Computer Science at the G20

Computer Science at the G20

In 2018, invited 14 students from rural Argentina to the G20 summit. The students taught international Ministers of Education to write their first lines of code. For many of the students, it was their first year to study computer science. Computer science allows us to develop skills, it also allows us to utilize a new language. Our vision is that every student, in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. You know we need to realize that the kind of things that are easy to teach and easy to test have also become easy to digitize, to automate. And we need to think about how we can pair the artificial intelligence of computers with the kind of human qualities that enable us to draw value out of things. And the capacity of students to have computational thinking. (Laughing) I like this better. Now computer science should become one of the main issues, topics, to be taught and learned since the primary schools and at the very basic level of education. The G20 Education Ministers’ Declaration endorses policies that add computing and coding skills to curriculum for all students. encourages all students, in all countries to try computer science. Let’s bring computer science education to all students around the world.

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