Computer Science – University of Alabama College of Engineering

Computer science students not only design, implement, test and maintain individual software applications but also develop and manage larger systems that integrate a wide range of components. I received a full tuition scholarship to Boston College. Now, people look at me crazy when I tell them that I turned that down because who in their right mind would do that. And quite frankly, the answer is the opportunities here. Like I said, I’ve been involved in undergraduate research since my sophomore year. I’ve basically run and started two organizations. I studied abroad. I basically know most of the computer science professors by name and, most of them, I feel comfortable walking in their office and just sitting down and chatting with them. So just the incredible range of opportunities that I had here was really what drew me here. Students graduating from this program find themselves working in careers such as software analysts, database designers, software engineers, systems managers, and programmer analysts. For more information about computer science, visit the department web site at

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