Earning $400 vs Losing $250 in a Day

Earning $400 vs Losing $250 in a Day

People have a hard time talking about money because Money is the root of all of our problems My relationship with the money is I don’t like understand money … (laughs) Where did my other sock go? My name is Quinn, I’m 22 years old and I live in San Francisco I’m a software engineering intern at a small startup Do you mind telling me how your day started? I woke up and then… (laughs) Went in my car to get something and found out that it’d been towed (laughs) And how much did that cost? I got a 90 something dollar discount because it was the first time my car had been towed and it still came out to almost 600 dollars So we’re starting the day at— (sighs)… Yeah Background guy: Minus $600? (laughs) … Minus 600 I’m paid $2,000 a week. So for a 40-hour week, that’s $50 an hour So computer science is something I had just dabbled in as a requirement for my math degree and then I just decided to do it And he’s with me as well I’m Dolly Avenue. I am 23 years old and I live in Los Angeles, California I make a living using my camera to take pictures So the great thing about freelancing is you never really know how much you’re gonna make How much do you think you make a month? Um… Four or five K So I like C++, but I don’t get to work in C++ a lot What kind of programming do you want to go into? Probably beta application Oh gosh, good luck … (laughs) I’m missing my keys… (laughs in relief?) Could’ve been bad Hi! You look cute. Oh my gosh, what is happening? Getting into the office I probably spend about 30 minutes to an hour just figuring out what I was doing … (laughs) last time I was working I like where I work a lot right now Do I love coding? No, it’s too much of how the sausage is made … (laughs) Thank you for the tea So today we were shooting with Brooke who wanted to make a calendar for her boyfriend Do you have bubbles?
Brooke: Yeah Nice This is gonna be fun Fiit 530 East 8th Street, I’m assuming this way Such a good friend … (laughs) Sweet, thanks. Aww, it’s an intimate space No straight on More angled, you and me sitting and stuff. Anyways, yeah be cool Yeah, just let me know if anything else but let’s get it (laughs) My favourite thing in the photograph hands down is people I absolutely love the energy and understanding somebody. I think that’s what— what makes me keep creating Takes so much for someone to be completely confident and vulnerable So allowing me into their space and capturing their soul in a sense, I think that’s rewarding These look great and if you smile, smile that way okay 3, 2, 1 go. Smile. (background chatter) It’s falling on you … (laughs) (chatting about engineering) Anybody else upgrade to X 26. Oh my Friend: It’s working swimmingly (laughs) Um.. can I grab a spinach and goat cheese quiche and a matcha latte please
Worker: That’ll be $13.00 I think that people problems are more interesting than technical problems So my favorite part of my day as a software developer is when I got to solve the problem with someone else so I guess I could be happier if I was just teaching high school What’s stopping you from pursuing that? I think it’s important that you aim for things you’re passionate about, but that need not be grounded in your career Like I would not want my parents to feel insecure about my future After my third semester of college, my dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which is a type of bone marrow cancer And I’m his only child. So it fell on me to take care of him Luckily, he came out the other side There is no way I could value two years in the middle of my life over two years potentially at the end of his My decision to take care of him was very like logical because that’s the type of person I am. That’s the way I solve problems That’s okay. Wait, it’s fizzing. (yawns) Like we’re the Kardashians and we’re just having somebody. Oh man, ha, he can hear me. These are gonna look so good I had a tough life because my parents were incompatible Emotional abuse, physical abuse on top of that they didn’t have an education they’re trying to find a job trying to find a place to live and having children to take care of Our circumstances put us in situations that weren’t ideal That’s how we grew up. And from there we just kind of learned how to survive I think like with money if you make the effort to change your mentality and your lifestyle that goes even with your career and if you’re open-minded to change like You can pursue anything that you put your mind to That’s where I’m trying to do with art Look back at me Perfect, gotta Photoshop your friend out (claps)
Brooke: Thanks guys
Dolly Avenue: Woooo Thanks for waiting La la la laa Do you believe that money defines yourself or or others? Yes Money is part of what turns you into who you are Um, in almost every person that I’ve ever met Like I wish it were different I don’t think money defines you, I think your character defines you, I think how you treat people defines you And also how you treat yourself defines you It’s kind of ingrained in us, right money is quite literally how much you are worth … (laughs) … no matter how you try to spin it like there is a number And I’m sure to some degree we all say that it doesn’t— like money can’t buy happiness All right, but a lack of money can lose you some happiness … (laughs) Are you happy? I think I’m happy. I wake up and look forward to my day Could I be happier? Yes, absolutely. Like it’s not in my nature to pin a point. What would make me happier? I think everybody wants to strive for more I think I’m happy in terms of I’m making art and I’m getting paid for it. I didn’t really have anything and I was happy so because of that at the end of a day, I don’t really feel like hmm…what’s the question? So, what’s your day looking like? If you could do the math in your head? $400 a day every day. How much should I spend? 48 bucks plus the 600 from this morning puts us at 650 dollars -ish So minus $250. How do you feel about that day?
Quinn: You know besides the car it was pretty good … (laughs) (singing) No freedom caged bird How much money did you make today on that shoot? Well for the most part, the three hours I made four hundred and she paid for the studio with just 80 dollars. We’re still deciding moving forward with the image cost How is it? It’s really good (singing) Heard you’re scared of the downside I know the darkness can keep you in Sometimes the doubt of the blurred lines can keep the sunlight from creeping in From creeping in

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  8. I laughed when I saw that he wrote console.log()… I have a huge feeling that he wrote that because he felt pressured to make it look like he was doing work while people were filming him. LMAO.

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