Computer Science vs Software Engineering – Which One Is A Better Major?

Computer Science vs Software Engineering – Which One Is A Better Major?

Hey guys so recently i have been getting a lot of questions like (what’s on screen)

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  1. Hey guys! FYI, I have a Medium article with the same topic here:

    If I need to make updates in the future, I’ll update the article because updating a Medium article is so much easier than updating a YouTube video 🙂

  2. Great video my son started college with CS but changed it to Informatics do you think it’s a good idea would love your input

  3. Computer Science trumps all other degrees in the computer field. You can’t really argue that. Employers will take a Software Engineering degree with a grain of salt compared to a CS degree.

  4. Your pretty close on your analysis, but you’ve got it all backwards. ALWAYS pick your career choice first, not the major type. It all really boils down to what kind of SW Development your interested in as a career choice. If you enjoy aerospace/avionics, then a CS degree will never get you in the door at SpaceX, or Boeing, or Lockheed Martin. Basically it goes like this: if you want to be a programmer for web applications, go into CS, if you want to be an Engineer or embedded developer, go into SW Engineering.

  5. Luis Adrian Gonzalez

    I don’t think it’s strange that the software engineering program requires the class called “engineering economics”. After all if you want to be employed you’re gonna need to know how to work within a budget and more importantly your software has to help your clients make money. If anything, this might be a contributing factor in why the graduates from this university do well in the real world. I’m not saying it’s the only reason but it seems practical to me.

  6. There are quite a bit of engineering graduates who learned mostly theory but they soon forget it after graduating as there's very little hands on approach in school. I would personally the prefer the hands on approach of SE.

  7. Tung nguyen cong hoang

    Thank you for your explanation, which I found so helpful and informative. Also, i'm studying computer science right now, so your answer delight me a little hh

  8. fuck Software Engineering Computer Science is better but Software Engineering is still a part of Computer Science so what the heck are you talking about

  9. in spain you need to do a test to get into university plus your overall average grades.
    for cs you need a 9(over 13) and in software engineering you need a 7-8
    I can get into cs, but it might get raised to like 11. So a few guys are really confused as to which one they should pick and to be honest, I don't mind.
    Either one would do. I love doing them both. The problem with the other guys is that they did very very little coding at home or as a hobby. I myself on the other hand have been doing it for years.
    University is just the title, don't expect to learn or forge your skills from zero…. at least that's what everyone says…

  10. I feel like software engineering is more just directed towards programming and computer science is more generic, not just software development, but AI, machine learning, etc. Computer science is more math & science, but it will strengthen your logical thinking/problem-solving skills, which is required for software development. Just in case you get tired of programming, you can do something else with your degree.

  11. This was very helpful. Thank you. I was wondering if you'd consider doing a video comparing an Information Tech degree with Computer Science?

  12. Wait I did Computer Science & Engineering, it had everyone you mentioned in software engineering syllabus and everything in cse syllabus. That means my university's syllabus had both cse+se? Wow

  13. Something that wasn’t considered in this video was the fact that engineering, in Canada, is a very “protected” profession. Essentially, you cannot call yourself an engineer unless you have graduated from an accredited “engineering” program or you have to take a bunch of tests after your degree to become an “engineer”. So, this is another reason why there is such a stringent structure for the software engineering program. All engineers have to take certain classes. (I am a Canadian engineer.)

  14. There’s a larger market for CS majors, yet a SE degree will give you an edge if you want to be a software engineer only

  15. Hi YK, do you have any universities in mind which provide Masters in computer science after an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. As far as I researched, all the Masters programs in CS have bachelors in CS as a prerequisite.

  16. Lmao, my University has integrated CS and Software engineering in their Bachelor of Computer Science degree.

    You're still required to do ALL the core CS courses, but you are given the option to pick a "specialisation". This can be Cybersec, Networking, IoT or Software Development.

  17. Hey man, i just need a help i'm confused of what choice i make between choosing to study "software developer" or "computer technology" if you can help me choosing i'll be thankful.

  18. I think that I must disagree with your choice. I noticed that really it breaks down among two lines – Theory vs Engineering. Both are important, however the Engineering looks at the nuts and bolts of the engineering process: Economics, Design, Building and Management. It is more focused on the nuts and bolt of things from hardware on up. You could do achieve the same path with both however, usually CS tends to focus on research and theory. Oh and lots and lots of mathematics if you go that further with an advanced degree.

  19. I want to become a software or video game development. Courses i have seen are computer/games programming. I am so confused . I dont know if my level of math is good enough to study CS at uni

  20. ViveLe CatholismeCalis

    Here in Quebec, you can’t become a software “engineer “ if you get a computer science… and if u get a software engineer degree u have to work like 3-5 years than , maybe after all of this, you can be an engineer

  21. … The university you chose is my dream university and your talking about What I Want to major in.. that's so weird!

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  23. Hie friend I m from India I m working on Ms excel word and power point what I should have to do to get more opportunities in technical and I m student also please reply as soon as possible

  24. Bro i am agreed with you and you told everything very clearly I am confused but now I am cleared about it😘😘😘😘

  25. Hello, I am weak in math.. but I love computer science. Plz suggest should I take computer science? Plz reply me… Thank you

  26. Csdojo I have a question that's been boiling in my mind. I started my web development journey a little less than 6months ago. I feel like all I'm learning is evaporating from my brain and I just can't seem to make use of them. What can I do to make my brain more receptive to these things?

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