Ford Replacement Remote programming keyless entry keyfob 1998-2010

Hello, welcome to YouTube
video channel. This video will show you how to program a
remote for most Ford vehicles. We’re using a Ford Mustang; however, this
procedure can be used for many vehicles… Like: Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer, Most
’98 really, Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. Most dealers will tell you that you have to
go to the dealer and pay them Fifty bucks or more to get it done, well that’s not
true. Here’s how you do that:
Grab your ignition key, new remote doesn’t work, and you have to put the key into ignition
in OFF position and turn it fast from OFF to RUN…
So, 1, 2, 3… and the 8th time you stop in the run position.
The vehicle will lock and unlock automatically, you press the button on the remote and you’re
done. Alright, let’s see if it works… (*click
*click) It worked! Now you press the button (*click *click).
Now let’s see if it works. (*click *click *click).
Ok, it works. You don’t have to go to a dealer.
Thank you very much. Please watch our other videos on YouTube. Thank you.

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