Computer Science Video

Computer Science Video

from the moment you wake up into your
checking out social media while you’re trying to go to Slee computers in Dec
every second of your day computers help with medical emergencies
disaster relief and save lives on a daily basis with a degree from the
Department of Computer Science and Engineering you can leave your impact
computer scientists and computer engineers work all over the world in all
types of business and organizations health care food production
transportation and robotics you name it there’s a computer scientist involved in
making it happen when I was an undergraduate actually came from where
they physics and math background but when I saw the future and where the
impact of world is likely to be I decided to kind of switch over toward
computer science that’s a decision that I’ve never granted since I was
originally a math major but then I took my first computer science class and came
home and I go oh my god oh my god computer science and I thought it was
instant gratification find out whether others work immediately
and that’s still true but with even more true that’s right now in every domain
now computer science part of every single different feel that there is and
you get to really test and design and invent new things and immediately get
the feedback of whether or not your ideas are correct people always think of
computer scientists as these loan people you know in cubicles at night working
slaving away but in fact we work in teams the majority of us the most the
projects require teams of people with lots of creativity and diverse interests
to pull it together and make it happen do you want a degree that will make you
employable anywhere in the country when you take into account that computing is
everywhere there is a broad range of jobs available for our students further
our students are in very high demand I had lots of calls from people and
industry dang I just heard one of her students who is fantastic she was
fantastic I need more how do I get more every student the department prepares
you for all the hard skills you need to succeed in industries such as learning
different programming languages or tools but more importantly they teach you some
skills you need blank communications team building working with people who
are not computer scientist and that is very different from other universities
and even other places in this college is learning those soft skills so well my
favorite part about the department is my interactions that I’ve had with a
faculty I’ve had some really amazing relationships with the professors here I
had someone who was a mentor to me and has helped me through the last four
years it’s been really amazing in computer science and engineering we
collaborate to engineer the future using computers if you study computer signs
you will learn about nunnally how to develop code that will drive and run
those systems but you learn about how to secure though those systems such that
they won’t be available to have a surge to misuse them in ways that are not in
line with your interest you just those who is really where the
future is most of the changes that we’ve seen the big changes over the past
decade or two kind of what you expect to see in the future are all competing
related my research would help save lives by allowing first responders to
more quickly sort through the images that are getting from UAVs so if they do
find something in those pictures like a survivor or the side of a house they can
send people in to investigate much more quickly because it takes hours for human
to look for hundreds of photos but computer can do a good first pass in
just a couple of minutes years there’s gonna be a bunch of
changes in the field of computer architecture so you still around you’re going to need to fix it all which
is terrified but really cool if you go to the career fair in the fall and you
walk around those boots almost fifty to sixty percent of those companies will be
hiring computer science this even if they’re about medical engineering or and
civil engineering firm everybody needs computer science and
every discipline can benefit from what a computer scientist brings to the table
here teacher central is basically place where students can come at any time to
get help from their classes they don’t have to worry about you know hitting the
one or two office hours and 38 has available for that class last week they
know that it’s going to be open basically all day long Monday through
Friday and also on sometimes on the weekends where they can come in and get
help at any time for any of their classes I think people are as well as
well which is what do you do with a degree in computer science answers anything you want to join the Department
of Computer Science and Engineering to improve the lives of your friends family community and leave your impact on the


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  1. I plan to attend Texas A&M in College Station for the 2017-2018 academic year, and on. Computer Science is what I want to major in, and try to get my PhD in the field as well. I cannot wait to become an Aggie!

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