Help Computer Science Go Global

Help Computer Science Go Global

The majority of the planet is not
prepared for the future. Experts predict that automation will impact or replace half of all jobs globally. The jobs of the future will require skills that our workforce lacks and schools don’t teach. What if every student in the world could learn computer science in school? What if teaching a single course in schools could help address the global issues of income inequality, gender disparity and
workforce displacement? Teaching computer science is an equalizer. It gives all students access to the creativity, problem-solving and digital skills
rapidly becoming mandatory for every career, in every industry, in every country. But today access is only available to the lucky few. To prepare for the future every school must teach computer science. has shown we
can solve this problem at scale. Close to half of all US schools use, and the majority of our students are girls and underrepresented minorities. We’ve built one of the fastest spreading learning platforms and sparked one of the biggest education movements in history. But access is a global problem and to solve it globally we need your support. For every student, in every school. Subtitles by the community

10 thoughts on “Help Computer Science Go Global”

  1. I am starting a coding class in my school tomorrow. I had to mask it as a math class. So sad we can't teach CS as a stand alone class. It is considered a tech class in our district.

  2. I would like to collaborate with your entity to promote computer science as an primary skill set for future generation in India.

  3. I was introduced to many of the concepts, 50 years ago in highschool… All this proves is the basic dumbing down of our educational system.

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