Обновление прошивки USBASP для AVR

Hello, everyone! Today on my channel you can watch a video about USBASP AVR programmer firmware updating. I’ll tell you a brief prehistory about them. Originally I had one programmer,
here it is, it’s a Chinese clone of the USBASP which
worked excellent. It was bought 2 or 3 years ago but lately the program «Khazama AVRprogrammer» generated an error on the impossibility
of changing the speed of its ISP. Well, I guess that it’s connected
with the fact that the changing ISP frequency function was added
to one of the latest firmware versions of USBASP. The Chinese loaded an older version of the firmware into this programmer, that’s why I decided to reflash it. To do this, I ordered one more exactly the same programmer, the copy of USB ASP. In any case we need it to flash
this processor of the first programmer. Basically, I was mentally prepared
to make an adapter from this firmware connector to link directly
to the pins of the microcontroller . But let’s go to the point. I have studied the schemes of these programmers
and everything appeared to be much easier. All ISP signals which are necessary for the firmware updating are connected to the ISPconnector except for one pin «reset». Though a jumper is provided on this programmer, here it is – JP2 or just J2, we can connect the signal «reset» of the
programmer microcontroller to the adapter through this jumper in order
to flash it by other programmer. So… We can connect the programmers with
the cable which comes with the programmer. We connect the both programmers together
in this way, plug one of them into the USB of the PC and close the jumper J2
of the second programmer. And then we flash it as usual
with any program, for example «Khazama». That’s all. And everybody is happy! So, we are trying to do all this right now. I haven’t tried
but I think everything will turn out. By the way, this programmer
had also the old firmware, it means that the Chinese still sell programmes
with old versions. We will flash the both. So, we are connecting one of the programmers
through the USB port. As you can see, LEDs turns ON
on both programmers. It means that they both are powered. Now we only have to close the jumper J2. First let’s try to read the firmware So, we are closing the J2 jumper and doing reading of the firmware in «Khazama». It is the very error I was trying to get rid of. So, we have read the
firmware to the Khazama’s buffer successfully, that is ISP is working now. It means that there will be no problems
with its firmware updating. Now I’m going to save the current firmware in order to compare it with the one
from the AVRISP developer’s site later. It will help me to find out at last what
version is flashed by the Chinese. And we are updating the latest version
of the AVR ISP developer’s site. Let’s find it. So, we have ATmega8,
we are choosing the appropriate firmware. Everything is ready, we have to
press the button to start the firmware updating after we close the J2 jumper. So, we closed the jumper and we press the button. The loading is in progress. And that’s all. Let’s check if the error in “Khazama” disappeared
while Settings of the ISP frequency, all process is the same. We are trying to read it,
closing the jumper J2 and reading the firmware. As you can see, the error disappeared,
we updated to the latest version successfully. Now we similarly are saving what
we have read from the second programmer. I think that it has the same firmware version
that the first has. But it’s still interesting to know. That’s all.
And now we are updating the latest version. Well… It’s done. The loading is in progress. Now the updating is finished, we are checking one more time that the error on changing the speed of its ISP of the second
programmer has also disappeared. Let’s read the flash to check it. So, reading goes without any errors. And that’s all. Both of my programmers
are updated with the latest versions. There are no errors in any programs. I don’t know when the Chinese start to flash the
latest version to the programmers but nevertheless the firmware can be updated
quite easily and that’s why I can’t say it’s a big problem. The only inconvenience is
that you need to use the second programmer. It may not be the USBASP
but any programmer with AVRISP. So, that’s all for today. Thanks to everyone for watching.

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