Coding a Dark Mode for your Website

Coding a Dark Mode for your Website

9 thoughts on “Coding a Dark Mode for your Website”

  1. Thanks for the sharing! But the voice is quite low, it would be better for us if you can turn your speaker volume way up. Thanks again!😊

  2. Many sites have mostly images of knocked out white backgrounds. Demos always look good when there no white back-grounded images.

  3. what about enabling the dark mode of chrome or firefox browser? not the operating system. is it possible to enable dark mode in chrome or firefox settings tab?

  4. Wow, I’m excited for this new channel. Just learned about it from the Moz Dev newsletter. As a dark mode user, thank you for introducing me to this feature!

  5. Hi Deja, this is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for this video. It's super easy to implement 🙂
    I'd also want to include a theme-switch (checkbox) in the navigation bar. Is it going to be covered in the next video? If so, when can we expect it to be published?

    In the meantime, any heads up would be appreciated. Should I save the checkbox's state in local storage with JS?

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