Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuners & Accessories Gas Diesel Computer Programmer Monitor

Man 1: Brought to you by Jegs. Man 2: The new revolutionary Triple Dog GT
is loaded with features. All in one unit, the GT serves four purposes and functions.
GT is a downloader adding improved power and fuel economy with multiple power settings
giving you the power to haul a heavier trailer up a steep mountain grade with ease, smoke
the competition at a race track or simply save a few more valuable gallons of fuel motoring
down the highway. Tuning is another important function of the
GT, allowing users to adjust a wide variety of engine, transmission, vehicle and safety
parameters. Adjusting these settings gives every driver the ability to customize their
vehicle to perform exactly how they want, need and desire. The third feature of the Triple Dog GT is
the multifunctional gauges. Four vehicle parameters can be monitored at one time allowing drivers
to keep an eye on various important readings including RPM, temperatures and speed. The
gauges are also fully customizable with hundreds of colors and layout options. The last feature and maybe the most exciting
is a revolutionary new driving coach software. The driving coach monitors and tracks the
vehicle’s wasted energy, and then notifies the driver on how to change their driving
style to improve fuel economy. Improved driving techniques can increase fuel mileage as much
as 37%. Triple Dog GT is available for gas and diesel applications including cars, truck,
vans and SUVs. Man 1: Brought to you by Jegs.com. Lifetime
support. Complete customer satisfaction. Delivering performance since 1960. Jegs.com.

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