Become A Computer Science Teacher

There’s so many computer science jobs out there that are not being filled. So the more computer science teachers we have in our school systems the more students we will be able to reach. And getting past that initial fear of what
computer sciences is, is what’s gonna change the whole field of
computer science. The curriculum is very accessible to
first-time teachers. I think it’s also accessible to
experienced teachers. If you didn’t have any background knowledge
of computers, technology, computer science whatever the case may be,
you can successfully teach this course. So it’s great. Having lots of teachers in the classroom
will give us the ability to adapt to a future that
frankly none of us can predict. The workplace has changed. Education has to change. And this is all part of helping to prepare
students for the world that they’re going to work in. If you have an interest you need to go for
it! And you need to do that really not just
for yourself but certainly to benefit your students. They need stuff that is relevant and this… I think this is it. Yeah.

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