Can Java Mess Up Your Computer?

Can Java Mess Up Your Computer?

Can Java mess up your computer? I saw an old
LifeHacker article that you shouldn’t use it anymore. Java uses the Java Virtual Machine to interpret
commands and code from a website into the native machine language on your device. However,
it isn’t going to re-write the code on the computer. I thought Java was full of security holes. OK, if there is a virus in the Java code being
executed on your PC, Java can be used to infect your PC. That’s why disabling Java applets is a common
IT security solution. Can Java mess up your computer in other ways? Oracle took its time, six months or so, to
patch a major Java security hole found in April of 2012. I remember that. The year 2012 was called
the year of the Java security vulnerability. Kapersky reported in 2012 that Java security
holes were responsible for half the virus attacks on someone’s system. That’s why the shift from installed software
to doing everything through your browser meant viruses started to infect Apple systems. Java
could convert the virus to machine code and go through the website to the iOS. I think we agree Java can mess up your system
due to viruses. Is that the only reason? And don’t tell
me it is due to all the updates and reboots. The updates are due to all the security holes
they have to patch. As if fixing one adds another. It certainly seems that way. And Java is used
on so many websites for interactive functionality that you see lots of Java errors. Some of those web page errors are actually
JavaScript errors, but I know that given the long error string, the term Script is easily
missed. The funny thing is how little you’d miss
Java when it is gone. I thought it was essential. I mean, the Java
Virtual Machine is so valuable it is used by other languages like Scala. Java is used by KeepVid to download Youtube
videos. I can find another way to do that. Java is used by ASDL for speed tests. *I don’t even do that. I can tell things
are slow when the web page loads slowly. It is a lot easier to live without Java than
without Adobe Flash. Yeah, I know, all those cute little Adobe
Flash games. HTML5 is supposed to eliminate the need for Flash or Silverlight with files
playing straight from the browser, but there isn’t a standard solution yet. You can disable Java in your browsers, and
should as a security measure. You should remove older versions of Java on the PC. You know those scan my PC and find errors
websites are usually there to introduce malware on the PC. Do they exploit Java? They even exploit the Java exploits to infect
the machine.

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  1. Yesterday I imported Java and it downloaded with the installation several unwanted programs, including the annoying and intrusive Ask.  It turns out that Oracle is (for some unknown reason) allowing this!!  The directions for removing Ask DO NOT WORK!!
    Read the Wikipedia article on Oracle, and see if you think that it is a company anyone would trust.


  2. I found this out when you download java you can either get a virus or not so it is 50%50 its very risky if you have a good compute/ laptop you will be able to

  3. I wanted to download a mc hacked client to get revenge on other hackers but I need Java and it always warns me that it's not safe ;-;

  4. Our proud prime minister · 27 years ago ·

    Java may have messed up my Minecraft. I have been recently constantly losing connection to servers and it not responding

  5. IT CAN one day i Installed a java That Convets Minecraft Bedrock worlds to Minecraft java worlds it worked

    But the next time started my pc i didnt booted it corrupted my Bios

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