Android Emulator, TensorFlow Object Detection API, & more! -TL;DR 120

Android Emulator, TensorFlow Object Detection API, & more!  -TL;DR 120

I’m Wayne Piekarski for “The Developer Show.” And this is your update on
the coolest developer news from Google in the last week. The latest Android
Emulator release can now run Excite 6-based
Android virtual devices on computers that
use AMD processors. Head on over to the post
linked in the description below for getting started
instructions and the download link. The TensorFlow
Object Detection API is an open-source framework
built on top of TensorFlow that makes it easy to construct,
train, and deploy object detection models. And we recently released
several additions to the API, including support for
accelerated training of object detection models via cloud TPUs,
improving the mobile deployment process, and several new model
architecture definitions. A link to the new
tutorial is on the post. Over 130 Googlers attended the
35th International Conference on Machine Learning last week
to present publications and host workshops. You can learn more about
the research we presented and download the papers
with the links on this post. Jib is an open source Java
containerizer from Google that lets you build
containers using the Java tools that you know. It’s fast, simple, and
handles all the steps of packaging your application
into a container image. Head on over to the post for
more details and examples on Maven and Gradle. And the Los Angeles Google
Cloud Platform region is now officially
open for business. You can now store data and build
highly available performant applications in
Southern California. Please remember to like,
subscribe, and share. I’m Wayne Piekarski for
“The Developer Show.” Thanks for watching and
we’ll see you next week. SPEAKER: I’ll throw
out some emotion. Excited. Shocked.

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  1. What happened to Google Maps? prices raised suddenly and my project's account was move automatically to the paid service, since it's a free service I had to cancel the entire project until I find a way to monetize from it

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