Cloud Video Intelligence API Demo

Cloud Video Intelligence API Demo

14 thoughts on “Cloud Video Intelligence API Demo”

  1. This is pretty cool. I do wonder how long it takes for the program to search through each file, though.
    I mean, does it take an hour to search through an hour's worth of footage? Two hours? Thirty minutes? Thirty seconds?
    I'm sure it'll get better and faster in time though. But fascinating all the same.

  2. I'd also like to see something similar with audio. Being able to pick out specific parts of an audio file or a video presentation like the one above.
    Maybe there's a two hour presentation, and there's one part specifically that I am looking for (something being discussed) which only lasted for about thirty seconds.

  3. this is pretty cool would also be cool if it could identify those mountains based off of known mountains and comparing known mountains images from google to the mountains in that vid

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  5. can you plz tell in brief that how can make possible with real-time monitoring system.We are going to implement in cctv camera so how can we implement it.

  6. Two years ago I've been working in television business here in Baltic States. Making a good TV show for National Broadcaster was a challenge for me and my colleges. During lunch breaks I was speculating about software that would help me catalog and archive all those thousands of VIDEO FILES screaming for attention and differentiation.

    Now it's reality: I'm no longer in the business and the software is here.

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