10 Programming Languages in ONLY 15 seconds!

10 Programming Languages in ONLY 15 seconds!

C++ and C for games, simulations, other speed-intensive
applications. Java for business. Python for science and some web stuff. Javascript on websites. PHP for old websites. Ruby for cool websites. Swift for iPhones. SQL for databases and not actually programming. C# for Games and some microsoft stuff.

6 thoughts on “10 Programming Languages in ONLY 15 seconds!”

  1. 0:00 C/C++

    0:03 Java

    0:04 Python

    0:05 JavaScript

    0:06 PHP

    0:07 Ruby

    0:08 Swift

    0:09 SQL

    0:12 C#
    Hacker music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H1Gho3LOUE&list=PLOWZMlyrJzvR_k1gjkSp37e5rGYp2BYc4

  2. > JavaScript for websites

    Proceeds to writes a javascript nodeJS ElectronJS program for a big corporation that are too stubborn to accept the fact that a website would suit them better
    What'd you think now? ey?

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