Advanced MetaTrader MT4 Trading Tools Using Java Control Interface

This video demonstrates a range of advanced trading
tools developed by FX AlgoTrader for the MetaTrader MT4 trading platform All these tools use a universal JavaFX interface
to control FX AlgoTrader indicators and expert advisors. This approach allows traders to make much faster parameter changes using a single interface! Firstly – let’s look at the Daily, Weekly and Monthly pivots system Selecting the Weekly Pivots indicator controls The Java interface controls can be resized and moved to wherever the trader wants them to be… Here’s the trader is changing the data label position for the Weekly high and low data so that the label is moved to the right of the price action. Take a look at the top right hand corner of the screen – you can see the ‘Last Week’s High’ and ‘Last Week’s Low’ data labels moving to the right… Changing the line style for the Weekly high and low data lines Changing the line colour for the high and low data lines Enabling the Alert System… this allows the trader to set up alerts when price action comes within a set pip range of a pivot level Setting up an alert for the WR1 pivot level and also chosing to display an alert channel around the pivot Reducing the length of the trigger channel box to 5 periods – check out the top of the screen.. Now increasing the size of the trigger channel around WR1 to 10 pips each side Changing the colour of the trigger channel Changing the WR1 line style Making WR1 into a Ray to extend it into the future Selecting an alert sound (wav file) from the MT4 Sounds folder.. Closing down the Weekly Pivots interface The Products Catalogue is now shown automatically Selecting the RSIAlerts Plus control interface Resizing… all changes are remembered Changing the RSI Line Colour Changing the RSI calculation period Changing the calculation period back to 12 (the default) Changing the calculation method The pop up is a custom Java alert window Changing the Upper and Lower Trigger Channel Line Widths Opening up the Stochastic Crossover Interface Resizing… Changing the Stochastic Main Line Width Changing the Stochastic Crossover Arrow Colour Changing the Upper and Lower Trigger level line styles Changing the Upper and Lower trigger level values Switching charts JavaFX Interface auto detects the new chart ID as soon as its clicked on… Adding a thick main stochastic line Switching back to the old chart… the interface automatically updates to reflect the settings on each chart

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