Computer Scientists vs A-Level Comp Sci Exam

Computer Scientists vs A-Level Comp Sci Exam

– Hi. I’m Giovanni. I study Computing at Imperial
College London. – I’m Kaho, I’m doing a Masters in
Computer Science at Cambridge. – Hi, I’m Chi. I’m doing a Ph.D in Robotics at University College London. – [justAlevel] Here it is. The exam. – I’m shaking already. – Great. I thought I was done with exams. (hums tune) – D-type flip-flops? Wow, this a university level question. – Shade one lozenge. What? (mumbles question) – Draw a logic circuit? Oh, this is cool. Devices by retailers who sell food. This is boring, this is
boring, this is boring. – Yeah, so I like that question. I think it’s good for A-level students to start thinking about. What? – Yay. Explain the purpose of ordinal numbers. What are ordinal numbers? Man, I need to eat for this exam – Functional programming. No. They have functional
programming in the test. Yes, I like this. I’m genuinely happy about this. Executed in a web browser aren’t… Who writes this stuff? – I mean, these are actual
questions for people. And you have to sit through the entire two and a half hours of these questions? Very interesting. Very, very interesting. – Why? Why is Javascript not compiled? Why is it not? Tell me. – It’s a complete lie that
all computer scientists know about internet,
because well, I don’t, and I can’t fix my WiFi in my room. So program counter, that’s… I vaguely remember what PC would mean. It’s not politically correct right? Program counter. – Are you serious? What are ordinal numbers? I feel dumb. I’m serious, like… Can I use my phone to… …to answer these questions Oh wow, wow. I mean, they’re talking
about Harvard Architecture of arranging a computer system. I did this in my third year of university at Imperial College. – Okay. The icon in figure two is represented by– It’s got pictures,
that’s why I’m doing it, Write SQL? Off the top of my head? Some people can do it. I am not one of those people.

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  1. A level comp science for me hasn't been so much about the memorisation stuff altho u do have to recall some definitions to plug in every so often. Ah, but then again, my school places little emphasis on the syllabus; they literally just threw us a student-made textbook and focused on things beyond the syllabus. I think many schools fail to recognise that students don't just want to pass tests before it's too late. Because they ingrain that kinda mindset in the students, it is perpetuated through the teachers who think "oh, the students just want to pass the next test". So this is quite the vicious cycle that is created – teachers hammer in this thinking and students give feedback that affirms the teachers' decision to do so.

    I strongly disagree with this kinda mugging and believe that all my studies will be up to me and will all be of my own will. But I am a fortunate person who has been able to break away from the norm's pressures; most other people can't yet appreciate what it's like to treat the exams as affirmations rather than obstacles – if we are students, then let's just learn! Learn for good time's sake, learn for fun, learn because I am flawed and learn just for the sake of it. My grades aren't doing too badly (I fucked the last test tho and didn't get the A's I should've) but the real tragedy in my opinion is how the people around me respond so negatively to the test like "augh, I just want more marks". Why aren't we just taking the grades in our strides? Because these things aren't important. I sometimes find myself dreaming of the day when people begin to understand that "hard work" and "effort" is really just finding yourself concentrating on learning something rather than just mugging for tests. Learn things, don't just learn how to pass the test. When it comes down to it, the truly successful will be clearly demarcated in terms of skill, not the perception of their skill…

  2. Video is Okay… You should show the questions that they're doing so the viewer can follow along. I couldn't tell how difficult the question was because they were just kind of mumbling it to themselves

  3. michelle's online ♡

    "write SQL? off the top of my head?" OMG DUDE im going into my database exam in like 3 weeks and i wanna cry

  4. A level/gcse student: gets a good mark

    Government: they are getting too good at this, let's add some more content and get rid of the extra help on the front

  5. College is a gimmick. You pay for a magic degree and employers think you know some kind of computer voodoo based on that so they hire you. If they only knew that you are just an overpaid buffoon.

  6. A lot of those questions didn't even sound that difficult. I'd wager an undergrade CS student would do better than these people simply because the material on the test would be more fresh in their mind. A lot of what they read out loud was taught to me in my first 3 years of university

  7. This is an advert… If anything, it makes me feel like I don't need to work hard in exams hahah. I mean, I get those people must have passed exams incredibly well and just forgotten everything later, but this is an odd idea for an _advert_.

  8. This was a waste of time.. We don't know what questions they get and all we hear is: Oh wow, really? And have no context at all or can think for ourself..

  9. Write SQL from the top of your head at A-level? Just had a uni exam on databases and the SQL questions were multiple choice.

  10. I’m not a computer scientist but I’d pass that test. I’m a software/game developer. Never went to college lol. Learn on my own. The most funniest thing out this video was the guy was like I love functional programming, but didn’t know javascript was an interpreted language just like php. Great. I thought computer scientist knew everything. Apparently not….

  11. Mathias Folkesson-Church

    "some people can write SQL of the top of their head, not me"… Really, and your a computer scientist? 0___o it's literally the most logical language out there…

  12. Computer science is way too much of a broad field. You can't expect any human being to know everything that relates to it from the top of their heads. There's a wide range of fields to specialise in, and even that takes several years. To give someone an exam that ranges from drawing circuits (electronics) to JavaScript (web development) is like asking questions that range from stuff a dentist might know to what a surgent might know within a so called "medicine exam".

  13. I'm self-taught and these people are shit. The things they say are probably not real. I don't expect any CS studied person not to be able to perform a simple SQL query. This is a shitty commercial. Don't take online courses into CS/programming and PAY for them. We make the internet for free every day. Why wouldn't you be able to learn how to, for free, on the internet?

  14. fucking idiot i went Canterbury Christ Church University I can answer all with flying. I am top honourz in 16 out 29 modules. I am currently bill gates sideman and eat potatoes for computing knowledge.

  15. I've just finished my 2nd year of my CS degree and I can confirm that a lot of the material that is taught during Computing class at high school is dumb.

  16. Just a word of encouragement. I failed A-Level computing. But I'm now a 3rd year computer science student who has already found a job as a software engineer. There are a lot of factors to being successful like teachers and environment. so you shouldn't feel down and just keep on trying to progress

  17. lars johannessen

    I never did preparation for any test or exams. I only did it once on my final exam, but i got the task i i didn't prepare on. . . .feels good man!

  18. IT exams at college level are outdated in UK. Most Computer Science degrees as well. If you look at the syllabus at some universities. It is shocking! And people waste their money! Just join Bootcamp for certain programming discipline, attend some conferences and you will learn more than 3 years of degree.

  19. Rofl,

    So in the beginning it was mostly Electrical Engineering and pure math. I remember D flip-flops and ordinal numbers, but only because I Googled ordinal numbers out of curiosity one time (something about John von Neumann). Then there's functional programming, JavaScript, and SQL. My impression of functional programming is: no looping, use recursion; no if-else, use pattern-matching; no state, use a bunch of functions. The thing about JavaScript not being compiled, I thought all code was compiled down to machine language, in order for it to be actually run. SQL, ah yes, SELECT * FROM People WHERE name = 'John'. (lol)

  20. Wow, crazy how tech evolves. I was blatently wrong on my other comment, the chrome v8 implementation actually does compile to native OS code.. somehow:

  21. Nelson aka SpOOKY

    Cardinals are about cardinality (like of a set) – the number of elements.
    Ordinals are about the order (like ordered indices of elements in a countable set)

  22. welp i thought it was like any other subject…but no the teacher taught us a little of binary and little man computer and then made use do random assesments and then a week before exam i had to memorize the theory we never learned before…90% of our class failed except one asian guy the taught himself everything before course was started…i have nightmares still of my computer science teacher : /

  23. "Draw a logic circuit"

    What a nightmare lol!!! I was never so happy to finish a class as I was my digital circuits class. I enjoy coding, not designing logic circuits!

  24. "I'm a computer scientist but I can't fix my wifi." This is kind of scary. CS programs should be teaching students real life, usable skills, not just theory, which they also seem to be lacking in. I.E., not knowing the answer about why JavaScript isn't compiled? C'mon now… What kind of job are computer scientists being taught to be competent at if they don't understand the internet and don't know the different between a compiled and interpreted language? This shows a lack of both theoretical knowledge and skill. That said, some of the test questions are dumb. Like asking a CS major to write SQL code is hit or miss, depending on whether or not their program focused on this topic. I design and build database systems professionally, and used to have a lot of it memorized, but nowadays with ORMs and needing to also be equally competent with noSQL databases, I almost never use raw SQL commands unless doing something complex that the ORM doesn't have a method for. Instead of asking them to write SQL code, ask them to explain database design concepts, I.E. what does a join do? Give 3 examples of common data structures? Or something else like that.

    I understand that this video is promoting test prep, but it more importantly reveals how we are failing to provide CS students with the education we need, and how standardized tests in this field are completely worthless.

  25. Currently studying for my 1st year compsci exam at uni and the way they make you learn and apply knowledge for an exam is so so different to learning how to be a competent programmer- compsci exams are ridiculous

  26. IMO the reason they're doin flip-flops is because in Comp Engg, basic fundamentals of Electronics Engg is taught, and somehow there are subjects in Comp Engg that are included in the syllabus of Comp Scie Degree. I ain't sure tho.

  27. This just goes to show how the term 'Computer Science' has become corrupted to mean very different things now.

    For example, Programming is not Computer Science and neither is Software Engineering. What was it Djikstra said – “Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes”.

    When I learned my CS, it was defined as the ‘Theoretical Study of Computation’, and, as such, it was really a branch of mathematics. We used to have saying about the computers we had (the few that we had), ‘The computers are for email and writing-up, please use the blackboards for the computer science.’

    If we switch disciplines to something like the construction industry, we should perhaps think of the Computer Scientist in terms of the ‘Materials Scientist’. Materials Scientists go as deep as studying substances’ atomic structures, and essentially spend their time devising new, better, materials. Those new materials are, in turn, used by Civil Engineers (the Software Engineers), to design structures that are fit for purpose. They don’t need to know the atomic structure etc of the materials they employ, just some of the essential properties (c.f., the running time of an algorithm vs designing algorithms in the first place). Lastly, we need people to build what the Civil Engineers design – these are the skilled builders/programmers. There’s a pyramid structure to all of this – fewer theoreticians, more builders.

    What we should be teaching in schools is not ‘computer science’, but more mathematics. Indeed, that’s something that my old institution recommends if you want to come and study Computer Science there – maths, further maths, decision maths, statistics – all the maths you can swallow, and not this crap – I don’t know what to call it – ‘computer science’ A-level thing.

  28. ElectroPartyNation

    funny, this came up in my recommended just after came back from my A Level equivalent Computer Sci exam.

  29. Out of this while video, I probably only understood about 10 words that they said.

    I wish that we could known what some of the questions were

  30. 2:15 "I vaguely remember what PC would mean"

    What the fuck? What in the flying beejebus? Surely a PhD student MUST know that PC means personal computer? I learned this when I was like 8 years old ._.

  31. It goes to show that students are only good At regurgitating information.

    If you catch them by surprise, they have no idea.

  32. amazinglazedonut

    This only proves the pointlessness and utter dearth of practicality in these A-Level exams (are these like AP or IB exams that we take in the United States?)…

  33. After you're out of university you forget all the information you don't need and use… which is about 99% of it. Too bad you don't also lose 99% of that student debt!

  34. Benjamin Colligan

    Dont know if its just me but a relatively attractive and funny girl who studies Computer Science is a fucking gem.

  35. This just shows that in order to be a well paid computer scientist you don't need the stuff you learn in ur class.

  36. in which reality are a black, a chinese woman, and a non-white looking dude representing an accurate proportion of computer science engineers?

  37. Oh man, what is this. I can't even answer those questions and I'm already a junior in CS in my university ;-;

  38. I'm not surprised, even if it's an ad. Finished in the top 10% of my graduating year (not computer science) and went straight to a master's degree. I took on the national exam of my "expertise" area a few years later and I couldn't answer half the questions because of how dumb they were.
    I think the prime example, and one that everyone can understand if you're studying engineering is… those 3 years studying maths in high school go to shit when you learn on how to do stuff that took 3 pages to solve with a 3 step equation or when you were thaught on how to use those 3 years of maths in 1 calculus class in 4 months because of how simplified those maths could get.
    I've never ran into major problems at work and holy crap, that exam made me sweat more than any of the projects I've been involved ever did in terms of not knowing stuff.

  39. I’m a 2nd year CS major so I probably don’t have the credence to say this but most of my programming knowledge wasn’t from my courses, but just googling what I didn’t know.

  40. I’m sorry to say this but I am glad that even top students don’t know everything in CS. I’m myself a student in 3rd year and honestly is very difficult, the learning never stops but it’s also a very competitive field

  41. I asked my professor that is close to retire and has worked on pretty much everything including computer vision to help me with my UDP maintaining a constant connection, and he wasn't sure how to do it exactly. CS is huge, you can't know everything.

  42. this goes to show computer scientists are actually crap these days. This is what happens when computer scientists don't understand the subject just learn how to pass exams. This would have ben O/AO level back in the 80s. Writing SQL off the top of you head would have been assumed for example.

  43. Education is an absolute joke at the moment. 20% of the info you learn is actually needed in life. Everything else is a waste of fucking time. All they do at school(mine atleast) is teach you how to get the best marks rather than teach you valuable life lessons or just things that are important.

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