Che cosa è il coding?

What is… Coding? What is… Explains it… the third class, section “d” We can start from “computational thinking”. Let us ask ourselves: what is it for? “Computational thinking” is the ability to solve problems understanding the way to arrive at the solution. The “computational thinking”… …helps (all the people) develop logical skills creatively and efficiently. These are important qualities for all of us and for our future. So, we can say… “computationl thinking” is for all the people like the school! The best way to learn the habit
of computational thinking is… Coding The coding is related to algorithms. But… what is an “algorithm”? An algorithm (pronounced AL-go-rith-um)
is a procedure or formula for solving a problem based on a sequence of specified actions. With algorithms nothing is obvious: All the steps of the reasoning (of thinking!) are explained. In computer science, an algorithm
usually means a small procedure that solves a recurrent problem. To try, we can use the labyrinth game. We can learn while having fun. In fact, the Coding stimulates the imagination but it helps us to think and leads us in the world! In fact, every year there is the “Europe CodeWeek” (italian:”la settimana europea del codice”) The symbol of the week are colored bubbles (our classroom) and the music is this soundtrack. What is Coding? text: the class talked about… (see names) at the PC: Corinne editing: teacher inspired by Alessandro Bogliolo
(Code Week Ambassador)

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