(2019) How I code with Java and you can too! 😃 Video# 0 Install ☕Java – 🌘Eclipse

Hello everyone welcome to the channel. So what
we’ll be doing in today’s video is installing the Eclipse IDE so we can
begin programming with Java. What an IDE is, that stands for Integrated
Development Environment, it’s more or less a tool that’s going to assist us
with coding. When I was in my university classes back in the day, we
use the Eclipse IDE and I found it pretty simple and straightforward to use.
Anyways let’s get started, this is how you install it. What you’ll want to do
first is open up your web browser of choice. I’ll be opening up Google
Chrome. Then type in this URL eclipse.org/downloads.
Alternatively you can just Google Eclipse download and it should appear. It will be the first link and click the orange download 64-bit button. There are
other packages to it depending on what machine you’re using and you can go to
that window right here and download near the top. It’s currently
downloading so I’ll let you know what it’s finished, and it’s done so open. So you might be brought to this window where you need to install a JDK so I’m going
to install the most recent one. Oracle JDK 12 and click this link, download, and then pick the right link for the
machine you’re using. Oh I should probably accept the License Agreement
before downloading, which is located right here. Run. Let’s give it a
moment. All right so once the JDK is finished installing this window should
appear at some point. Click: next, next, give it a moment, close. Now that the JDK is installed we can run eclipse just look up the eclipse and open, launch. After running Eclipse you should be
brought to this home screen I would recommend going to the left sidebar
clicking this button near the top that says ‘Restore’ this will change the
windows appearance. Then click out of this window because it’s annoying.
You’ll want to go to the top file, new Java project, and I’ll name this project
hello YouTube. choose whatever JDK you’re using,
and finish, create. Okay, when that’s done, you’ll want to go to this SRC folder on
the left side window file, new class, and I’ll name this ‘main’. Okay so it’s yelling at me
because it wants it to be uppercase, but it’ll still run regardless. Click on this public static void main checkbox, finish. Your screen should
look similar to mine. On the previous window when we clicked that public
static void main checkbox, it auto-generated these lines of code right
here and it is necessary that these lines are in for us to run the program.
Without it, we will get an error when we try to run it, as you can see here on the
bottom console window. if you are missing it, you can easily just type in
these lines. anything within these two curly brackets will execute first.
However this line right here really isn’t necessary that’s just a comment
and I’ll get to that in a later video. It’ll still run without that line. So
that’s all for today’s video, let me know if you liked this explanation. If you ran
into any problems, let me know in the comments. Also consider subscribing, right
now you can be a part of that exclusive club that has bragging rights because
you subscribed to this channel before it was cool. Anyways see you in the next one.

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