🎮 5 Games Purposely Made TERRIBLE by Dickish Developers (Revised Edition) | Fact Hunt

🎮 5 Games Purposely Made TERRIBLE by Dickish Developers (Revised Edition) | Fact Hunt

Have you ever sat back and thought… Why do game developers spend years on a game,
fully aware that it’s not very good? I certainly have, to the point I’ve lost
all my friends from constantly bringing it up in conversations and I’m currently on
medication for it. I mean, obviously there’s a number of legitimate
reasons why… a rushed schedule, incompetent management, or they’re simply employed by
Ubisoft. But every now and then, these developers make
their game awful entirely on purpose… and you wouldn’t believe some of the despicable
reasons why. So, this episode we take a look at these Gimped
Games, These Crippled Computer Programs, and These Nerfed Nintendos that were so underhanded,
you’ve less chance of being scammed out of your money putting it into a Peter Molyneux
Kickstarter… But, Hello you! I’m Guru Larry, and I welcome you to Fact
Hunt: Five Games Purposely Made Terrible, By Dickish Developers… Revised Edition! We’ll start todays episode off with one
of the first ever recorded documents of a purposely gimped game: The Atari 2600 and
Intellivision ports of Donkey Kong. Now, at its time of release, Donkey Kong was
one of the hottest arcade games around, arcades were seeing queues out into the street to
play the copyright infringing adventures of an Italian woman kidnapping King Kong, to
the point Nintendo themselves could barely make enough machines to keep up with the demand. (no changes there then)
So the hype for a home port of the game was beyond boiling point. And with Nintendo having no interest in home
gaming themselves at the time, this honour had been awarded to Coleco, who had the foresight
and good fortune to grab the rights just before it hit arcades. Donkey Kong’s mass popularity was Coleco
striking gold, their own console, the Colecovision was in third place in the console race and
needed a killer app to take on their rivals. So while they could cash-in on making Donkey
Kong a console exclusive, one bright spark at the company and an even sneakier idea. Why not make even more money, by releasing
it first ONLY as a bundle with the ColecoVision, so even if you already owned a Coleco, you’d
need to buy another console just to grab it… …Then anyone who was still uming-and-aahing
about buying it still, release it on their rivals consoles six months later, but purposely
make them crap, fooling owners into assuming their consoles are inferior, thus enticing
them even further into believing that if they wanted the TRUE Donkey Kong experience, they’d
need to buy a ColecoVision. (CASH REGISTER)
Sounds absolutely scummy, doesn’t it? But True to their word, the rival ports were
completely dire… For instance, the 2600 port makes Donkey Kong
look like a depressed gingerbread man who throws cookies at you while guarding Lisa
Simpson, and the Intellivision version manages to look even worse with a giant booger lobbing
cheese wheels instead. If making the graphics look terrible wasn’t
bad enough, they only ported two levels of the arcade game to each system, the first
level and that one with the weird ghost things, then the icing on this crappy cake, refused
to make an Atari 5200 port of the game, due to it having similar components to the Colecovision,
knowing they’d be called out on this scam if they did. And want to hear the most shocking thing? Coleco totally got away with it too! After release, Coleco managed to sell a whopping
six million copies of the game across all systems, an unprecedented number at the time,
and pretty impressive even by today’s standards. Their sales doubled to $500 million, and earnings
quadrupled to $40 million. Of course, over the intervening decades, talented
programmers have proven that both the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision were more than
capable of making really decent ports of Donkey Kong with homebrew ports. But, you got to give Coleco credit for such
a devious way to make their console look superior! Ubisoft’s seminal murder people using traffic
lights and your iPhone simulator, and winner of “most famous” gimped game, Watch_Dogs
always had a rocky development cycle. Originally devised as a sequel to Driver:
San Francisco, before being converted into an all new IP, Watch_Dogs was the first game
to be previewed for unannounced next-gen consoles at the 2012 E3. But it’s first bout of ever growing bad
publicity began two years later, when not only was the game already five years into
development, announced it would be delayed for a further six months, but the released
gameplay footage didn’t look anywhere near as impressive as its initial showing. This was quite perplexing to PC owners, since
Ubisoft had been hyping their close collaboration with NVIDIA to make the game as visually stunning
as possible. How could it look notably worse if it was
specifically designed to work for top level graphics cards? But upon release in May 2014, things went
from bad, to worse, as the PC version was locked to a 30 fps frame rate, when it could
easily do double that. But sparks really began to fly when a fan
looked into the game’s code and discovered textures that made the game far more impressive,
to the point it looked just like that 2012 preview all those years ago. So, why on earth did Ubisoft purposely make
Watch_Dogs so terrible? What on earth was going on here? Well this time it all boils down to good ol’
money… As popular as PC gaming is, it pales into
comparison with the success of console gaming. Console games are not only far more popular,
but more importantly, retail for at least a third more than their PC counterparts. On top of that, Watch_Dogs was being released
on FIVE different consoles. So to put consumers off thinking they were
buying an inferior product would be financial suicide, so the PC port had to be throttled
to appear in line with the console ports… So yeah, it’s essentially a total reverse
of Coleco’s plan. It’s not just a financial risk in this situation
either, There’s also the fear of angering both Sony and Microsoft by showing their brand
new consoles were obsolete right out of the bag. So being out of favour with the top two console
manufacturers would also spell doom for your business. In hindsight, The PS4 and Xbox One ports probably
were going to use the nicer graphics initially, Ubisoft were quite likely unaware of their
specific capabilities in 2012 and the final retail models simply couldn’t handle what
they had programed. However, There’s the question of why Ubisoft
left the texture pack in the PC versions code still, was it incompetence, or a frustrated
employee not wanting years of hard work going to waste? The only thing we do all we know is they replaced
all the decent characters with annoying hipsters for the sequel, then referenced a ton of crappy
internet memes to hide a rather shallow story. So probably no Watch_Dogs 3 any time soon
then. Long before ISIS made deceptions popular,
it was the cult ‘80s movie Highlander, proving there can be only one. Infusing this barbaric ritual into an ageless
tale of French-Americans pretending to be Scottish, and Scotsman pretending to be Spaniards. But, as with a lot of other ‘80s movie licenses,
Connor McCloud’s adventures in head dismemberment and infertility proved too much of a temptation
for our old Manchurian chums at Ocean, who quickly snapped up the license for the 8-bit
home computers. Now, picking up licenses back in the ‘80s
usually revolved around paying the licensee a small upfront fee, then the rest would be
paid in a percentage of the royalties. Unfortunately, Ocean’s contract negotiator
was a bit dippy the day they signed, as it dawned on the company that if Highlander proved
popular, the insane amount of royalties that they agreed to would literally bankrupt them. But what to do? They can’t bail as they’re contractually
obliged to make the game still, so how can they sell a game, but make sure no one buys
it? But making the game as crap as possible. Yup, the sole reason Highlander is a terrible
game is because Ocean didn’t want anyone to buy it! It does sound completely stupid, but it did
actually work for them. Purposely slowing down the game to a frustrating
crawl and making the controls unresponsive meant everyone hated it, and with magazines
like Zzap64 rating it a lowly 30%, Highlander never entered the top 20 charts, thus ultimately
Ocean dodged a bullet. Sadly, the same can’t be said about the
Highlander movie sequels, those were rubbish down to good old incompetence. T.S. Eliot once wrote “This is the way the world
ends, not with a bang, but a whimper”. While it may be considered rather vague and
pretentious, it makes for a fitting epitaph for Atari, for not only their final console
(That Atari Box doesn’t count) but also their final ever game, Fight for Life. Now, the Atari Jaguar was released during
that awkward mid phase of console generation’s life cycle, so while it was easy to humiliate
16-bit consoles with their “alleged” superior 64-bit power, taking on the upcoming PlayStation
and Sega Saturn next generation systems was a whole new ball game. They needed something impressive to compete
with them, something of a killer app. And that game was to be: Fight for Life. Fight for Life was a 3D one-on-one fighting
game created by Francois Bertrand. You may not know the name, but he was responsible
for the development of Sega’s classic, Virtua Fighter. Atari had head-hunted him upon finishing his
work and offered him vast amounts of money, staff and resources if he could do the same
magic for Atari as he did for Sega. Though, while Bertrand took them up on their
offer, Atari didn’t exactly keep to their side of the bargain. He was forever being fobbed off with excuses,
delayed payments and his deadline pushed further and further forward. Francois was forced to not only be Director,
but also the designer and only programmer on the game. Frustrating the poor guy even more. Atari’s Incompetence wasn’t exactly helping
either, their PR staff were so excited about this “PlayStation killer”, they were offering
gaming magazines review copies less than a few months into development. So with magazines assuming it was a final
product, and not just an extremely early preview, Atari were hounded in magazines with negative
press, making them angry and demanding Bertrand “revamp” the entire game. An entire game that had only just began development. But, the final straw began when Atari’s
pay cheques stopped arriving, So come the December of 1995, Atari owing Bertrand four
months of pay, the game’s deadline approaching that month and STILL no pay cheques arriving,
Bertrand thought screw this, and sent Atari an unfinished build of the game. His kept his side of the deal, but also kept
the final, completed build of the game and wouldn’t release it until Atari paid him
what they owed. But, Atari didn’t care that it wasn’t
the final build, nor that it was a slow, terrible mess, they had “something” playable to
sell, so released it in all its unfinished buggy glory. So, the sole reason Fight for Life is terrible
is because they didn’t want to pay the developer what he was owed and called his bluff by releasing
an unfinished product. With dwindling sales, a drought of upcoming
games, and ultimately Sam Tramiel’s infamous Interview for Next Generation, where he boasted
that the Jaguar was just as, if not more powerful than the Sega Saturn, threatening to sue Sony
if they released the PlayStation for $299 (which they did) and that the Jaguar 2 was
already in development (which it wasn’t) made him the laughing stock in the gaming
industry. Atari shut up shop with the Jaguar less than
a year later, with Fight for Life being its final ever commercially released title. Francois Bertrand left Atari and went to work
for Activision, developing several PS1 titles, but was kind enough to release the actual
final build of Fight for Life online a few years later. So, thus lies the end of Atari, not with a
bang, but with a whimper. If you want a game that’s been ruined from
corporate pissing matches and marketing completely destroying creativity for the sake of their
egotistical image, one needs to look no further than Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite. When Capcom first started collaborating with
Marvel on fighting games way back in 1994 with X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel was
a very different operation, a comic book company on the verge of bankruptcy, who were more
than happy to let Capcom take the reins, which is clearly evident by obscure characters appearing
like the Silver Samurai to appeal to their Japanese audience. However, since their acquisition by Disney
in 2009, Marvel have severely pulled back creative control and let their marketing team
have final say. You could see early cracks of this in Marvel
Vs. Capcom 3 and the inclusion of Super Skrull in lieu of the Fantastic Four. Capcom tried to spin that it was to save memory
and character slots, but it was later revealed that Disney denied them permission. This was all down to Disney’s very public
war with Fox over them obtaining perpetual movie rights to the Fantastic Four, when Marvel
was in desperate need of money and now refusing to relinquish them. Though strangely Doctor Doom still appears. This war with Fox has now escalated to Disney
cancelling the comic, all merchandise and even refusing their artists to draw Fantastic
Four characters at conventions, all to avoid giving Fox any free publicity. Now, come Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, Not
only are the Fantastic Four once again abscent, Bar Doctor Doom, but now also Deadpool and
the entire roster of X-Men characters have been removed from the roster, as guess who
also owns the movie rights to them? This is especially heartbreaking for MvC fans
as Wolverine has been a staple of the Capcom Marvel collabs since Mutant Apocalypse on
the Super Nintendo. Of course, Capcom once again tried to hide
Disney’s spat by having the audacity to claim they removed said characters because
gamers have probably forgotten who the X-Men and Fantastic Four even are. That’s right, Capcom reckons we’ve forgotten
two of the most famous comics in history! Amnesia may work as a rubbish plot device
with your Games Capcom, but don’t insult our intelligence with it! However, in their place are Disney friendly
movie owned characters, such as The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. So while good for movie fans, especially as
there’s been a distinct lack of games this generation, it’s quite a slap in the face
to people who grew up with the series. Now, before you all ask… Those ugly Capcom characters, were they purposely
nerfed at Disney’s request to make their characters look superior, as told by the ex-employee
whistleblower on Reddit? Well, as much it would be a great way to end this
episode, the answer is a resounding.. No. As evident by the fact the recent update made
them all look far more on-model. So that piece of drama was all simply down
to Capcom hiring crap artists. Thanks Capcom… Crapcom. Subtitles proved by: Larry Bundy Jr

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