AJAX (Tutorial 02) – JAVA Servlet + Parse XML w/ JavaScript

AJAX (Tutorial 02) – JAVA Servlet + Parse XML w/ JavaScript

What is the difference between an ajax enabled web app and a regular one? What is a tutorial of an ajax enabled java Web application running on Tomcat 7.0? How to return xml from a JAVA Servlet? What are methods of the XMLHttpRequest object? What is the XMLHttpRequest open method? What Is a Callback? What is the XMLHttpRequest send method? What is the XMLHttpRequest readyState? What is the XMLHttpRequest status? What is the innerHTML method? How to parse XML w/ JavaScript? How to use ajax to dynamically update an html table with server data? How to debug javascript code running on the Chrome browser?

3 thoughts on “AJAX (Tutorial 02) – JAVA Servlet + Parse XML w/ JavaScript”

  1. I get this error on my JavaScriptConsole when I run the Application:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'childNodes' of undefined ajaxprj02.js:17

    Can you/somebody help me please?

  2. AJAX (05) w/ JSON and multi-dimensional array driven display @ https://youtu.be/8DRXzBp1ma0

    AJAX (04) w/ JSON and automated data driven display @ https://youtu.be/JPd6YlYayz4

    AJAX (Tutorial 03) – JSON + Java Servlet @ https://youtu.be/YLxcYkwXVA0

    AJAX (Tutorial 02) – JAVA Servlet + Parse XML w/ JavaScript @ https://youtu.be/ZHUsLdEsWTM

    AJAX Tutorial w/ Eclipse, Tomcat, and Java Servlet Technologies @ https://youtu.be/ThyK60yXOe8

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