Blog 2 Assessment,findings, API

Blog 2  Assessment,findings, API

In 2012 we did an assesment of all of our
content across channels, so on the websites, in the publications database, in the publications
warehouse, in the contact center console, which the agency used to answer inquiries,
and we found a huge amount of duplication. And a huge amount of content sprawl and after
looking at the metrics for all these various channels, we found that 90% of our visitors
go to the same 20% of content. So there’s 80% of our content that’s not being used by
visitors at all. Most of it’s duplicative, but some of it is just outdated, hasn’t been
archived. Or it’s what we would consider low-value or long tail. It’s really specific. So the
beauty of the API is that it’s expandable, it’s scalable. The API is positioned
so that if agencies want to in the future, stop their own processes and actually just
write adaptive content for publication on For publication on their own websites
or for publication on other websites, the API will be in place to handle and to adapt
that content for multiple re-use.

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