BULLISH: MAJOR LIGHTNING NEWS?! ⚡ Programmer explains

BULLISH: MAJOR LIGHTNING NEWS?! ⚡ Programmer explains

70 thoughts on “BULLISH: MAJOR LIGHTNING NEWS?! ⚡ Programmer explains”

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  2. Florida: Flat landscape. 2 seasons. Domestic water smells like sulphur. No lights on the streets, but plenty of churches — and they send people to knock on your door hoping to get you to subscribe to their religion.

    BUT, there's no state income tax — so if you want to be rich in money while living in a society that's poor in intellect or appreciation of reality, it's fine. (Be careful of the red tide on the gulf side, though. When it erupts, you have to leave for a few days.)

    Smashed the like.

  3. Ivan lift in 4 week cycles. If you are doing 5×5 then the 4 week cycle would look like this. Week 1 3×5 week 2 4×5 week 3 5×5 and then week 4 back to 3×5. Works much better than just stagnant reps and sets bud

  4. I learned that it could be great for this channel if Ivan uses the money from the tips to give free access to his academy to some of his viewers. Thank you so much @Ruslan Krapivin, @Fabric King and other pioneers like them for showing us the generous way people can (and will) behave for no specific reason.

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  6. Borrowing from yesterday Simon's financial engineering idea, Cyprus could have issued a (ethereum?) token and replaced that with the lost funds.

  7. Today I learned about the privacy that lighting network add to bitcoin transactions and how easy is to track bitcoin transactions

  8. there are no Bitcoins that are worth less than others Ivan. Thats like saying "whatever the banks SAY bitcoin is, it is".
    Like your show but please correct your mistake

  9. Can you/Filip please do a technical video about what it means to launch a stable coin on a blockchain and the pros/cons of doing so on different blockchains?

  10. I learned that even an exchange like Bitfinex is interested in the lightning network. All I want is a way to instantly pay for coffee without high fees.

  11. I knew about the Bitfinex Lightning story already, but I learned of a very questionable policy at an EU bank that bans employees from owning or using crypto currencies. Very sketchy. I don't think that would fly in Canada or the US.

  12. I learned that OXT is very powerful and helps you visualize transactions on the BTC network and how lightning network will help with privacy and anonymity

  13. I feel sorry for LN regarding BTC…..because we do want it, but only once BTC exceeds $100k…..I already spent enough BTC on silk road and cars since 2011 to want to spend anymore at these levels

  14. hey Ivan we always learn so much, but would love to learn when do we cash out of these assets lol or should we always be hedging?

  15. What was the trick to get those graphs on OXT? Ivan did something to get there, but didn't say what he did. I can't get the same kind of graphs on OXT 🙁

  16. 1st speculation – BTC will do well during the next economic crash.
    2nd speculation – TSLA stock will be the next AAPL (after the crash).
    3rd speculation – Live long enough see the first 2 happen, and short enough to not see the climate/eco catastrophe.

  17. hello from Cyprus. What you talked about regarding Cyprus is partially true. Most money in the Laiki bank was money being laundered for Russians and Germany is against Russians so they wanted to punish them. Laiki bank was very liquid but Russian black money was getting out of hand.

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