Google Earth API

Google Earth API

Welcome to the Google
Earth API. You can now put Google Earth
inside any web page with just a few lines of code, and create
your own world in 3D. Go to
and download the Google
Earth plugin. Just like the Maps API, you can
annotate the earth using Javascript. You can create place marks,
polygons, and ground overlays quickly and easily. With the power of the 3D world
in your browser, you can just let your imagination run wild. Go ahead and take
it for a spin. You can even switch to Google
Sky mode for high-resolution imagery of stars, planets,
and galaxies. If you have an existing Maps API
site, with just one line of code you can turn your 2D map
into a 3D web application. Download the Google Earth plugin
now, and create your own world in 3D. Go to

42 thoughts on “Google Earth API”

  1. Doesn't work… It will probably appear tomorrow. With this, if it works in firefox/safari/ie, google has again, FAR surpassed MS Maps…

  2. google que mostruo que sos loco….regala un poco de tu dinero. yo te hago rico y vos que carajos haces por mi.

  3. When I click on the GEarth shortcut google earth page comes up but the page is off center, from the left about 2 inches, how do you move the page so it fits the monitor screen? thanks for the help.

  4. It says: Google Earth API: The Google Earth API is no longer available. Thank you for your interest.

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