Coding on cheapest laptop ever! – Programming with Boris

Coding on cheapest laptop ever! – Programming with Boris

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  1. This is fun video and stuff, but I don't really recommend Java not just because it's complicated, but because it's dying language.

  2. У меня такой был 😂
    Вообще классный, но памяти маловато
    М2 не сработал 😔

  3. hello mr boris, i have been a follower for a very long time. but i have a very important question, i want to make butter bread but they don't have doctor sausage here. but they do have very similar looking liver sausage, is it the same?

  4. How it is even possible that this is one of the best, most complete and clearest java basics tutorial I found NOT IRONICALLY?

  5. Mission accepted at 09:07, video paused.

    I actually tried to learn java like 7 years ago; bought a book, installed eclipse, printed hello world and then forgot about it… lol.

    Recently started learning python3 and I'm finding it easy to learn and it's so powerful.

    Sooooo… my attempt at blinmaker using python3, gonna watch rest of video to see how it goes, might improve it;

    import math

    def blinchecker(totalEggs, totalMilk, totalFlour):

    return int(min(int(totalEggs)//1, math.floor(int(totalMilk)//200), math.floor(int(totalFlour)//100)))

    print("Blinmaker 2000 is starting up…")

    name = input("Please enter your name: ")

    print("Hello {0}! Let's check your blin capabilities.".format(name))

    while True:

    blins = 0

    eggs = input("How many eggs do you have? ")

    milk = input("How much milk (ml) do you have? ")

    flour = input("How much flour (g) do you have? ")

    if eggs.isnumeric() and milk.isnumeric() and flour.isnumeric():

    print("You have; {0} eggs, {1}ml milk and {2}g flour, let's check your blins…".format(eggs, milk, flour))

    blins = blinchecker(eggs, milk, flour)

    if blins == 0:

    print("I am sorry {0}, no blins for you today.".format(name))


    print("Davai!! Go make {0} blins!".format(blins))

    reply = input("Do you want to check again? [Y/n] ").lower()

    if reply[:1] == 'n':



  6. starcraft2gamerstars

    Cheeki breeki Boris. I have a funny suggestion for a video for you to react to. It is called vostroyan charge. THERE IS HARDBASS

  7. Travel to Sweden and taste our weird processed meats and strong whiskys. I recomend the meat tube cheese, very good. I'll see you there.

  8. Hey Boris.

    I really love the videos on your channel. They have inspired me to be slav. You are the only youtuber that i care about on a personal level. Seeing you upload brings light to my day. I really hope you take care of yourself. It would hurt me to the core to see you go.

    Your fan, Robin.

  9. Boris, Thank you I was in a hard time of my life so I found you and made everything in my life more fun, hope you read this and go to sleep happy

  10. I'm not sure if this is comedy or informational but I laughed and I learned. Having said that, I'm never going to use this knowledge.

  11. Hey guys, Curiosity popping up, does Boris actually have a discord server? Then blyat, ya ne russkiy but I wanna join to spread the word of our overlord blin, degenerates know him as pancakes.

  12. your videos are very cheeki breeki i will watch all time

    signed random polish person looking for my mayonez

    o kurwa, gdzie jest mój majonez

  13. Блять мой брат обьяснял как программировать, и я его не понимал.
    Ты же об'яснил так что я даже всё запомнил

  14. 200$ laptop is your cheapest? I used 100$ laptop for five years, won hackaton, done couple of projects for clients, and done my whole PhD on it…
    but there is one thing – I used Linux xD

  15. Maker Of Peritia Divina

    I want to see a collab between Boris ans FilthyFrank, where Boris Makes Semechki from scratch including the doctor’s sausage, and Filthy Frank just insults him in the backgroudn during the entire video

  16. Ярослав Яцун

    то чувство когда ушел с русского ютуба потому что смотреть нечего и попал на английско говорящего русского….

  17. damn i bet you need a real gaming computer to write codes that literally hold the value of a notepad text file outside of their code function.

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