Bruce Feiler: Agile programming — for your family

Bruce Feiler: Agile programming — for your family

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  1. He keeps talking but he's not saying anything… he wants us to be able to easily recursively improve our family cohesion, why doesn't he say that without the 17 minutes of padding?

  2. Much more needs to change. Job and status obsessed docile-mill drones cannot become best parents they can be by employing business techniques. Most of them are anyway grown up kids (in a bad sense) themselves… beyond redemption.

  3. tedtalksdirector, you need to update the title and description. Agile is not a software programming language. It is a methodology – that is being applied to software development. So, in this context, it is a software development lifecycle methodology.

  4. I don't think that it only applies to americans. It's a modell, for families who struggle to get organized.

    But I agree, that the kind of income-situation many US Families face at the moment, definitely doesn't improve family Cohesion. Having a model to organize yourself doesn't even change a lot about that.

  5. look at the growth-rate of the income-gap in america in the last 10 years. It's ridiculous. A medium income salary could afford a house, 2 kids and 2 cars in the 80s and 90s, but you'd struggle to afford a flat, one kid and one car with two salaries today.

    But in a way it's self inflicted. Government raised taxes for work and lowered it for financial gain and huge incomes, so the superrich got richer while the poor ones were motivated to take up credits, that again make the rich even richer

  6. If you don't know what 'agile development' is, perhaps you should study it? He's not giving a lecture in the details of the method, he's telling us that the technique is useful for family life.

    Also, Tolstoy story was about a brother who spent his whole life trying to improve himself and his surroundings, first as a child consumed with trying to find the magic stick, then later as an adult who came to see the profound insight into happiness the childish story provided.

  7. Practically all corporate software development is constructed using an adaption of an Agile technique. The bit with Tolstoy was supposed to tell you about how it's possible to give your life its own meaning and happiness.

  8. Profound. I have taken notes for the day I have a family. Either way some of the principles are applicable in my current circumstance and business. Thank you for this once again, i'll keep trying.

  9. It seems as though "Agile development" is the programing equivalent to an even older japanese philosophy used in manufacturing known as Kaizen.

  10. I am more skeptical about this agile system than some others. Thing is families and kids have successfully produced functioning adults for centuries and no particular tradition particularly created bad societies. The speaker is trying to convince the audience that they "need " this system for their kids, but not why. Evidence that it works for all families is not given either.

  11. I don't think there should for all families. I think there is no one-size fits all solution to fixing family problem or making a good family better.

  12. Nice empowerment story for families. I cannot ignore the feeling that the basis of this story is recent, interesting, data results, of which we do not know what the results will be in 10-15 years. High adaptibility is the often the search in the short-term, but ultimately could not be an adequate result in the longterm.

  13. Uh… "waterfall" doesn't mean what you're saying it means… but yes, the system that you're talking about is way better than executives micromanaging…

  14. WhiteChocolateMocha

    Thats the most shitty talk i heard since a long time. That would be a really dull artificial life of have checklist for everything. These large mouths should look at the core of the problem i.e why are people getting busier. This is not normal, pea brain!

  15. I believe Kanban is a a visualization method of Kaizen. A lot of agile methods have visual task boards the resemble Kanban boards. Agile techniques are typically more structured and prescribed than Kaizen, but there is definitely a relationship.

  16. Are you dense, or what?

    Business != Family. Quite the flippin opposite. Any parents who try to incorporate a business productivity technique to improve their family life needs to check their head.

  17. Neither. As a father of two, I get how family life can be very stressing and time consuming. But thinking that some corporate suit knows the best way to manage a FAMILY and keep them happy together is sadly mistaking.

  18. Since you claim not to be trolling, and a father, I'll spare a moment to enlighten you. Corporations have nothing do with it, this is a solution development strategy, most commonly used by programmers. Last I checked, programming wasn't exclusive to for-profit corporations. The whole point is to evolve gradually and often, as there are fewer growing pains and you can react quickly if things don't go as planned.

  19. Hey man, do yourself a favor and go get your nuts clipped. The world doesn't need any more "solution development strategies" for parents. It's human nature. If you can't detach from corporate mentality and strategy when it comes to procreation, it's probably best you stick to fapping to porn.

  20. MrRichieRichieRichie

    This guy is giving business advice as well as family advice, how can some of you not see this? I guess you weren't on the check list….

  21. family is a 2 member job. 1 member to produce viable income and 1 member to take care of house and family. When both or only parent(s) work a 30-40+ work week there is no energy left to do the 30-40+ hour work week that taking care of house and family needs to run and function properly. When house and family are not taken care of we see things like unhealthy sanitary and behavioral habits children have to grow up and take on responsibilities they are not ready for and family cohesion break down.

  22. It's the art of persuasive essay writing. You start out with a Logos, fact based appeal (statistics on what kids want), and then to an Ethos, credibility based appeal (where he works, and his success), and finally to the emotional appeal, the Pathos. The reason for this is because the audience he is speaking to may or not take what he says to heart unless he has convinced them to open their minds. Here on the internet, we have selected this video because it already appealed to us. But not there.

  23. doing away with all the technical aspects of this method and how to implement it i think the point here is treat your kids as human beings not like your home appliances that you scream at when they dont work like you want them too…you wouldnt beat up or scream at your work colleagues why should you do that with your children

  24. He was describing an experiment and case studies. He was telling us why and how agile programming helps families, not just that "it is".

  25. You don't have the intellectual capacity to produce results from education. Hence why your family most likely has all those problems…. He produced with variables possibly one million ways to increase agility and happiness.

  26. In complete agreement, this in its own right is half the problem with Modern society – a need to worship methods and practices because they are being justified by some new study, but as far as human culture is concerned were always known. The best way to solve a problem is the practical way, do what works. You just have to care enough to keep trying.

  27. First we had Colin Powell telling us that kids love military-like structure and now we're told that they love living in a corporation. Feiler gives an interesting point – kids say they want parents being less stressed and tired – and then pretty much says that it's the kids' fault. And tells us how to teach children to get out of parents' way. Do what you should do without me having to tell you and there will be less screaming, and I'll be less stressed. Everyone's happy!

  28. Love it! I have been using Agile with my 3 kids for homework time. Wanted my kids to work efficiently and learn a workflow process along with task/time management. My kids were struggling at school, and AGILE/KANBAN helped them!
    I also made an app for them to help them with applying those methods at home, and make the methods very simple and fun for kids. The app is available for free, sharing it with all parents if interested, the app is called : KanPlan, available in AppStore !

  29. Awesome vid! I've been enjoying lots of TED Family podcasts. Love the idea of empowering the kids and working/talking about issues together. We've asked our kids about what consequences they would receive.. and yes, the kids usually come up with harder punishments than us parents would! lol.

  30. are there any anthropologists out there? this talk along with many other TED talks on human relationships is starting to make me feel that Anthro is an overly underrated discipline

  31. This reminds me of a Time Magazine article I read just today about the change in the way cancer research is now being conducted. It's amazing when you make these connections about the world 🙂

  32. I have been a software engineer for 30 years. Agile doesn't work for everyone. Not everyone performs well with the team approach. Not every family member likes to be "warm and fuzzy". The goal of a family is not to make a profit or avoid problems. Love cannot exist under such structures – maybe slavery – but not love.

  33. The simple concept proves true.. a happy worker is a product and loyal worker.  The problem is getting management to buy into these policies that promote the flexibility to enhance worker satisfaction.

  34. just had first family agile meeting wasn't expecting great results but it went really well. have a whiteboard full of things to achieve this week.

  35. Good is the enemy of Great

    Love your concept Bruce! You tested and tried it and it proves effective. The best part of your speech from 11:25 !
    Will give it a go in our household.

  36. Sociedad del Bienestar Mutuo, SBM

    As a follow-up, Harvard Business Review has a great article on this topic as a whole if anyone is interested –

  37. We have been giving this a go in our family. The kids seem to love the control they have in the family dynamic and it has created less stress for me as a Mom. We held on to what was already working in our family and we added this great framework as well. I am learning so much more. Thank you so much for sharing!

  38. Silke von der Bruck

    I love the way this talk sparks discussions about Agile in parenting. You can find a full review on my Blog (in German):

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