GunVault SpeedVault SV500 – Review, Installation & Programming

Hi everyone. And welcome back! In today’s video, we’re going to talk
about the GunVault SV-500. I’m going to show you how to install and
program it. And I’m going to explain to you why it’s
my favorite gun safe, so stay tuned! Before I start talking about the gun safe,
I just want to introduce myself really quick. My name is Koby. And I’m with Silver Eagle Locksmith Las
Vegas YouTube Channel. If you’re looking to get your house, your
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you’ll get notified whenever I’m releasing a new video when I release them. Okay! Let’s move to the gun safe. So, I know there are so many things to consider
before you go ahead purchasing a gun safe. Now, I make it really easier for you. And I gathered all the most important things
you should know about this gun safe before you go ahead and purchase it. So let’s start. The 1st reason is going to be the online recommendation and the online reviews about
this awesome gun safe. But don’t just take my word for it. I also share in the link right below the video
where you can actually go ahead and read some of the reviews about this gun safe, and also
if you want to purchase it as well. So, make sure to click the link right below
the video, guys, and read some of the reviews about this gun safe. Alright! The 2nd reason why I recommend it, because
of my personal experience of course. I’ve had it for more than a year right now. And it seems to work just fine. When I need quick access to my gun, I have
no problem. And that’s why I recommend it of course. And I also installed it for a couple of my
customers. So far, they’re really happy with it. And that’s why I’m making the video—because
of my personal experience and as a professional locksmith, I installed it for a couple of
my customers, and they seem very happy with that as well. So, the 3rd reason is going to be the tamper
indicator. Yes! So if someone tried to enter the wrong code,
you will be able to find out that someone attempted to try to open it with the wrong
code. So this is something that’s included. It’s really cool. And I like it. And I think you’re going to like it as well. The 4th reason is going to be the override
backup key. So in case the battery died, or for some reason,
you forgot the code, the manufacturer included two keys with it. It does come in a box. There are 2 override key – 2 small keys
of course. And that’s it! So it does come with 2 keys in case your
battery died or you forgot your code to access the gun. Now, the 5th reason is going to be the security
sleep mode. What it is, basically, if someone tried to
enter 24 or more times incorrect code, it will actually trigger the security sleep mode. So for two minutes, the actual keypad will
not accept any code. And that’s basically for another security
level for the product. It’s really good as well. The 6th reason is going to be the 3
different mounting options. There is multiple mounting options for the
product which is really, really good. You can install it next to your bed. You can actually install it on the wall, some
other options of course depending on your furniture next to your bed and stuff like
that. So that’s something that is included as
well. Now, the 7th and most important reason
why I love this product, because it’s child-resistant. Yes, it’s a child-resistant gun safe. So if you have curious children in the house,
they’re also coming to your bedroom and mess up things, looking for stuff, especially
small children, this awesome gun safe will give you a really good solution for the amount
of money you’re paying for it. And it’s also giving you a really good security
at the same time. So, that is, in a nutshell, why I recommend
this product. Now let’s move to the installation guys. I’ll show you quick how to install it and
program it as well. Stay tuned! Okay. So before the installation, what we will have
to do is to open the safe. And right here on the side, there are two
screws that we’re going to open. This screw driver is included, by the way. You can see it right here. So we’re going to open those two screws
[…] After removing this part, we can actually
see what’s going on right here on the pack on one of the batteries. So, let’s put the battery first. Okay… there is a LED light here. It seems to work. Everything is good. I’m going to put it back on. And then we’re going to close it. Great! So it’s good as far as the battery. Also, there is the learn and mute button. But we’re going to get to that later. First, we’re going to put the mounting plate
where we want to install it. Let’s say this is the place we want to install
it. We make sure it’s straight as possible. And we’re going to mark the 3 holes. That’s 1… that’s 2… 3… and 4… okay,
our 4 holes. Those ones are the holes that we’re going
to drill to actually hold the mounting plate. And these are the small screws that we’re
going to use, four silver ones. And we’re going to use the power drill on
this step. Now, we’re going to use the screws. We’ll start with the first one. Of course, I also punch some small holes,
so I know where to start. [drilling sound]
Okay, we got the first one. And the second one, we’ll do the one at
the bottom. [drilling sound]
Okay, we got the two. It looks pretty straight. Okay! So moving now to the third screw…
[drilling sound] It’s really easy! Okay, we’ll make it tight with the small
screw driver that was also included in the package. Okay, looks good! Now, let’s move to put the box. After we finish with the mounting plate, we’re
going to move to the actual box itself. And as you can see here, this side, there
are 3 holes. And that’s where you’re going to use the
three short screws that was provided as well. I’m also going to show you a picture, a
better picture of those screws as well. And what you’re going to do, you’re going
to put it on the side that you want it to open, either way. As I’ve said, there are three mounting options
here. You can put it like this. You can put it in that side or the other side,
the left or the right side. For this demonstration, we’re going to put
it just like this. Okay! Now, we’re going to tighten the 3 short
screws. I hope you can see it well. We’ll start it with the first one… then
the second one… and the last one also. Okay! Now, we’re going to use our flathead screw
driver and tighten those three screws. And then, the last one… Alright! So we’re done here. Before we put the last piece, there is a small
stopper that we’re going to install as well. It does have two screws also. So you put it in just like this and put two
screws on the bottom. You can just tighten the first one and the
second one with your finger, and then use the screw driver, Phillips screw driver. We’re done with this stopper. It’s got a spring. It’s part of it. Okay, now we’re going to put back our actual
door. And we’re going to put this plate that we
removed. You can see it here. I’m just going to put back
the screws. Also, make sure when you’re installing the
mounting plate, at least a good distance from the surface, so you’ll have enough space,
and everything will open properly. Okay! It’s all done. Now, we’re going to do the programming. On the bottom, there is the learn button. We’re going to click it for 2 seconds
until you hear a beep. And the green light will remain. Now, you’re going to choose your code. We’re going to do for now 2234. And then, you press the learn button again
for 2 seconds. When the light remain red, you do the same,
2234. And then, press the learn button again. It will be 5 times. And then we’re done. 2234, that’s it, guys. That’s all it is! The installation and the programming is done. Great! There is also another button on the right
side. And that’s the mute button. If you want to not hear any sounds when you
press the code, you can press the mute button for 2 seconds. And now it’s silent. And you can turn it back on by pressing the
mute button for 2 seconds. Okay, that was the mute. For example, now I enter a wrong code, you
press again the number 2 and 3 for five seconds. And it will come up to the red light. So you have the red light. It indicates that someone tried to enter the
keypad and put the wrong code. So that’s pretty much what you need to know
about the tech feature. That’s pretty much it guys. Alright, thank you so much for watching. I hope you did enjoy the video. And I hope it did give you a good tip about
the GunVault SV500. If you have any questions, just write a comment
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