Audio DSP Programming Basics – MusicTech Singapore

Audio DSP Programming Basics – MusicTech Singapore

thank you super funny i presume youre all interested in audio to some level but i have no idea what kind of background everybody has here before i start it, just wanna see uh… k first off, how many of you are musicians? do any of you play musical instruments? uh, how many of you. can all of you hear me? without a microphone? Subtitles by the community

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  1. the link to the sample code is broken. if you'd be so kind to upload it again it would be highly appreciated 🙂
    thanks for this great introduction!

  2. Hi all, apologies for the broken link to download the code and slides. I'll try to get that fixed at some point. In the meantime, I've put it them on Dropbox:

  3. Source is currently located in his dropbox:

  4. Sample code can be found here:

    And the link to AudioStretch for iOS is simply:
    Free Lite version available!

  5. You can find the source code on my Dropbox here:

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