Computer Programming Tips by Tim Buchalka – 2019

Computer Programming Tips by Tim Buchalka – 2019

– Did you know there’s a lot of factors and things that you’ll
need to overcome to become a programmer that aren’t
specifically related to coding? Let’s have a chat about that now. (uptempo dance music) Hi, my name is Tim Buchalka and thanks for watching this video. And I put together a series of videos which I call the
Programming Tip of the Day. And basically, each
video is self-contained, a short video, and it goes through talking about some of the pitfalls and things that you’ll need to overcome to succeed as a programmer. And things like overcoming frustration. Frustration is a typical
thing you’ll experience as a new programmer. Keeping motivated and
also other factors though. Choosing the programming
language, where do you start? Your career path, do
you need to map that out when you’re just starting in your journey to becoming a programmer? And things of that nature. Now there’s a lot of other things as well that I’ll cover in these videos and I’m also opening the lines for you to tell me what you want me to cover. Now I’ve been a programmer
for over 35 years so I think I’m real qualified to answer a lot of these questions so
if you do have a question, pop the question in the
comments section of this video. And I’ll do my best to address
that in a future video. Alrighty, so I hoped that helped. If you’ve got any questions,
feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. If you’re ready to look at the next tip, click on up here and
you can check that out. If you’re interested in coding
specific programming videos, click on the link in the
bottom left-hand corner. Consider subscribing by
clicking on the link up here. And I’ll see you soon.

62 thoughts on “Computer Programming Tips by Tim Buchalka – 2019”

  1. Hello sir, please what are the steps needed to become a Java EE developer developing web apps after taking your complete java masterclass

  2. Hi tim. I`m very frustrated at this moment. i found my job as a java developer. Spring and Spring Boot. Problem is i cannot code. experienced guys with 3 4 years code very fast and accurate. i think i want to improve my self very much indeed. from where to start? I always ends up with a pain and disappointment compare to senior guys. How to overcome this type of issues?

  3. Please make video how to stay motivated to finish a project despite many problems. How to overcome frustration and disappointment. How to stay on track.

  4. It would be nice if you make short videos on core programming concepts (for eg: Java and other programming languages) with examples apart from the courses covered on Udemy.

  5. Hey Tim, I get stuck in what all new is coming in java and with spring, java EE..My mind is blown up. Could you please explain what is what and why it is released and why it is better to learn. If I google things I do not get a clear picture but with you telling this it just "Fits". Please explain the career path for java developers we surely are in pain here…

  6. Hi Tim, came here from your Udemy course.. Would love to see LOTS of videos on Flutter. And hopefully a Flutter course from you.

  7. I finished your course (JavaPrograming Masterclass) Tim and a CodersTrust six-month Java programming course, also via the internet. Now I am looking for a job, but a remote job (via internet), because I live in the countryside, far from large centers of civilization and I do not want to move. Colleagues tell me, however, that java junior can not start from a remote job, should at least work for a year in the company and continue to learn. Is it really impossible to start programming in remote work? After all, when I was doing the CodersTrust course, I wrote a quite big invoicing program in Spring, with REST and SOAP controllers, with a database in files and Hibernate in PostgeSQL, I did all this at home and only contacted the lecturer via the internet.

  8. Hey Tim, please make a video on Java frameworks, such as Spring, Struts, Hibernate. when to use, why do we want to use it. why cant we just use an IDE. thank you!

  9. Raul Magdaleno Peñaloza

    Hi tim, I have a question about the NUMPY library, I`d installed and uninstalled, trying to find an error or an strange "bug".

    My program needs this function:

    — i`m using intellij idea and programing in python, the same tools as your course in Udemy—

    from numpy import clip

    the problem says that "clip" doesn`t exist, but I used the same program in another computer with the same library, but I don`t now why it doesn`t work, maybe you can help me

  10. How to become android developer with no programming experience and what are the steps or languages i should study??

  11. I have heard that you need to be real smart, need a lot of math background, and need to spend a lot of hours infront of a computer to be come a programmer. Is all this true?

  12. I'm a QA and I want to become a developer soon, what do you recomend the I should learn to start? I already know Java, SQL and a little of javascript.

  13. I have finished one of your courses on how to protect yourself from being hacked by atil, now please tell me what next or what course to learn next as an aspiring ethical hacker atil is a very good tutor, thanks for the good work keep it up.

  14. Hi Tim. I learned Java several years ago and I'm currently reviewing it to refresh (and upgrade) my skills with your Java Masterclass course on Udemy. I've applied to a number of developer jobs over the years and one question I have is how do you overcome agism during the interview process?

  15. Madhup Srivastawa

    Hello Tim,

    Thanks for these series of videos, they are indeed helpful. I want to be awesome in Linux Kernel concepts and I assume that knowledge of C++ would be a pre requisite to it. Can you please confirm if its a right approach to first learn C++ and only then strive for learning Kernel concepts and development?

  16. you are best java teacher but you're accent makes me crazy I'm not native in English and I don't understand you

  17. hey Tim! It may not be the right place to ask but could you make a video that shows how to use Visual Studio Code along with the course C Programming For Beginners? In the tutorials, Code Blocks is used, however, it does not work on macs.. at least not on mine, it keeps crashing which is really not practical.. I've seen many people use VSC or xCode, but as a complete beginner i find it really hard to understand these IDE without videos.. I cant even follow lecture 8..

  18. nobodyinparticula100

    Hi Tim,
    My question is: how to find a good project outside academia to showcase our skill? How to get ideas about them?

  19. VikramSingh Rajput

    Hi Tim,
    My question is I am working as Manual Quality Engineer and has basic knowledge of Java and now going through your course on udemy, in what time I can master java so that I can move to Selenium with java for my career growth.

  20. Gautham Nemuturi

    Hello Tim, I am following your Masterclass java and its very good.But the some parts of of the course is a bit difficult .So when ever I encounter such parts I feel very low and lose my confidence. So can I get any help

  21. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for you videos
    Please create a videos on uses of Jupyter for Python.
    And also a video on interviews for Python.

  22. Hi. I started programming at 29. Now I am 31 and I am attending an academy of videogme programming. I think i am not so good in programming since I am struggling a lot in everything I am going to learn. The only thing is that I am relly stubborn and I love pssing hours in front of the screen trying to create something that works.
    My question are:
    – Am i too old for learn programming?
    – Can I do it even if I have not such a logic mind??


  23. could u make a video for new developers starting for the first time in a job ? — what to do, what not to do etc. to no get fired and be a usefull part of the team as soon as possible

  24. Java is undisputedly the most popular language for general purpose software development .Tim, I always wonder if some programming language is gonna come by and replace Java completely(I know its hard) . I want to know your perspective about it. I would really appreciate if you make video on that.

  25. Why not make an actual shirt with your logo instead of adding an annoying layer onto the footage that is so poorly done.
    Your hand literally gets covered by it when you talk.

  26. I am a 3D modeler in Maya. I have a B.S in computer science and know a lot about programming, like C++. But I could never do anything with it, could never really write software. So I figured it was not for me. Plus C++ is so hard and overwhelming I gave up. My passion is 3D modeling. Maya is the tool I want to master. So what does this have to do with programming? Well, one of my biggest problems with programming is I never really had a need for it. But now I do, Python scripting in Maya. My question is: how valuable is that skill? It will take me a while to become a professional 3D modeler. So with all my programming knowledge, I was wondering how realistic it would be to get a job as a Python programmer for 3D modeling software? This question maybe to far niche to answer, but I thought I would ask. Just sucks I spent years learning programming and never got anywhere. Now I see a possible opportunity to utilize that knowledge. Thanks!

  27. As I am a beginner in Python and I am following your course on Udemy , so will you please suggest me a book that can help me out with Python.

  28. i am doing a course of your's in udemy on java, please let me know what are my carrier prospects after learning that.

  29. Balasenthil Rajasehar

    Hey Tim.. I am into Contact center technologies (ACD/IVR/PBX); We do have script editors in our environment developed on Java(eclipse) and all; WOuld like to know how can Python programming can be used in this environment, as AI is being the future of this domain. Any thoughts?

  30. The Learn Programming Channel

    Watch Tim's Free Learn to Code Course on Youtube!

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