Electric Toothbrush | Toothbrush | How To Brush Your Teeth

Electric Toothbrush | Toothbrush | How To Brush Your Teeth

So how do you brush your teeth properly? How do you floss? And what are some of the most common mistakes that we all make well I’ve come to get some expert advice from my friend and dentist Dr Ehsan so what are we waiting for let’s dive in now when it comes to brushing
your teeth remember you need to be doing it twice a day for two minutes let’s
first begin with how to use a manual toothbrush using the correct toothpaste
begin by placing your brush at a 45 degree angle against your gum line and
gently start brushing your teeth in short circular strokes away from the gum
line visualize splitting your mouth into four sections and focusing 30 seconds on
each section using short back-and-forth strokes you need to be brushing all the
surfaces in your mouth the inner the outer and biting surfaces of your teeth
next up we have how to use a rotating electric toothbrush using the correct
toothpaste begin by switching on the electric toothbrush when it’s against
your tooth place your brush at a 45 degree angle against your gum line run
the brush from tooth to tooth again as explained previously visualize splitting
your mouth into four sections and focus 30 seconds on each section covering all
surfaces next up we have flossing first break off about 45 centimetres of floss
and wind around your middle fingers hold the floss tightly between your thumbs
and index finger with about an inch of floss between them leaving no slack now
using a gentle rocking motion guide the floss between your teeth when the floss
reaches your gum line curve it into a c-shape against the tooth until you feel
resistance and scrape upwards away from the gum repeat this process on the other
side of the gap along the side of the next tooth keep a regular pattern and
work your way from left to right so you’re less likely to miss any teeth now
let’s move on to those tips and tricks So I think one of the most common mistakes that
even I see patients making in pharmacy is rinsing their mouth out after they brush their teeth should you do this should you not do this why shouldn’t you be doing it? so you should be using a fluoride containing toothpaste
after you brush your teeth with it you should be spitting out the excess
toothpaste that’s in your mouth but you shouldn’t be rinsing with anything water
mouthwash or anything the reason for that is the toothpaste contains the fluoride and
that fluoride should be on the surface of your teeth you should allow it to stay on
the surface of your teeth to do what it needs to to remineralize the surface of the teeth if you rinse
with anything including mouthwash you’re washing away all that fluoride so you
that takes away the point of putting on the toothpaste on the surface of your teeth so it’s like a protective cover when you rinse it out you’ve ruined it so
in this video we’ve taught people how to brush their teeth and how to floss their
teeth now should these be done in any particular order or is okay however you
want it’s better to try and floss first and that’s to get rid of the food
particles that are in between the teeth to then go ahead and brush and clean all
the surfaces in between teeth some people prefer to do it the other way
it’s as long as you’re brushing and flossing that’s the main thing
flossing first is ideal but it’s not absolutely necessary so it’s fine to do
either way but if you did floss first it’s going to open up them areas and the fluoride is going to be able to go into places it might not be able to go to yes it would be better to floss first
following on from the last question what about mouthwash should that be done in a particular order or can you brush your teeth and then use the mouthwash at the end yeah because that’s what you see in a lot the movies sorry to
interrupt people usually brush their teeth don’t
they and then mouthwash and gargle and then spits out what do you advise? if you
mouthwash straight after brushing your teeth you’re getting rid of all the fluoride
that’s in that toothpaste so that goes against the point so it’s best to give
it at least I’d say half an hour before you do decide to go ahead and use a
mouthwash then if you do want to be using a fluoride
containing mouthwash then do that in the time in the day that you’ve eaten that
you’ve not brushed your teeth say for example lunchtime if you’re not
brushing your teeth at lunchtime use a fluoride mouthwash at that point but if if it’s just a fluoride mouthwash that you’re using there’s fluoride in the toothpaste so
there’s no need to be using a fluoride mouthwash immediately after
putting the toothpaste onto the surface of your teeth I understand I mean I guess you’re just wasting your money by doing that that pretty much some people need mouthwash for
different things for example gum disease but that’s a different story altogether
so if they do need a specific type of mouthwash for the gum disease that
shouldn’t be done immediately after brushing that should be done about half
an hour later so in terms of changing your toothbrush or changing the head of
your electric toothbrush how often should people be doing this? it’s
recommended for you to be changing every three months ideally I’d every three months that was a nice easy answer, I enjoyed that please more of these question now I know that certain foods have different acidities and you’re meant to leave a certain amount of time before you actually brush your teeth so how long
should people actually wait after the eaten until they brush their teeth? ideally
around 15-20 minutes to allow the mouth to remineralize the surface of the teeth
so that you don’t damage your teeth by brushing them straight away
now if you’ve consumed foods that are acidic such as orange juice or citric
acids or whatever it’s best to try and neutralize the acid in your mouth by
rinsing your mouth with water immediately after just that to change
that PH and reduce the acidity that’s in your mouth but in terms of
brushing give it 15 to 20 minutes before you brush I think what we
will do if it’s okay with you is we will leave in the description below some more
information on acidic foods of course yes now when it comes to flossing I do know that
some people don’t like the actual physical act of flossing or their
floss keeps ripping as well so do you have any advice on that?
if the floss keeps ripping there may be a reason as to why it’s ripping it could be a
defective filling or defective margin of the crown or a veneer or there may
sometimes be an issue so do see your dentist and get it checked and see what the cause of the rip is and have that corrected if you don’t
like the physical act of flossing there’s an alternatives to flossing so
there’s Floss Picks for example so it’s a piece of floss it’s on a stick and you
literally just use it to put in between your teeth and it’s so easy so that is a good
alternative to just the manual floss itself because I think sometimes it can get a
bit painful and your fingers I mean I prefer the floss pics and following
on from that question what if the gap is too big so you feel like the floss
actually isn’t connecting on anything flossing is usually done between teeth
that are in contact so if there’s a bit of a gap between the teeth or if there’s
gum disease or anything like that it’s a little interdental brushes that are
ideal to be used so they come in different colours the different sizes of
different colours and you have to be sized up to see exactly what colour you
should be using for the different gaps so in terms of toothpaste is there any
toothpaste that you would recommend patients to use or you wouldn’t
recommend to use? what to look for in the toothpaste is the fluoride content
so what I wouldn’t recommend to be using is toothpaste that don’t contain fluoride so you can find them in some health shops so they exist and they’re not
really beneficial but the different quantity of fluoride in the toothpaste
is depending on the age of the patient so we can leave the description of the
different age ranges in the description yeah sure and how much toothpaste should we actually use
a pea size is sufficient for children under the age of three a smear on the toothbrush otherwise a pea size is insufficient so in
terms of cleaning your tongue this is often something which isn’t mentioned
much when it comes to cleaning your teeth is it something that’s recommended
should you do it often should you do it everyday and can you use your toothbrush to
kind of clean your tongue is it okay? you find that a lot of bad breath originates
from the surface of the tongue and the bacteria that sits on the
surface of your tongue so it’s important for you to be brushing your tongue as well as your teeth but it’s very difficult to brush your tongue with an actual toothbrush so
that’s why there’s tongue scrapers there’s a specific device that’s used to clean
the surface of your tongue you can buy them from chemists and from dental practices if
you don’t have access to one of them there are also parts on the back of the
actual toothbrush head for cleaning the surface of your tongue the little bumps that you find on them, certain toothbrushes have them certain toothbrushes have them not all of them but if you don’t have either of them to
just use your toothbrush but it’s best to either us a tongue scraper or use a toothbrush that has the tongue scraping bit on the back of it thank you so much doctor Ehsan for
taking the time to help with this video I think anyone who’s watching this video
is now going to be a pro and I guess you’ve got no excuse for bad oral
hygiene even I’ve learnt a few things today, see you next week! Is that it? that’s it. Really? oh please don’t forget to show some hope love Dr Ehsan I always forget to do this bit he’s got
a wicked Instagram account I’ll leave a link up here and in the description below
so feel free to show some love to him for taking the time out to help with this video, thank you very much, see you next week! (Laughter) Excellent it’s best to try and brush first and… I thought it was floss first? I should be the I should be the dentist in that chair I should be on the big bucks (Laughter) sat in that chair not here says ATP Abraham the pharmacist (Laughter) Action (Laughter) I just wanted to do that for jokes, I’ll do action will you send me it? sure I will do. Email me it (Laughter) Email it to my agent (Clicking sound followed by laughter) email me it, email me it (Laughter) just email me it bro (Laughter) three, two, one action (Laughter) this is going to be so hard to film you brush your teeth with a fluoride mouth..wash, mouthwash, mouth paste (Laughter) I can leave description in the comments (Laughter) We’ll leave the description in the comments (Laughter) hey guys thanks for watching
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