Обзор программатора ORANGE 5

Today, at your request, we will review
such an external programmer which called orange 5 unpacking which
I did a little earlier on our channel Well, let’s proceed to the review only
I will immediately say that under their list I’m a driver never found tuned exclusively
under seven Well, where are the drivers that came in the kit
fit for this it means that we have run the program itself here
start a new file open already recorded previously either keep it clear work
with buffer, we can read this file this is our comparison this entry but
In general, this modification is completely we have on screen with Russians
the explanation in Russian is a choice type here we will return the installation check
This is a very handy feature that previously I did not notice other programmers what
in her good in her good that when put the chip or it is not very
beautifully read in me like visually always press this button and
see the contact series of the microcircuit connected right means here for
programmer advanced settings under some chips need
do something here is understandable under whatever chip we choose
will be pinout and very comfortable Well, of course you can understand
make any amendments any records so next time easy
find out what was doing what was not done and etc
you can customize to choose any mode any language function settings
a whole bunch of history is very helpful here still clear in general in general
Here is such a programmer and so what he has
let’s go through the search you can search we enter
95 p08 microcircuit and here we have it right away there is if we allow microcircuit
We carry 24 c 04 then it will be scattered more by manufacturers different size
memory is written here and all-all-all quite comfortable
it means it is by searching in common here it means entire list of all
and groups of groups painted means and promke from the manufacturer here it is
what models are there means let’s go further again on processors pretty
in detail here and what stitches we have renaissance is our nicknames different
Phillips from chalk and a lot what is useful let’s go after
processors to the radio choose admissible ford such a cassette opel
philips here is a huge list also tape recorder called times encodes
just to cheer the pioneer here are the bombers not blaupunkt and
bmw so fisher magnet so go on motorola stage
decoding is also a huge list quite rich and take for example
here’s the processor right away but we can can be secure
again, reading ideas is always possible look
microcircuit correctly selected or not what we will continue further special functions never used
and 100 they do honestly I don’t know in respectively, the same thing
dash laserjet probably damn printer some tests well not
I did not know I could test check can tire accordingly
contest on and we do not know what is not checked yet
had to we also have different nicknames
useful functions can be considered as write and look at anything else
by immobilizer is quite useful let’s choose bmw
there he is in tidy we have Xenia status bar
record edit wine in bmw right in dashboard change immediately oops not
then pressed sorry look further chrysler need to
if sales and firmware is worth erasing ask all we have on the face
actually along the river the same ford choose for example such here
ok again we will be readable de all right on the face all right on the face
by volkswagen cars is pretty big this very list is valid here
tank select all not record status smoke code immediately you can immo off
After all, he immediately press the button well error dump sorry no it here
You can also turn it on immediately. most machines here with us
Wonderful programmer choose perhaps immediately and promke so that the next time was
easier to understand what they want from us and on this we can finish by
total for the period of work with the programmer did not have any
nuance not a single issue cut out despite the fact that the programmer
Chinese he considers just fine performs all declared functions simply
what else can i say to me Liked this the thing about me
anyway you must have exactly so that it was actually such
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