C#プログラミング超入門 2020 Lv1 #1/12 環境構築

C#プログラミング超入門 2020 Lv1 #1/12 環境構築

Hello everyone This time, I’m going to start
“C# Programming Tutorial for True Beginners 2020” This series will have 12 episodes In the first episode, we’re setting up an environment
In other words To program C# Then, to use a compiler, Generally, you install Visual Studio. But, actually, without installing it The compiler itself is included in the Windows OS standard, so you can use it without installing it. Instead, you have to do with a command prompt. Well, it looks difficult a bit You may think, “Then, I install Visual Studio of course” but this way has weak points It’s slow and complicated, needs a lot of memory and takes hours to install. And the biggest problem for making videos is every about two years Visual Studio release a new version, and the screen configuration changes significantly So, in the video I can’t speak like “Click here on the screen” Well, to be honest, I can’t tell which way is better Well, you judge it by yourself I ’ll show you both ways, so after watching the video you can choose one you like First, I talk about how to install Visual Studio. If you type Visual Studio on Google and search it, you will probably find it at the top Well, and following the instructions on the screen. the appearance of the screen around here changes frequently, so it doesn’t look like this This There are three choises in Visual Studio. Well this too I don’t know if there will be three in the future Well basically the downer thing you choose the more function you can use but it’s not free
So you select the uppermost thing Community I think it will do Click on this to start the installation and follow the instructions on the screen Follow the instructions on the screen and proceed with the installation and after a while such a selection appears I dont know if this screen configuration won’t change Well, in my experience so far this screen configuration changes frequently, and unfortunately this choices also changes frequently A few people see exactly the same as my screen among those who are watching You need to choose C#, though So this is the one to choose It’s a Windows desktop environment, but this words and icon changes frequently This point is difficult to explain but I hope you can select and install something like this like this, i’m sorry that my explanation might not make sense Next I will introduce how to use without installing Visual Studio Start Explorer first And access the C drive I guess the folders here are different for everyone but I think Windows is there Click this I think that the contents of this are also different Well, Microsoft.NET I think this is definitely there And then Framework If you choose so far, folders of v with any numbers are there from those Choose the one with the largest value And in this There is a lot of files, but you make sure csc.exe is in If you can check it, leave Explorer as it is and launch the command prompt It doesn’t matter how you launch it, but the simplest way is to find it from this menu The command prompt is in the Windows system tool Then a screen like this will come out Now, bring up the Explorer screen again and left-click here when it is selected, right click and copy Then open the command prompt and right click Enter the yen mark It is on the upper right of the keyboard Then type csc and press the Enter key. Then you will see a screen like this
it’s all over Now we can use the C# compiler without installing Visual Studio This csc stands for C sharp compiler So the necessary information is this So, if you record it by any means You don’t have to perform the operations on Explorer every time If you create a batch file to starts this, or register it in the path You can save time as well, but that method is out of my explanation in this video, but if you know, please try it Finally as an extra “I don’t know how to create a batch file or how to register in the path, but I won’t be bothered to do so” for the person say that, I will introduce the tool I made It’s easy to start csc Well, it’s a tool just for it, though Please select here Download it Open it, please and expand it, anyway If you do that, there are three files inside, so copy this Copy to any folder, of course Well, those who say “I don’t know anywhere you say” copy it to the same place of the command prompt Copy there It is moving, but whichever will do
If you keep like this, type tut space csc here, it will run in the same way
though this tool is just thing to do that Please use it if you like Then this part is over
Thank you for watching until the end

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  1. コメント失礼します。
    私はMacを使っていますが、Macでは Visual Studio 以外のやり方でC#はできますか?

  2. メモ帳C#シリーズで学ばさせていただきましたが忘れた部分も多いので2020年版助かります。更新楽しみにしてます〜

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