Coding Challenge #1: Starfield in Processing

Coding Challenge #1: Starfield in Processing

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  1. please do create this kind of coding challenges in python.
    It was awesome and you didn't fail. You did it, but for customization you took time

  2. My first thought when clicking on this video was: "Huh? Star Wars?!" lmao

    This video was really good! Never stop programming, we need you lol ! 🙂

    Edit: OMG, this is the first time I get a heart, yay! ❤😄

  3. Doing Something Different

    I coded a P5 version of it alongside you! I didn't even have to look at the P5 source code that you put in the description… this is a major achievement for me. The only errors I got in converting from Processing to P5 was the 'this.'s. They just ruin my moment!
    P.S.- I changed the code slightly so that the lines are half of the size of the dots (stars) by changing the stroke width to r divided by 2.

  4. Wait what you are german :O !? On the "pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows" vid this wasn't quite obvious. Oh well you are so energizing and it's really fun to watch your vids and learn something at the same time, Danke dafür !

  5. After 3 years you still have not figured out how to stop that camera switching itself off! At least you don't show it happening in edited videos anymore but we see it in the live streams 🙂

  6. I really want to use the Processing.js library in normal JS, is there any possible way to do it?

    All I really need is the PVector object

  7. instead of actually drawing a trail, why dont you just exchange the background with a transparent-ish square like this?:
    fill(0, 0, 0, 4);
    rect(-1, -1, width + 1, height + 1);

  8. this should a some kind of sport contested in the Olympics. Each nation send their best programmer and solve the given problem within 10 minutes. It can be whether Team or individuals.

  9. johnnie gilkerson

    IllegalStateException: size() cannot be used here, see
    did not work

  10. johnnie gilkerson

    This works good in Visual Studio Code, using the starfield_p5.js, cant get it to work in processing in java, also having trouble with p5.js installation.

  11. this may have been easier to implement by giving each star an initial gravity vector determined by a line from the center of the screen through the star towards the edge of the screen.. then you have all simple math in the update and draw functions, and no Z… and trails could have been done with an alpha blended rectFill of the screen.

  12. I do not understand what is meant by translating x and y. I even read through the documentation of p5. Can someone please explain?

  13. Now just to do it in a REAL programming language! (What the hell is this arbitrary version of Java anyway? You just call fill() and this thing magically just… exists? Same with all these other arbitrary functions?)

  14. Fantabulous….put a huge smile on my face and good laughs-excellent job in creating warp-hyper-space in 10 minutes-hehehehhe :-))))

  15. Ehmm i have question. Maybe out of topic. I have learned html with atomm. Any code i input its correct. And when i want to design the web with css. Why the css doesn't work? Please respond me

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