Ask Splash | How can you get a job in games?

Ask Splash | How can you get a job in games?

Something that always makes me really
happy in interviews is when someone can tell me about a bug they found in a game
that they reported to the developers. There are so many early access games and
small indie developers that really rely on that player feedback. So if you want
to be a tester like go sign up for a developer’s forums or their Discord. So my job as a Technical Level Designer covers lots of different disciplines
like programming, art, design so it’s important that they get a good wide
skill set amongst all of the different things that you could be doing in the
industry because one of the main roles that I have is to be kind of a
connection between the different disciplines. Apart from the regular
technical stuff that you do and learn at the universities I would say observing
in general real life because you can develop your eye for detail, lights,
shadows only if you observe how light works in real life. In general if you want to start becoming an Engineer if you want to go to
programming games then computer science is the way to go I think. You don’t
necessarily have to go to university but you should be trying to learn the same things that you would learn on a computer science course. To get my job as a
Concept Artist someone just needs to be drawing and drawing a lot, and drawing
lots of different things. The role of the Concept Artist isn’t just to draw one
thing over and over again and not just what they fancy drawing, the job is to
draw the best thing for the project. So if you’re the best at drawing robots in
the world and all you draw is robots robots robots you’re useless on a
project which doesn’t need robots. If you want to work in narrative as a Writer or
a Narrative Designer you should be creating things. As a writer you should
be writing whether it’s short stories, radio plays, comics you also need to get
used to writing in interactive formats. When you’re writing at home you can
write in engines like Twine or Ink or BITSY or AGS easy to use engines you can
use at home and actually learn how to write interactive narratives. I would
suggest that they listen to and analyse from the popular titles that are out these
days and I mean really analyse them. Download videos from YouTube and
look at the waveforms and there’s a lot of comparison videos as well online
between the guns that sound like this in one game compared to another in another
game and they’re really useful for actually understanding how people have
designed certain sounds. For a designer especially just understanding player’s
motivations is like the biggest thing. I mean everyone has empathy but like you
need to really really care about what is the player wanting at this point in time?
What are they trying to do? What’s their task? Understanding what people want is
the most important thing. I’m conscious that Creative Director is a title that
some people who get into the industry especially the designers really aspire
to. That wasn’t really my aspiration my aspiration was to make good games and
to help teams make good games and to always be improving and that’s the way
the path led. So maybe if you do those things you can get that title
maybe not you can always just start a studio on your own and call
yourself whatever you want you know, it’s up to you.

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  2. I didnt get the ability to read Neil's reply to my comment because of the repost. All I caught was Morpheus and knowing a bit in every field of gaming along with the business side?

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