Diablosport Trinity Computer Programmer Tuner Installation

Diablosport Trinity Computer Programmer Tuner  Installation

Hi, I’m Max Wyman from Diablosport. I’m here
with Mike Litsch, Diablosport’s Chief Technical Manager and today, we’re gonna show you how
to install the Diablosport Trinity. Okay, the first step is to get your suction
cup mount adjusted to the desired location. First, start by unclipping the actual suction
mount itself, to the unlock position. Firmly place your Diablosport suction cup mounts
onto your windshield in the desired location and snap the retaining clip into the lock
position. Once you have your mount in the desired location, simply attach the Trinity
to the back of the mount. Now, the next step is to find the vehicle’s
OBD-II port, and plug the Trinity cable into it. Please note that this location can be
different from vehicle to vehicle. Once your OBD-II cable is firmly holding onto your vehicle,
you can now plug the other end of the cable into the Trinity. Please use caution and do
not plug it into the SD card slot. Once you plug the other end of the cable into
the Diablosport Trinity, it should now power up. Once powered up, please read and accept
the disclaimer statement. Now the next step is to go ahead and select your vehicle type.
Please click “Continue” on the vehicle selection screen and then you’re gonna be prompted to
select your vehicle’s year, make and engine type. For this demonstration, we’re going
to be using a 2006 Chevrolet Duramax. Go ahead and press “Continue” and your Trinity
will now restart. Please read and reaccept the disclaimer which will bring you to the
Trinity’s main menu. Once on the Trinity’s main menu, go ahead and select the performance
icon, read and accept the disclaimer, and your Trinity will now save your vehicle’s
stock factory tune. This is so you can go back to your stock settings at any given time. Once you have selected the desired tune, it
will give you a brief description of that tune. If that’s what you want, click “Choose.”
You will now have the option to install or modify the tune. For this demonstration, we
will be installing it. Please wait while the Trinity installs your tune. This can take
a few moments, and will differ depending on vehicle type. Now that your tune is installed,
we’ll go ahead and do a few key cycles. Please now turn the key to an off position, and then
back on again. Please be sure to not start your engine. Click “Continue.” Your Diablosport tune is
now installed on your vehicle, please press “Continue.” The Trinity will power up again
and it is now safe to drive your vehicle. This concludes the Trinity installation process
on your vehicle. Thank you for choosing Diablosport, the world’s greatest automotive performance

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