Build a Classic Layout FAST in CSS Grid

Build a Classic Layout FAST in CSS Grid

27 thoughts on “Build a Classic Layout FAST in CSS Grid”

  1. This is a fantastic tutorial! I really like how each concept presented in this video builds from the last, in small incremental steps. It really helps me understand grid a lot better!

  2. Gr8 tutorial,i have quick question,i`m at the start with the usage of flex/grid and i was wonder if there is any way to color the grips between "boxes" just like you did in the tutorial,that would help me a lot to visualize the elements better,thx in advance.

  3. For those of us playing along at home, it would be helpful to also show your initial HTML page. Otherwise, very informative.

  4. I have been avoiding Grids for a long time. Watching this video made me realize that was a mistake. Looks like Grid is the way to go for complex layouts.

  5. Thank you for these videos, Miriam. You are a fantastic presenter. Very natural delivery and extremely informative. I am so sad that I missed your talk at SmashingConf last week. I left half way into the day because I was feeling not well. Hope to catch you live soon!

  6. Thanks, you have an excellent presentation style. The video has given me confidence to start practising with Grid. I found the link to your codepen in the video description but maybe you could mention them in your presentation. Maybe in a future short video you could compare CSS verus Bootstrap. Good Job !

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