C++ Weekly – Ep 190 – The Important Parts of C++17 in 10 Minutes

C++ Weekly – Ep 190 – The Important Parts of C++17 in 10 Minutes

16 thoughts on “C++ Weekly – Ep 190 – The Important Parts of C++17 in 10 Minutes”

  1. I just now realize how many C++ 17 features I already took for granted. Structured bindings and if with initializer are big ones. I use the modern if all the time. I wrote a lot of Go before C++ 17 so I was very happy to see C++ finally adopt that feature. Stringview is the one thing I have never used so far I'll have to try it out some day.

  2. Why are we even forced to write "constexpr" everywhere anymore? Wouldn't it make more sense to just make it the default, and add some uglification if for some odd reason there's something that must not be evaluated at compile time? In a few years' time I guarantee that this will be thought of as one of the ugliest warts of the language.

  3. I'm surprised `if constexpr` didn't make the list, given its ability to, in some cases, completely remove SFINAE overhead. I really like if-init because it reduces scope, but I really hate it because no matter how you format it, its presence really interrupts the flow of reading code.

  4. At the end of the video he says when he writes 'void func()' we're accessing the global scope, don't write code like this. What is he referring to here and why shouldn't it be done?

  5. Just want to remind that "inline static" for static members happened in c++17 also
    No more need to create nice class only to add some additions outside of it just for sake of it

  6. Closed captioning has troubles following these tech videos, starting with "copy elision" being written as "copulation", woops!

  7. at 0:40 subtitles say "The number one thing that I want to mention is guaranteed COPULATION"… I knew C++ was the right choice for me

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