Computer Science on the Court

I’m Jeremy Thompson. I’m a member of the
Men’s Cross Country team and I am a computer science student at the UPEI
School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences. So the research that I was
involved in looks at athletic movements and analyzing people’s movements. So the
way that we analyze people’s movements is by gathering EMG signals with sensors
that wrap around your forearm and provide activation signals of how much
the muscle is firing. We can look at the readings from that and compare that to a model and essentially provide feedback. I’ve always been involved in sports,
whether it be basketball or running, and this really allowed me to tie in my
computer science knowledge to something that I was genuinely interested in. The thing I like most about computer science is the amount of opportunities that it provides you. You really have opportunities to work in whatever field
you’re interested in. Computer Science nowadays is finding its way into
everything from athletics to analytics to anything else you can imagine
I love the amount of opportunities that it gives you.

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