Game Plan 0 Intro to becoming a programmer

Game Plan 0  Intro to becoming a programmer

Hey friends! Or I hope we are friends? Revy here! I already talk to some of you friends about
this topic but since it seems like it is a hot topic, someone suggested that I should
just posted my tips and stuff on youtube. Should I do a bootcamp Or Not? This is a HUGE topic and now that I am so
blessed to be working full time as a mobile developer, I’d love to give you all my tips
and experience. And if you have any questions please DON”T
be shy to ask me. If you are too shy, that means, we’ll never
grab good boba together! You’ll miss out. Now if you are going like, who is this Girl? I guarantee you that we have met in real life
before. Whether it is during when i was abroad, in
some moshpit, at those random big asian family dinner, I called out to you randomly on the
street to ask if you want to eat Honey Toast together because I was too shy to go in the
store to eat one whole big one by myself. I was afraid I would be judged when I was in Japan You might be one of those people that i have
forgotten, but if you just message me, and catch up. I’d be happy to try to know you again , and
would probably forget again until you message me again, well hopefully the bad quirks about you I mean. And for most of you, you probably know me
as Becka but…. So ya, went through a few name changing crisis. But ya, I just wanted to give you guys tips
as someone you know, or used to know In a not a blog form, because you all know
that I hate writing and readingn and writing and more reading. And yes, while you probably can read all those
blogs about whether you should do a bootcamp or not, but imo they kind of all say the same
thing right? Ya this boot camp is great, I learnd javascript
react etc. and honestly. But like, honestly a review is just a review
about an experience right? It doesn’t always tell you what you want
to know, like how hard exactly is it to find a job after this bootcamp? What did you do after the bootcamp to get
a job? How does this bootcamp different from that
bootcmap? If you are still watching I’m guessing that
like you, I am not the most brightest person, so yes, don’t be shy to admite that we are
just both not the brightest person! And of course, I am not from a traditional
CS background. I took one programming class in College, was
failing, scared the heck out of me, and ran back to doing Nutritional Science. So disclaimer, while I am NOT an expert, I
have talked to a lot of different bootcamp fellows, include people that have done multiple,
And so in this series, I want to give you my most honest tips about whether or not you
want to do a bootcamp, and if so, what in a bootcamp you should be looking for. Afterwards, how to look for a job, realistic
expectations, how to do job interview/tips, where to look for jobs. Etc. And also, I kind of want to help give one
version of a step by step guide towards how to become an engineer from ground zero. This is not the only way, but it has worked
for me, and for several others, and it can work for you if you are motivated enough. That’s the catch. That’s always the catch! So for today, just letting you know that I
am available to help out, and if you have any quick question, feel free to comment or
message me!

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