, everything is terribly simple, this is through the diagnostic the connector is on the direct on the instant the wound on the microcircuit or on the block cling and through the diagnostic connector Well, actually, everything is about immediately press the settings here is not necessary read and cork green tassenka and read it- write it to verify everything is clear on the pillows while the radio is actually the same quite rich magnet list which she encodes wonderfully once it’s not necessary to search by firmware where what is stored Immediately we choose a magnitolka and in general, everything is clear, in fact, the same is true for runs choose what kind of machine we need mileage motanut here in general, everything is painted where how to connect here such machines in general are pretty much pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty immobilizer too audi rb 4 rb 8 to be honest I don’t have any other equipment for these purposes lexus and he porsche cayenne and 3 legs are cool the second ones here are the cars themselves, the assistant works just with a bang and pins fights and the nickname knits in general, then such happiness she can do these things microcircuits for motorola processors infineon and On the egg this is a separate topic. We are friends and while the line and the Canary control unit can immediately reset the control unit can pull out immediately from it pin indiscriminately can tie up these controls to the machine right away in general papilloma it works wonders of its time radio pelea and acquired it well and on the eprom in fact we were asked first of all for the sake of and washing to show that she can choose a microcircuit now I have a microcircuit 95 640 in my hands quite large and in size selectable connect our fleet I have already connected the device itself insert the block and say read here itself microcircuit deduction it is all and the film of the mind is not necessary much you can through the adapter through the clothespin there is one we must omit something manually corrected mind we can here correct us right on the screen, nothing is needed anywhere but the only thing I recommend in practice before all maneuvers do save bacopa to be able to recover later Well, actually, we do such a thing, then we press to write it down with the little yellow arrow So here we have the same thing with the processors. do the same thing from let’s say dashboard and quite at all Thank you for watching subscribe to our channel put likes if the video turned out to be useful to you also in the comments below write An overview of what equipment would like to see coming temporarily 0 thanks for watching see you soon bye bye

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