D&D One-Shot: Rabbit Hole (2/4) with JoCat, Hour, Pau, and Shao

D&D One-Shot: Rabbit Hole (2/4) with JoCat, Hour, Pau, and Shao

[intro music playing] Jess: So, with that, currently out out of combat. Jo: I guess we- Alright. Jo: Truffles is gonna help- -help you Yevelda. Just kinda swim to shore to get a branch. Shao: Wait what? But there’s still- Okay fine. Fine. Jess: [laughs] FINE! Jess: They can’t do anything though. They’re knocked out. Alright. Jo: While that’s going on- -because he feels bad, umm- Erzer is going to cast Goodberry- Jo: And he’s gonna- -slowly, not dive in, just kinda tread the water. And put a berry on each one of the kappas. As like an apology berry. Jess: As like an apology, you just kinda like- -you try to- -put it into their little head cups. That are kinda out onto the water. Jess: It’s kind makes a nice bowl, as they’re splayed out. Belly flopped onto the water. Jess: Just kinda “plink!” Shao: It’s a garnish. Jess: It’s a little garnish to the drink. Jess: Alright yep, and I will say that uhh- -you successfully obtained- -a lovely branch. Group: Yay! Jess: Horray! Hour: Does the zig-zag come with it? Shao: I put it onto Truffle’s…tusk. Shao: Yeah, we did good. Jess: You did good! Hour: Ranmaru’s already just like alrighty I’m satisfied seeing all of them fine. Hour: He’s just satisfied watching. Hour: He tried something but it didn’t work, but no one really noticed except for the god. So I guess he’ll die… Jess: He kinda just nods, and is just like, “You did your best.” [laughs] Jess: (Referring to Pau’s note) Unfortunately I don’t have that. Pau: (Singing Dora the Explorer victory theme) Jess: Alright. Jess: And I will say- -that yeah you uhh- That you make your way off the bridge. Hour: Yay! Jo: Woah! It’s like a world map! Jess: Oh snap! Hour: World map! Hour: Oh what’s that- Jess: You are currently- -right here. Jess: And you should be able to move your party token. Jo: WOAH- Group: WOAH- Jess: Wha-Woah! Pau: Just YEET the entire party. Jo and Jess: YEET. umm- Jo: Uhh Alright- Jess: Alright. Jo: I guess we, -follow the bridge. Jess: Yeah! uhh- you sort of see- Jo: Are there any other people or spirits around? That we can see? Jess: Ahh you uhh- -just go ahead -make a perception check to see how well- I’ll say Ranmaru make it with advantage because you are naturally acclimated to see spirits. Jo: Okay 13. Shao: Okay let me see. Pau: I wanna try- Pau: This? Hour: Perception. Jess: Just because. Hour: Rolls anyway, hooray. Jess: Wa-cha! Jess: An eleven? Pau: OH! Jess: Oh woah! Jess: Okay. Pau: Bruh- Jess: Wow uhh- Jess: It’s beautiful. Alright umm Unfortunately I think Ranmaru is- -very occupied, just kinda- -petting and consoling the rabbit. Jess and Shao: Pet the bunny. Jess: But yeah definitely- -little Lumi is very concerned. And sort of sees these- -horrific things dance about in the sky. Almost centipede like. Some of them. Jess: Others having many limbs, others are simply disembodied heads just floating about in the sky. And uhh- It’s- It’s quite concerning but they don’t seem- -to be uhh- -immediately harassing you- Shao: Oh they’re having a festival. That’s nice. Jess: That’s nice. Shao: Hehe, eh- Hour: Can they see the uhh- -small town over there? Jess: Yeah you can definitely see the lights of uhh- -you know, a small dusky town. Over- Over on the shoreline. And a few ahh- like a small village, it looks like. As you make your way across the different small (struggles with notes) ahh- bridges. Let me get back to my notes. Jess: Alight but yeah! Jess: It’s good. Alright ahh- Jess: SO! A series of creaking bridges join a cluster of small islands. The cool air kisses the moor as mists plume from the swampy shoreline. On the right, a tiny flame flickers within a solemn shrine. It sags under wet timbers as rain continues to fall. Jess: Alright aaaand, yep you go past the shrine. Continuing onward- Looking at- That little dusky house. let’s see- Yeah- So you sort of see as you pass on your right, a well-thatched hut stands proudly on well trimmed logs. Hay and reeds sit outside in neat bundles under it’s awning. Jess: It looks to be some sort of thatcher’s hut. Maybe a carpenter, but it doesn’t appear that anyone is home despite the laterns being lit. Shao: Resting place! Jess: Yeah! You can take a short rest if you want. Jo: I think- uhh I think I’m personally good. Jess: Yeah I think all of you are okay for the most part those Kappa weren’t rolling too hot. Jo: No. Hour: (darkly) No one was… Jo; Also uhh- Jo: Erzer just prods the rabbit a little bit in kind of a, “Where do we head?” Just kind of gesturing with his hand, like which direction. Jess: Umm, the rabbit just sort of nods. “Well I unfortunately I- -scattered a few items to the wind- -I’m sure the yokai have made off with them at some point now.” Jess: “However! There is the baba on the hill-” “-she knows this place like the back of her hand.” “And she knows its inhabitants as well.” “She might know where everything is.” “Or if you’d like- “I’m sure if you ask some of the spirits they might be willing to help you as well.” Jo: What do you guys want to do? Jess: What would you like to do? Hour: It would be nice to ask one who already knows everyone. Jo: Yeah! Get familiar with the locals. Jess: Get familiar with some locals! Alright so! Jess: Where you headed? And if it starts getting late for people just let me know- Pau: It’s about an hour away- Gen: It’ll be fine. Jess: Heh, I know. -This might be a two-parter because I wasn’t expecting combat to suddenly happen. Alright. Jo: You guys wanna check this out? Hour and Pau: Yeah. Jo: I’m very interested in this. Gen: I’m not sure about the baba but- Jess: Alright so! As you make your way- As you make your way up the hill- You hear ahh- A concerning sound that sort of ripples at the top of the hill. And as you sort of crane your vision and your eyes upward- you see this light. -that is growing in intesity as it moves toward you. Shao: Wait is it above us? Jess: And this light- -emits a horrifying scream. And I want all of you to make a quick dexterity save. Jo: Oh jeez. Group: (nervous ahhs) Jo: So this is a save- Jess: Yes, it is a save. Jo: So above the skills there are saving throws. Jess: Yes, sometimes you can be proficient in a saving throw depending on your class. And it usually, I think it does it for you- Hour: Well that’s very sad. Jess: Oh no- Pau: No! Hour: Every time… Jess: So alright- Jess: Ranmaru is not- uhh- -is well very distracted trying to hold (cut off) oh god, I’ll just go with the 12. Hour: Having a thought about how- -I think because of the whole dream world thing- -he’s not telling anyone that he’s slightly disoriented at this point. Jess: (laughs) He’s just like- -no I’m always composed. Jess: (as Ran) I don’t know what you’re talking about. Hour: He’s just really disoriented right now Jess: Walks drunkenly. Jess: Drunkenly? Anyway, so! Ranmaru you- -are sort of- -all of a sudden, assaulted- -by this flaming wagon wheel. And it sort of just- -crashes right into your stomach. Thankfully the uhh- Tsukiyomi seems to have been okay. Just leaping out of your arms at the last second. However uhh- As you take 4 bludgeoning damage. As this- bizarre wagon wheel just- Just crashes into you and continues to roll onward. And as it continues to utter this- horrifying man’s scream The rest of you that sort of- -that maybe saw it coming, noticed- What this thing looked like- Jess: It was a wagon wheel- Hour: It’s that yokai! Jess: It’s that yokai, indeed. Hour: (frustrated grunt) Jo: I’ve never seen this yokai before, jeez- Jo: -it is horrific. Jess: It’s the inspiration for a lot of- -like Dark Souls creatures. Jess: Those Dark Souls skeletons. Jo: Yeah! No doubt. Hour: Friggin, Wa Nyudo! Hour: The evil priest. Jess:Yeah, and uhh- Jess: So it sort of rams into you- -into your form, but just keeps going. Jess: Screaming as it goes down. Jo: Just keeps going?! Alright… Jess: Yep, just keeps going. Jo: Alright. Jess: And Ranmaru is just like- Jo: Erzer just puts up both his hands like a “WTF” type motion. Jess: Like a what the actual- Jo: Like what the hell. Hour: He got run over so fast, but his first reaction- -even though he’s disoriented and tired, he just immediately- -tries to get his hat back on his face. Jess: He’s all like, “Ahh I got to keep composure!” Jo: Does it look like there’s any more coming? Jess: No it does not, you don’t see any more lights- Jo: (in disbelief) So there was just the one?! Jess: Yes it was just the one screaming yokai that went down the- Jess: Ranmaru would probably be aware that this was a Wa Nyudo. Hour: Yes he’s aware, he’s awake it’s a Wa Nyudo but he’s just like- -he stands up and quietly pats his clothes. Hour: (Ranmaru coughs) Hour: Yeah Ranmaru is also just rollin’ along. -and pretends that it never happened. Hour: He’s just walking up to everyone and says, “I guess we’ll continue.” Jess: Yeah just kinda brushes yourself off- -continues up towards the hovel on the hillside. Jo: (Mimics Ranmaru’s cough) Hour: Yeah and if anyone notices him- -he’s actually just rubbing his tummy. Jo: Moving on. Pau: Aww. Hour: When no one is looking. Jess: It’s great Jess: Alright so! You sort of come up on the hill. Jess: There we go- It might take awhile to load in. Just get you right inside. There you go. Umm, alright. Jess: So you see to your right- An immense boulder sits among a sea of fallen leaves. Partially buried under the piles is a stout shrine with two stone beast guarding either side. It’s interior houses a censer of burning incense, neatly folded black silk robes, and a warm bowl of rice with two chopsticks planted skyward. Pau: Oh. Shao: That’s bad luck. Pau: Isn’t that the thing you do for alters? Jess: It might be. Jess: You wanna roll a history check? Pau: Yeah yeah yeah! History check? Jess: History check. Jo: You guys actually know things about Japanese culture and are drawing off this stuff- -like I don’t know anything. Jess: It’s good. It’s fine, it’s educational. Jo: Yeah! Jess: You’re learning all about all sorts of mythical creatures. Jess: Oh, a 17’s good yes! You would know- umm- Jess: That is a food offering for the dead. Pau: Ahh! I was right! Jess: If the living attempt to eat the bowl of rice- with the chopsticks planted straight down into it. It is an omen of bad luck. Shao: Yeah. Pau: Yeah you shouldn’t take it. Shao: A random question are we hungry? Pau: God…Yev. Jess: Yeah the question is, are the rest of you hungry? Jo: Yeah yeah, we’re spirits. Jess: You’re spirits right? Hour: He just looks back and just smiles like “Do you want my rations?” “Don’t touch that.” Hour: Do you want my rations instead, Yevelda? Jess: (laughs) You just swap them out? Here’s some- Here’s some hardtack cakes. Shao: “But the rice looks so good…” Jess: Aaaand, also- Hour: “We can make you some rice.” “That is not for you.” Hour: Tugs her along. Jess: It’s great. Hour: “This way, this way.” Shao: “Fine!” Jess: And you also see- -some familiar black silk robes in the shrine as well. Pau: Oh, it’s that thing! That ceremonial outfit. Jess: Maybe. Jo: That’s one of the things we need right? Pau: Yeah! Hour: I don’t think we should touch- -other people’s possessions. Jess: It’s up to you man. Jo: But does- Jo: Isn’t that what we need for the rabbit though? For his wedding? Shao: Oh yeah. Jo: For his ceremony. Jess: Do you want to ask? Hour: Maybe we should walk in and greet the baba. Jo: Yeah ask permission, that would be a good thing to do. Jess: Yeah you do see- You do see gentle glow emanating from the dusky hovel. It moans and shifts on fragile beams. As you draw closer, a sudden coldness licks your skin. There is a bit of an unease that shrouds this house. Shao: Uhh, I go behind Lumi- -and be like, hey buddy why don’t you go talk to her first. Jess: You just kinda place him on the ground. Shao: Yeah, you be courteous. Jess: This is fine. -Yeah this is fine. Jess: As it (Tsukiyomi) patters on the ground. Jess: “I just hope she’s in a good mood is all.” Shao: Wait who is the most- -courteous out of all of us? Pau: I’m assuming Ranmaru. Jo: Yeah, Ranmaru seems like he knows how to talk to people. Hour: Yeah! Jess: Yeah I don’t think your Charisma is all that hot though. Hour: My Charisma is- -potato. Pau: What’s your Charisma? Hour: It’s 12. It’s just 12. Jess: So uhh- Pau: Oh I have high Charisma. Hour: It’s pretty fine. Jess: So you actually uhh- -hear umm- -the creaking of doors as they sort of part. And you see an elderly woman- -peek a head out. Her face shrouded almost completely in white hair. Her face not visable. Shao: Oh hey buddy look- Jess: As she looks about- Jess: (crone squawk) “Ahh-” Shao: I’m sorry go ahead. Jess: “Who’s out there?” “Show yourselves!” Shao: Uhh- ahh- Shao:” Ahh yeah Ranmaru- -you have something in common go ahead!” (laughs) Jess: Yeah instead of it’s hair! Hour: He just steps up front from everyone. “Greetings!” “We are lost souls looking for- seeking guidance.” Jess: And as she sort of steps out- She just looks up sharply. And the figure appears to be an old woman- wrapped tightly in an old shawl, You notice her skin is a deep purple almost like the flesh of an eggplant. A smile ripples across her face from ear to ear revealing a cascade of tiny kernel teeth. Her voice is like the clatter of riverstones, rough but oddly warm. Jess: “Hello, children.” “Welcome. Welcome on this night of nights.” “The yokai excitedly await the union of two spirits, and ah!-” It would seem the lady of the hour has tasked you with preparing the ceremony. What an honor.” Jess: (hag cackle) Jess: As all of you sort of stand there- -like oh jeezus. Jo: Yeah… Jo: We were not expecting this. Jess: (as Baba) “It would seem that you’ve lost your corporal forms how…” “…unfortunate.” “Oh Tsukiyomi, what have you done?” “Your cowardice has twisted everything.” “Now now, if you’d like-” “You may come inside-” “Make yourselves at home.” Shao: Ohh~! Jo: Uhh… Shao: Yee! Jo: Okay. Jess: (mocking the party) OH-KAY THAT’S FINE. (laughs) And in the sort of dusky hovel you just sort of see- -a very quaint uhh- -living space. A small fire burns in the middle censor- Shao: “Do you have a bowl of rice? I kinda have a craving.” Jess: “Yes, dear.” “I would be happy to oblige.” “Though you should know if you eat in the spirit world it may-” “Well, we’ll get to that.” “You should eat.” Jo: (laughs nervously) Pau: Yev, no! Pau: YEV NO! Jess: (evil DM laugh) Jo: Erzer reaches for the bowl, but as soon as she says “we’ll get to that,” he just stops. Jess: He’s like, “ohh, okay.” (disgruntled Shao) Shao: But I’m hungry. Jess: “So children-” Erzer: He nudges one of his companions to ask- -and then he points to the robe to ask for it, to ask about it. Jess: Yeah points outside to the robe- -points to the scroll. Kinda tries to communicate. Jess: “Oh well-” “Well, that is an offering at least but-” “Perhaps if you were able to convince the spirit guardians that watch over the offering-” “-that your quest is noble-” “-maybe they could make an exception.” (cackle) “Or not-” “Or they might eat you-” “Only time will tell.” Shao: It’s a risk we’re willing to take. Jess: It’s a risk you’re willing to take. Pau: Yev… please. Jo: Erzer just kinda points to the rest of the items on the list as well. Jo: Just asking where we could find them. Jess: (As Baba) “Ahh yes, the three cups.” “I’m afraid…hmm, I’m afraid I did see the Asuki brothers-” “-make off with those over by the bridge.” “They seemed to be washing their beans, their ceremonial beans, in those cups.” “The sake could be in two places.” “Could be either over by the market-” “Or perhaps-” “I did hear some-” “unfortunate raucous.” “I’m afraid one of those carts that was transporting some sake-” “met it’s end by a mountainous oni.” “I’m sure it’s fine.” “But!” “Feel free to stay. Your food is getting cold-” Shao: Yeah- Shao: You had me at eat. Jo: Erzer just politely pushes away the bowl. Jo: Like no thanks- Jess: (cackles) “You’re clever, silent one, aren’t you?” “You may indeed survive this night.” Hour: Ranmaru, who was just listening quietly, says, “I was only hungry for the truth.” (laughs) Jo: Erzer just gives a thankful bow and just quickly- -runs outside to get away from this creepy lady. Jess: And you see uhh- -the baba- -just sort of grabs something from the shelf- -which is this glowing orb. It would seem. And hands it gently to Ranmaru. “You might be needing this dear.” Hour: “Huh.” Just stares down at it. Jess: It just looks like this- -large marble. That sort of fits in the palm of your hand. And it glows faintly. Hour: “Wow, thank you.” “I will keep it close.” Jess: She just nods. And continues to ahh- Jess: Cut up a few ahh- -choice items. On her cutting board. You kinda lean in, and you think “Is that people?” Not quite sure. Yev just looks at the bowl of rice that Erzer pulled, err pushed away. Yev and she just keeps the bowl, walks away casually. Jess: (laughs) She’s just like, “Imma have this for later.” Shao: “Thanks for the rice lady, bye!” Jess: Alright. Shao: She doesn’t eat it but just keeps it. Hour: Ranmaru just stands up and bows. “Thank you for your hospitality.” “But we must go on our journey now.” Jess: “Oh it’s fine-” As you hear between loud smacks of a cleaver. Jess: She’s cutting up this- ahh- “meat?” Quotation marks. -on the table. Jess: She’s just kind of waving you on. Hour: He’s not going to mind. Hour: Alright, lady cutting up meat. Sounds like a normal lady to me. Hour: Bows and thanks her. Jess: Seems nice. Hour: He’s gonna wash his hands real quick here. (laughs) Jess: Yeah you do find a nice well. And you just quickly- eughh- Jess: Yeah you turn back and the ahh- -the house grows dim- -and the lady just sort of disappears with a cackle. Shao: I dunno about you guys but I feel like the rice looks great. Jess: (laughs) It looks real’ good. Shao: She hasn’t tasted it yet but she wants to. Pau: No! Shao: She saw Erzer not eating it, so she just keeps it. Jess: Mmm-hmm. Jo: Just in case you know. Hour: We gotta get that robe. Jess: Gotta get dat’ robe! Jess: Alright so- Jess: How would you like to do this? Jo: Oh boy- Jo: Who thinks they can appease the gods? The spirits? Shao: Wait, I have the bowl of rice maybe I can, you know- Jess: Swap them out? Jo: Ohh! Jo: Like Indiana Jones style yeah! Jess: Yeah swap it out for another bowl of rice. Jess: It’s like, yeah- Jo: I dunno, maybe. Shao and Jess: Maybe. Hour: I just had this thought, that Ranmaru is still thinking about what to do and then you have- -her already doing something. Like, wait! It’s too late, she’s already doing something. Hour: It’s the cannonball all over again. Shao: If I’m going going to do the Indiana Jones thing- -what do I use for that? Jess: It would be sleight of hand. Shao: Oh dang it, I don’t know if I- Oh I have that! Jess: You should have it, everyone does, it’s just- -whether or not you have a modifer for it. Shao: Yeah how ’bout- -all of ya’ll, I have +4 to my sleight of hand. Jo: That’s pretty good. Jo: I have… +1. Jess: Aww, he’s not very dexterous. Hour: Mine’s super average. Shao: How about you? Hour: Umm- Jess: Alright. Shao: Alright so it’s me. Shao: Are we a go for the Indiana Jones thing? Jess: Yeah if you want to try that way. Pau: If you die- Shao: Okay so- Pau: If you die, we won’t forget you. Jo: We want the robes right? Pau: Yeah the robes. Jess: Just the robes. Hour: Switch the rice for more rice. Jo and Pau: (laugh) Pau: With chopsticks! Jess: So everyone that- let’s see, highest passive perception was- Jo: 14. Jess: Yeah Erzer. Jess: So yep, I’ll let you know about something. Jess: Oh no- big meaty palm just comes down- -and just like “foomp!” (laughs) Jess: And uhh- Jess: And you see ahh- two. Two brooms that were sort of leaned against- -the sides of the statues of these immense dogs. And they sort of rattle- -and it’s uncanny, but Erzer, you think that they just laughed. And you hear, as well, from behind the statues- Jess: “HOW DARE YOU!” Shao: (nervous laughter) Shao: Oh no. Jess: Erzer, do you? Jo: Uhh. Jo: Yeah he’s gonna run up and put one hand on -Yevelda’s shoulder. Just kind of, “Hold on.” Jess: Her hand is like on it. Jo: Yeah yeah, just like- -he kind of gestures for her to wait a minute. And he listens. Did anyone else hear that? Or just me? Jess: Just you. Jo: Oof, okay. Does it say anything else? Jess: And at this point you kind of- -hear the umm, like a wind whip through the shrine. And it rattles a bit. You sort of have a wind gust blow in your face. And uhh yeah, -each of you now hear this, “Ahh yeah! That’s a good one, that’s a good one. Do more, do more.” Group: What? Jess: And it also just says: Jess: (as spirits) “How dare you approach this sacred shrine.” Jo: (laughs) Erzer just- Jess: (other spirit) “Oh that’s really convincing, that’s really convincing-” “-do some more!” Jo: Erzer just sighs pinching his nose. Jo: Just lets Yevelda go on ahead. Shao: “Wait what is it? What happened?” Hour: What’s wrong? Jo: He sort of signs to the party that there might be some trickster yokai around. -On him specifically. And not to worry about it. Jess: (as spirits) “We are the sacred guardians-” And at this point you can all kind of hear this bellowing cry. Jess: It’s like, “We are the sacred guardians of this… sacred shrine.” Jess: (another yokai) “Yeah I like that you said sacred twice, it’s really good.” (laughs) Jo: Erzer just does the yapping hand gesture of the mocking mouth- -like blah blah blah blah. Jess: “How dare you mock us!” And you can see sort of next you that one of the brooms is laughing again. Jo: Erzer grabs a rock like a pebble from the ground and throws it at it. Jess: It kind of falls to the ground- -with kind of a clatter- -then it uhh- It lifts off the ground- Almost ghost like- -and just flies about- Hour: Oh my god, if it’s a broom spirit, I’m going to cry. Jo: Broom spirit? Jess: And gets right up in your face Erzer. Jo: Uh oh- Jess: And just says- Pau: Oh jeez- Pau: Yes, it’s a hoshigami. Jess: And sort of just gives a “RAGHH!” “How would you like it if I knocked you on the ground?!” Jess: And it will attempt to smack you in the face. Jo: Oh jeez. Hour: Oh my gosh, broom spirits, I love Japan. They’re so ridiculous. Jess: Brooms… (laughs) Jess: Oh for a 10. So you just sort of duck as this- -thing just kind of sweeps around. Jess: It’s just like- “Hold still!” And it’s still trying to smack you in the face. Jo: Erzer tries to shoo it away, like with two hands. Just a “get out, get out of here.” Jess: You hear from the back of the shrine, “Wait, stop! Don’t break character!” Jess: Ah uhh- Shao: Okay, Yev- Shao: Is gonna try to grab it. Hour: Ranmaru just tiptoes silently while they’re having a thing. Jess: Just roll a quick Dexterity check. As you move around. Hour: Okay got it. Shao: Can Yev try to grab the broomstick? Of the broomspirit? Jess: Oh sure. OH! Jess: It’s almost like a lovely cartoon- -where there’s this broom on the ground- -on the other side- -that you sort of step on- -and it kind of smacks you right in the face. (laughs) Jess: Oh jeez, it’s a really good- -wait why is it slashing? It shouldn’t be slashing. Jess: But yep. Hour: Well that hurt me good. Jess: Oops, that’s not the right layer. Hour: He’s just going to rub his face. Jess: He’s just gonna rub his face like “OW!” Jess: And it’s just like, “You stepped on me!” Shao: Aww. Hour: Pardon. Hour: Just says, “Pardon.” Hour: “I apologize.” Jess: And you see as you look behind the shrine- -a collection of different- -object yokai that sort of look at you- -awkwardly as they clearly were trying to hide themselves behind- -the statues. Jo: Can Erzer try to grab this broomspirit? Jess: Yeah sure! Jess: Go ahead and make me a, oh it has to be an Athletics check. Jess: For a grapple. Group: Hurk! Jess: And lets see what this broom- -oh no, it’s really dexterous. Group: Oh no- Shao: Can I try it? Jess: It just kind of sweeps! Jess: It’s just like, “Haha, you won’t get me that easily.” Shao: “No worries. I got it buddy.” Jess: You come up and try to grab the broom. Shao: Wait hang on dexterity right? Jo: Uhh, Athletics if you’re trying to grab it. Shao: I’ve got that no problem. Jo: Oh my lord. Hour: We are so potato today. Jess: The potatoest potato. Hour: My luck ran away. Pau: Orah, I want to try. Jess: Everyone is trying to grab the broom. Jo: Gotta grab the broom Jess: You’re tryin man. Hour: Ranmaru is just apologizing. Pau: Oh my god- Jo: Oh my god, the tiny Faerie Dragonborn gets it. Jess: He’s just like “whoop!” Jess: So yes, you grab it. Jess: And it’s wiggling around just saying “Ah-” “Stop! Stop! I’m intimidating!” (broom frantic) “I-I’m the spirit of this shrine!” Pau: “And I’m a dragon.” Shao: (laughs) And I’m a dragon… (laughs) Hour: Ranmaru just keeps bowing to the broom just saying, “I’m sorry for stepping on you.” “I’ve been quite disoriented since we’ve been here.” “It’s hard to speak out about it.” Jess: Mmm-hmm. Hour: He’s just like, “So,” “You five are the guardians of this shrine?” Jess: They all kind of look at each other. Jess: The backscratcher just kind of scratches it’s head a little bit. Jess: And just sort of attempts to say- “Ahhh, err, umm-” “Ye- uhh- yes….. yes.” Jo: Erzer just starts to shoo them away, real upset. Jess: “Don’t shoo me!” Jo: Just pushing them, and throwing his hands like “foof”. Just get outta here! Get out! Jess: (fan yokai) “Well I can do you one better buddy.” And as the fan comes up- -and takes on a completely fan like appearance. And just kinda wooshes you down. As it attempts to blow you down, make a Dex save. Jo: Oh jeez. Jess: As this wind blows across. Jo: HEY, nat 20! Jess: Oh! Yeah you just look like you’re so done. It’s this beautiful moment where this yokai is- -trying to be so intimidating but this- -wind rushes across- -and you just get this sort of- -epic character like- -cape billowing in the wind- -like not intimidated at all- -and he’s just like, “Oh… oh god!” Jo: Well, we already have the robe right? Jess: Yeah you have the robe. Jo: Yeah let’s bail on these losers! Jess: He’s all, “Give it! Give it back!” Jo: Erzer just hops onto Truffles. And gives a “let’s go,” motion with his arms. Jo: These losers are not worth our time. Jess: “No, no wait please!” Jess: “We disonor the spirts if we don’t have anything!” Hour: Ranmaru just looks at them and bows his head. “I’m so sorry for hurting you. Will you accept-” “-monetary offerings?” (laughs) Shao: We still have the rice! Jess: And you can see this scissor yokai- -its sort of blades on its head clack together. “I’d like a piece of your hair if you’d like.” “If you’d be so kind.” Hour: Ranmaru just stares at them all, and just starts giggling. Hour: “For guardians you’re all a bit silly.” Hour: And he just takes- Jess: (yokai 1) “Ahh? We’re not silly are we?” (yokai 2) “Are we really that silly?” (disgruntled yokai noises) Jess: “We’re not silly.” Jess: “That’s absurd!” Jess: Yeah, the broom is just weakly- -dusting off the shrine. Jess: (broom) “This isn’t silly at all!” “We’re very serious.” Hour: “I can see that you’re all protecting this shrine.” “With all of your power, and I think that’s very commendable” “Do you want the lock of my hair?” Jess: “Yes please!” Jess: He kind of takes his little claw-like hands and puts them together. And holds them out. Hour: Yeah, so- Ranmaru just under his hood, I dunno- hat? Plucks two out for him. Jess: He kind of snips He’ll actually go out toward you and snip it with his eyebrows. Jess: And uhh- kinda takes it. Jess: You have an interesting haircut now. It’s kind of swept to one side. Hour: Oh my gosh- Jess: He kinda takes a- (cut off) Hour: Wait do you want to see what he looks like actually? Hour: I realize I never gave you guys what he looks like under his thing. Jo and Jess: Oh yeah! Shao: It’s okay, it’s quite the mystery. Jo: Oh okay. Jess: It’s a mystery. Hour: Oh no, here you go. Jo: Pfft, I wanna show it anyway. Shao: Oh! He’s so pretty. Shao: He’s so beautiful. Jess: Mmhmm! Jo: Oh no he’s hot! Jess: Oh no! Oh no he’s hot! Oh no- he really is hot. Dayum. Jo and Jess: What a handsome boy. Jess: Alright. Shao: Oh man- Jess: It’s great. Shao: Look my hetrosexuality can only bend so far. Jess: So the yokai takes your locket of hair. And gently places it in the shrine. In a neat and orderly fashion, where the robe was. And he’s like, “It’s perfect!” Jo: Aww, I love these guys. Hour: Ranmaru is just giggling, he’s actually really amused like he can’t stop giggling- -so he’ll offer some money and hold it in front of the backscratcher yokai. Jess: And he’ll happily scratch your back. Pau: Aww. Jess: He’ll actually turn- -back into a backstratch and sort of up and down scratch your back. Hour: “This is the most relaxed I’ve felt-” “-so far on our journey.” Jess: Aww Hour: “Thank you.” Jess: And he’s like, “Not- not a problem.” “Uhh, not exactly sure what kind of yokai you are-” “but that’s fine, you seem like good spirits.” Hour: “And same to you” He bows in front of all of them, “Thank you-” “-for such a fair trade. We are so sorry-” “-we sort of started to roundhouse with you like that.” Jess: Yeah, and the fan yokai just kind of comes up and says, “Hey dummy they’re not spirits, they’re humans.” “…I think.” Pau: (laughs) Shao: I swear to gah- Jess: Is ahh- Is umm- Jess: Are you still holding the umm-? Pau: Yeah! Jess: Are you still holding the broom? Pau: While all of that conversation was happening- -Lumi looks at the broom and is like, “Oh sorry.” Pau: And he lets go. Jess: And as you let go, he’s like, “Ohh-” “Oh, uhh. Can you just kind of give me a good sweep?” “Just like… on the ground.” Pau: Alright. And I just kinda sweep the floor with him. Jess: “AWW YEAH, that’s the stuff!” “Aww that’s great. Thank you. One more please!” Shao: Yev is just looking at Lumi and the broom yokai just like what the heck is happening? Jess: Yeah it looks like he’s really enjoying himself. But it’s also like… eugh- -maybe just let him go. Shao: Yev is just slowly backing away like I don’t know what this is but- Jo: Erzer does the same, just like uhhh- Jess: Just awkwardly holding the suit. Ugh, this suit feels dirty now. Pau: (laughs) Hour: Ranmaru is having a good time talking to these people. Hour: Oni yokai- Pau: One last sweep before we go. Hour: And then he just says, “We’ll be off on a journey.” “But we want you to know. Your trade-” “Means much to us. Thank you very much.” Jess: “You’re very kind. Very kind.” “Nicest humans we’ve known actually-” “Our other humans tossed us aside and-” “-left us alone.” Shao and Pau: Aww. Shao:You poor things don’t worry. Hour:” Don’t worry you are doing a good job and-” “-and when we leave the spiritual realm, we will remember you in our journey.” Jess: And they all sort of nod to each other. Jess: “Be sure to leave your offerings in the box.” “Preferably, preferably hair.” The other one pipes up. Group: (laughs) Shao: Don’t worry buddy! I have the two rice bowls still- -No worries. I’ll put them back! There. Jess: Yeah you put them down. Pau: Yeah I’ll go to the alter, and be like “I don’t have hair-” “but I can pick off a scale…” And he goes, “Owowowowohahh!” Jess: Yeah that doesn’t really feel well when cut… (laughs) Shao: Does a rib count? Because I have a ton of them on my bracers. Jess: Oh god. Pau: Oh god. …Lord. Jess: “Yeah we’ll take about anything if you want.” Jo: Erzer sighs and reluctantly plucks a piece of fur off of his clothing and puts it on. Jess: Yeah like maybe a tuft. I mean you could probably just get away with some of the shed boar hair. Jess: That’s probably on your clothes. Jo: Yeah he’ll just rub through ahh- -Truffles’ like back hair and get whatever comes off. Jess: That’s right. Shao: I love how everyone has hair, scales- meanwhile Yev is like bone. Jess: Yeah now there’s a bunch of hair in the shrine. Shao: “Don’t worry buddy I’ve got a rib-” “-it was from one of my battles. Here you go.” Shao: “There you go.” Hour: Yeah Ranmaru, you can hear it in his voice that he’s actually happy. He’s like, “Thank you!” Pau: Aww. Jess: And they all wave. Jess: Yeah and the brooms sweep happily as they assume their postitions again. Jo: Aww. Jo: These guys… Jess: As they all fall back to an inanimate state. Jo: These guys are great. Shao: Aww. Shao: “How are you feeling Lumi?” “How was the sweeping?” Pau: “It was great.” Hour: Me and my 13 health are satisfied. Jess: Mmm-hmm. Jess: Alright. Jo: Okay so we have the robe! Group: Yay! Jess: You have robe. Robe get. [end card music]

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  1. Nice video! I had an idea for a DnD you could do live with friends. So everything on the character sheet is normal, but your stats you role and your class are for not you, but your stand. Yes, this is a jojo reference. So things like barbarian and fighter could be punching ghosts, wizards and rangers could be medium/long range stands, etc. There could be things like special abilities like the Worlds time stop, Sticky Fingers making zippers everywhere and more. I've tried this out and it's pretty fun. I would like for you to try it, and thanks for (potentially) listening to this.

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  2. Broom: I'm the guardian of this shrine!
    Lumi: and I'm a dragon

    Still one of my fave comebacks that Ive done in this game

    huhuhu beautiful and great video as always jess!! 💕💕

  3. At the time stamp of 10:26, I was just singing "no, no, no, no, no," purely because of the fact it's a soul eater. However, I did not know that despite how the Wa Nyudo only went after tainted or evil souls.

    Jess, you were right, this is educational. €;)

  4. Poor Ranmaru, the dice just isn't with him. Erzer is shaping up to be quite the wise one of the bunch, perceptive as well. The bit with Lumirin and the hahakigami was nice as well.

  5. Damn your set up is legendary along with the fact your DM-ing, drawing the story boards and doing them well to boot and BTW Jo trying to shoo away an ancient yokai of legend just cracks me up.

  6. Pyropus Squantscale The Well-Oiled Dragon Scoundrel

    i thought she was describing the last part of the toonami uzumaki trailer at 3:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDEQyK5ZH-E

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