Clay Wilkes, Galileo Processing, CEO & Founder: Cryptocurrency API

Our solution is to create a gateway
between the traditional payment network and the virtual currency, or the
cryptocurrency, and allow users to be able to spend freely between those two.
The galileo cryptocurrency API supports the ability to be able to manage
accounts, to manage exchange rates, to manage the treasury function, to manage
the exchange of values between fiat currencies and crypto currencies.
Galileo is providing everything that is needed for that application developer,
for that program manager that’s dealing in the cryptocurrency to allow them to
interact with the payments network and conduct that transaction from the
merchant all the way through the network to authorization and settlement to the
bank in complete harmony with the existing payments network as well as
exchanging that value between the dollar value and what’s out there on the
cryptocurrency. One of the great benefits of using the
Galileo APIs and including the Galileo Crypto API is the ability of the
developer to come log in to our sandbox environment and gain access there and
prove out whatever technology or capability they’re trying to demonstrate
in a very easy, succinct, secure way and then move that into our production
environment. Most importantly what’s happening here
is taking the first steps to bridge the existing payments world and the upcoming
cryptocurrency world and put those together in a very convenient, easy,
consumer friendly fashion. Crypto currencies are absolutely here to stay
they’re really an absolute force in payments. I don’t think that that could
be denied. I don’t think we’re going to be able to put crypto currencies back
into a bottle, and barring some sort of massive regulatory interference they
will be the next wave of payments.

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