3 NLP Techniques You Must Know

3 NLP Techniques You Must Know

three NLP techniques that could change your life. Stay tuned. This is Damon from NLP gym three must know NLP techniques you haven’t already please click subscribe to this YouTube channel so you can get these videos on a regular basis I like Three’s to seems like it’s not quite enough and for gets a little complicated take things a step at a time learn three things at a time to three things at a time you can get extraordinary results out of these three simple NLP techniques the first one is calibration calibration is a particular technique within the field or the skill of sensory acuity sensory acuity and NLP is basically your sensitivity to perceiving in other people’s physiology and your own changes and breathing changes in skin tone changes in voice tone just to name a few which you can do is actually calibrate your state or calibrate other people states when they’re changing states so if you notice there breathing shifts at certain times when they’re in a certain state or they’re talking about something in particular are their skin tone changes or something like that you can recognize when they’re going in two different states and you can start to realize which ones they’re going into by what you’re seeing physiologically or what you’re hearing from their voice or even hearing their breathing and you can become well aware of this in your own body so that when you’re changing states are going into to a less resourceful state you can recognize this and put yourself back into a resourceful state why is this even important well very good salespeople people who are very persuasive and also very good coaches and therapists do this even if they’re not aware of it when you can recognize when someone is going in two different states first of all this is a very this is a very powerful report builder because you’re putting a lot of attention on the person in a way that they’re not used to and that is not intrusive and often they don’t really know why but they they get the sense that you have got your full attention so it built a lot of report also when you can tell when someone’s going in two different states you can then become more persuasive and influencing those stay you can also spot deception which is interesting because you’ll start to notice this when people are telling you things that aren’t true their physiology isn’t matching up with their words the second technique is anchoring anchoring can be extremely powerful to manage your own States and also to put other people into good States anchoring is basically when you match a sound or a touch with a particular state when you repeat the sound of the touch it puts the person back into the state you ever find yourself going into the bathroom to brush your teeth and suddenly you have to go and use the toilet that’s often a natural anchor something about the rest of the bathroom what you’re seeing in the bathroom reminds you of that and can actually make you feel like you have to go there a lot of natural anchors there’s a lot of things that we see or symbols that we see for some people like if they see the American flag maybe they started they start feeling patriotic that would be a visual anchor or if somebody’s really sad at a funeral of someone who has passed away a loved one and people keep patting him on the back in the same place maybe months later that but somebody might come and pat that person on that same spot on their back and suddenly they become sad and they don’t know why you can use these to anchor yourself if you’ve ever seen Tony Robbins does that with his chest he is actually firing one of his anchors that he’s created for himself to put him and put himself in the state that he wants to be and so you can anchor yourself for optimal states also you can anchor other people either overtly or covertly so if I’m coaching someone and they want to be in a certain state say for performance are giving a presentation i can find the state that they want anchor that state by a touch or sound or both and then they can fire that themselves or i can fire for them by saying the word or whatever the sound is and touching them wherever that anchor has been set and they’ll go back into that state really crafty salespeople are people who can persuade an influence very well might see a person going into a particular state maybe that’s a state of being happy or are more likely to be agreeable and then maybe they’ll raise their eyebrows when that person goes into that state or they’ll dealt lift side of their that inside of their mouth like that and it doesn’t always work but if the person happens to be looking at the the influence or the person setting the anchor at that moment when they’re going into that state and a raid say they raise their eyebrows like that then later in a conversation that person can raise your eyebrows again and test to see if that fires a tanker if it puts the person back into that state this can be very very crafty and very good for persuasion and influence if you can develop that ability third is mapping across mapping across is typically done with submodalities with submodalities are they are the finer details are the sub-qualities of our modalities of our internal experience so for example when I think of somebody who I like I see an image of them that’s the visual in the visual is the modality the submodalities or the qualities of that visual picture so if I see rich colors are bright colors the brightness are the richness of the colors that’s a submodality the position of where in my personal space i see that is also a submodality whether or not it’s in color sometimes people see in black and white that’s also a sub modality the size of the image is also assembled ality and auditory that could be the tone the pitch the volume or with the direction in which the sound of voices coming from and my internal experience those would be submodalities for the auditory or kinesthetic that could be temperature that could be texture that could be weight likeness or heaviness so those are submodalities of the different submodalities what you do in mapping across is you can identify an experience where you don’t have a resource that you’d like to have and then you can identify a different experience where you have that resource when you think of the two experiences and the submodalities of each and you can identify the submodalities of each you can take the submodalities from the resourceful experience and apply them to the experience where you’re lacking that resource and it’s an extraordinary thing that oftentimes in most cases have been some mapping across is appropriate for this particular experience you will suddenly feel and experience that resource in that experience and then you can future pace that so when you’re back in that experience you’re able to bring that resource into it there are many many more NLP too techniques these are just three have chosen these three kids are very powerful and very simple i highly recommend learning these three and mastering them try these out i have other videos on my youtube channel which demonstrate some of these techniques you really want to learn these three techniques as well as many more and master them sign up for NLP Gym’s ultimate NLP practitioner training coming up in January 2017 you haven’t already please check out our website NLP-Gym.com there you can sign up for the ultimate NLP practitioner training follow us on Facebook for real-time updates on upcoming workshops and also free practice sessions that I hold in santa cruz you like this video please click like right down here and leave me a comment or even a question I will follow up with you stay tuned to the end of this video to get your hands on a free NLP sensory acuity online training this has to do with calibration one of the techniques and i’m talking about i give a free online 30-day course that you can get access to if you go to our website a NLP-Gym.com take care

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  1. I don't get anything out of this video. Thank for trying. Though much of your teaching seemed that you wanted to sound more technical and use fancy wording instead of just relating it to the common person.

    I will admit listening to the video again so to write this response, the lesson did make more sense. Though it still seemed to have been lost to a big degree on tech bable over plain language explanations.
    I had a Dr. In Psychology who dealt a lot with language clinically as well as public speaking. She shared with me, never use a $100 word when an $1 will do.

  2. Hi, I’m from India , I want to do course on NLP . Trued visiting your website but it says enrolment closed across the website I’m unable to read the content on your website.

  3. Vaishravana Black

    Good video sir! I don't know if you realize this, but nlp teaches you how to work with the spirit s. Maybe check out lapulia.com books of shadows

  4. 4:06 Sounds a bit sociopathic to me don't you think? Why not being successful at it by just telling the truth instead.

  5. The five Elements

    Thanks for subscribing! I came to check your channel and I found this video very interesting & you make it easy to understand 🍃you got a new subscriber also 🍃have a great day 😊

  6. Just focusing on linguistics… eliminate some of your redundant verbs; por exemplo, "starting to realize"… reduce to "realizing"… why is this important?

  7. AlanBalls shinpad

    The worst kind of manipulation of people. Guys Ive been there. They are interested in is sucking you into a scam. And you may go there I did and then when it doesn't work they will say your not doing it right. Oldest trick in the book. Miss the pain of it and walk on with a strong mind this is nothing more than a money scam and I speak as someone who knows. Peace

  8. Sankar Narayanan

    Please include text in video .intimate before you speaking ,what technic are you speaking about .

  9. Change happens WHEN you change the emotions, this takes NLP to the next level. Emotions are the glue that makes the thoughts stick. The stronger the emotion the more power it has.

  10. NLP = pseudoscience. Bandler & Grinders airy-fairy, speculative, mish-mash of Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson's substantive work … distorted, to grow a cynically brilliant (no actual product to on-sell) money-spinning MLM scheme. The type of folk who tend to become life-coaches, reiki healers, mail-order naturopaths, white-people-shamans, and condo time-share salesmen will also try on NLP as an occupation.Whiteboard and marker is a small investment. I was around Santa Cruz when this thing was whelped … and a skeezier bunch of folk one could not get from central casting. In fact, Richard Bandler was once even tried for murder because (according to Bandler) Bandler's friend used Bandler's 357 magnum to shoot a woman in the face. Bandler was acquitted … but why the 357 pistol? Wouldn't "Mind Control Skills" do the job in most circumstances?

  11. Blackscorpion1963

    Bro – you need to explain your ideas in concise and less confusing language. Way too much info and spoken too quickly.

  12. I understood the first two but nr 3 sounded completely abstract to me. Maybe it's because I'm not a native English speaker.

  13. you did not sound 1% like someone who knows what is NLP. Such a huge monolouge stuck in one place without anything interesting. Boring video, waste of my time and internet data… You should try again after learning NLP thoroughly.

  14. Get Free 4 Step NLP Video Series Here!
    https://nlpgym.mykajabi.com/p/nlp-practitioners-course-optin also check out my private NLP Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/445150475957230/

  15. I think this video appears to be for those who have a more in-depth knowledge of the technical terms related to NLP. As a beginner I could not follow.

  16. I understood everything you said, I’m a natural skeptic however. How do you know you aren’t just in a echo chamber reinforced by others in the nlp community. Do you ever think that people subconsciously or consciously know you are manipulating them but they allow you to do so and in respect to this you’re actually the one being manipulated

  17. Great video! Having studied Method acting extensively I can attest to the use of modalities and sub-modalities along with many other techniques that some of the greatest actors in the world use on stage and in films. Have you ever wondered why or how actors can draw you into the situation (as if) they are in by conveying their feelings and you are then emotionally drawn in to what you are watching? I will admit that you must possess empathy to be emotionally committed as narcissists fall out of such capability. The action of NLP truly works but, only if you are someone who is highly conscientious of human interaction with the capability to read the subtle facial or physical tells and changes that most people are unaware of conveying.

  18. Abdulrahman Al-Sheddi

    I have finished the Master practitioner and I'm looking for Trainer course during 2019, where and when I can take that?

  19. Precious Cinnamon Rolls



  20. Without even slightest of exaggeration, I'm having self improvement after watching your videos…. Really, absolutely!

    However, there are some things that are a bit hard to follow….

    Just watched your video re how to overcome fear… Well apply now and test….

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  22. Great… I am an NLP Practitioner, and the moment i heard your content, i have subscribed it… Hope to learn a lot from this channel

  23. i have never heard of this. why does one care. a resourceful state?? i just want to sleep for seven hours. how do you do that with out the use of drugs.

  24. Just a little bit of a feedback on your free four part series on how to use NLP. I find it a bit deceitful and this is certainly the case where the first video is concerned. Above it you have written: "Video 1 of our 4-Part Series on How To Use NLP to Take Charge of Your Life", so then if you say that the first of four videos is on how to use NLP to take charge of your life, it is very unfair that the entire video is on your life story. This means that you directly don't fulfill that which you say you should. And I know that it's free series, and I shouldn't be complaining, but if you state something, then you need to actually fulfill it. Make the introductory video for instance before the four videos on your life story and then in video number 1 you get stuck directly to the techniques, but you shouldn't say Video 1 of 4 on how to use NLP to take charge of your life, if this is not really what it is. I was stuck thinking at the end of it: Well, what did this video teach me about how to use NLP? With respect of course to your life story, but you should be integrous and do what you say. But great techniques in this video. Regards.

  25. I took the practioner training in 1994 ,I was 19 years old I was one or the younger students in and I use nlp when I talk with customers using conflict integration and and when I can sense they have a burden on them . Tim halbom Susie smith and Robert dilts were the instructors . I am grateful for the you tube to give more people an insight into what nlp can do. Very effective tools for every day rapport to therapeutic results for traumatic events ,6 step reframing and change personal history both have deep results for the short time it takes to retrieve and address the issues . Now 25 years later I sense it's time to take the master trac to get more tools to help more people. Amen and namaste

  26. I understood everything you said without knowing anything about NLP. I like that even though you used alot of technical phrases you explained what they meant. Thanks for sharing your videos and nlp experience/techniques.

  27. I love your videos, Damon. I think space/location is a modality over which other modalities with their submodalities overlap. I have seen you space and mental space in your latest works. I wonder if you would do an exclusive video on using space for interventions.

  28. You dont explain it. Just to know that there are these types from Nlp, that is something that we already know. Can you explain one of them fully?

  29. Prince Bartholomew

    Disappointing! What he's called the anchoring is just classical conditioning. Think pavlovian dog. While conditioning is powerful, the reason I'm depressed in the first place is because there's some negative conditioning or "anchoring" that leads me to a negative state.
    Ex: consider a pavlovian dog who salivates upon hearing a bell. But consider that same dog hates the janitor who only turns out the light and never feeds him.
    if the janitor rings the bell, will the dog be negative from seeing the janitor or positive from hearing the Bell? I don't know! but what would be groundbreaking is if without changing the janitors Behavior we could have the dog "realize" the subconscious association and disassociate the janitor with negativity. From this video NLP is just classic conditioning with a different name… But nothing new

  30. why do people like Tony Robbins use NLP to influence extremely harmful behaviors? I was at one of his seminars and he did say these techniques are dangerous and should be used with MORALS then he went and used these techniques WITHOUT MORALS – why? This would be an amazing tool to use to influence healthy behavior- why isn't it used for good?

  31. It was hard to understand but I think I got it . I will work on these because they seem like very valuable skills.

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