Building Dedication: Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering

Today we launch a new energizing era in
our history the Brendan Iribe Center for Computer
Science and Engineering is a shining example of what we can accomplish when
we work together to turn a fearless vision into reality. This Center will be
celebrated and will ensure that Maryland continues to be a national and global
leader for cutting-edge technology and innovation. It’s bringing University of
Maryland inside the making it the center of technology in the sciences which
improve human lives. I’d like to touch on a very important friendship that really
led to this moment. When I got to Denton seven Michael Antonov was directly
across the hall from me and he started to show me what he had created and I’m
thinking okay one Mike is a genius number two we probably need to start our
own company and this roommate leans over and says you know I think I can help you
guys too. And that was Andrew and that was the moment that the three of us joined
together as not just coworkers but as best friends. This building symbolizes that friendship
and I hope inspires other students to create friendships like that. The Iribe Center is a bridge between traditional academy and the technological future of
economic development of the state Maryland. It is a place where
inspirational ideas from students and faculty will become transformative
technology that will create the future.

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