AJAX (Tutorial 03) – JSON + Java Servlet

AJAX (Tutorial 03) – JSON + Java Servlet

What is an AJAX w/ JSON and JAVA Servlet tutorial? How to add JavaScript code to an html page? What is the open method of the XMLHttpRequest object? How to submit ajax requests using Http Get? What dos it mean to send http requests asynchronously? What is a JavaScript Callback? How to pickup http request parameters in a Java Servlet? What is the difference between JSON and XML data? How to return JSON data from a JAVA Servlet? When is a Javascript Callback function invoked? What is the XMLHttpRequest readyState? What is the XMLHttpRequest status? What is the JavaScript eval function? How to dynamically populate an html table w/ JSON data?

11 thoughts on “AJAX (Tutorial 03) – JSON + Java Servlet”

  1. Steven Vandenbulcke

    A good tutorial that shows the complete life-cycle of a RESTfull service call, including how to generate and parse JSON. Good work !

  2. Nice tutorial… Someone knows where can i find one where the data is sento to servlet as JSON, and parsed inside doPost in servlet? I found many but only with jQuery, and i don't want to use that, only regular JavaScript…

  3. AJAX (05) w/ JSON and multi-dimensional array driven display @ https://youtu.be/8DRXzBp1ma0

    AJAX (04) w/ JSON and automated data driven display @ https://youtu.be/JPd6YlYayz4

    AJAX (Tutorial 03) – JSON + Java Servlet @ https://youtu.be/YLxcYkwXVA0

    AJAX (Tutorial 02) – JAVA Servlet + Parse XML w/ JavaScript @ https://youtu.be/ZHUsLdEsWTM

    AJAX Tutorial w/ Eclipse, Tomcat, and Java Servlet Technologies @ https://youtu.be/ThyK60yXOe8

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