Hillary Clinton: “Nobody Likes Bernie”

>>A new Hillary Clinton docu-series on Hulu
reminds Americans why she continues to be such a polarizing political figure. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter
to accompany the information or the news of this docu-series, Hillary Clinton took several
jabs at Bernie Sanders.>>Really?>>Of course, this is what you can expect. Now, this is something that I knew was eventually
gonna happen. And she is now even more aggressive than she
was previously when it comes to these jabs at Bernie. So let me tell you exactly what’s going on. Now Lacey Rose over at the Hollywood Reporter
wrote, in the doc, you’re brutally honest with Sanders. And then she quotes Hillary Clinton as saying,
he was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with
him, he’s got nothing done. He was a career politician. Weird flex there. It’s all just baloney, and I feel so bad that
people got sucked into it. And then the reporter asks, that assessment
still hold? And here’s what she says, yes, it does. I just wanna remind you of what 538 published
in March of 2016. Just a quick screenshot of an important headline,
Americans’ Distaste for Both Trump and Clinton is Record-Breaking. So after the election, if you guys can recall,
there was a poll indicating that Bernie Sanders was the most popular politician in America,
the most liked. And there’s a reason for that. It’s because he actually focused on issues
that matter to them.>>There is a part of the statement that’s
right, though. That’s interesting. Well, when she says nobody likes him, nobody
wants to work with him. Understand who she’s referring to. Now why would you work with Bernie Sanders? If you’re a dentist or an accountant out there,
I mean, you don’t have much of an opportunity. No, she’s not referring to you. She’s referring to people in Washington, people
with power, and that is true. The people in power don’t like Bernie Sanders
cuz he points out their corruption, in fact he barely points it out, but he does. He embarrasses them by not taking any of the
corporate money that they do. He talks about income and equality. Their donors love income and equality, and
further income and equality. And so do those corrupt Democratic politicians. So when she said nobody likes him, she means
nobody in Washington, nobody in the club likes Bernie Sanders. Now that is not a problem for Bernie Sanders. That’s why Bernie Sanders is so popular in
the rest of the country. Another thing that Hillary Clinton is doing
is calling all of you guys, nobodies.>>Exactly.>>I mean, the reality is he’s the most popular
politician, first of all in the country, second of all, in the Democratic party. So she’s just telling you all the Democratic
voters, you don’t mean anything, you’re a nobody. So, you don’t even exist. So, I when I talk about Bernie Sanders and
no one likes him, you don’t count. The huge, huge percentage of the American
population doesn’t count. The only people who count are my buddies in
the empowered Washington. All of you, nobody’s can go away. Well, I am a nobody, and I’m proud to support
Bernie Sanders.>>What she doesn’t realize and this is a
good thing, is that she unwittingly put out the best possible endorsement for him, right? Because in saying that nobody in the elitest
class that she rubs elbows with, that none of them like him. She’s essentially giving everyone who already
supports him or is considering supporting him more of a reason to stick by his side. Because what people are frustrated with, and
one of the reasons why so many people actually went out and voted for Donald Trump, a con
artists. Is because he positioned himself as an outsider,
some one who is anti-establishment. In saying that Bernie Sanders is not well
liked within the establishment. Hillary Clinton is weirdly helping to garner
support for him.>>But they don’t think so, everybody-
>>I know.>>In the media, instead of saying whoa, that
is so divisive. Whenever a progressive speaks out against
another Democrat, they’re like, divisive, divisive, what happened? Now Hillary Clinton tries to torpedo the leading
Democrat in the race. He’s leading in Iowa and New Hampshire, California,
and very close in Nevada. All the sudden she’s not divisive. Now remember, her supporters back in 2008,
when she lost to Barack Obama, were called PUMAS, why? It stood for Party Unity My Ass. So she’s back to Party Unity My Ass, but no
one in the media calls her out. Instead they’re like, bravo, we all agree. No one in power including us like him.>>I mean, the New York Times editorial board,
the story we’ll get to later referred to Bernie Sanders as divisive at least twice in their
endorsement for two candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. Again, we’ll get to that later. But let me give you more from this interview
with the Hollywood Reporter. Now, Bernie Sanders did respond to Hillary
Clinton saying that he is not well-liked. And according to an NBC reporter, I just asked
Senator Sanders for his reaction to Hillary Clinton saying no one likes him. And he said, quote, on a good day, my wife
likes me, so let’s clear the air on that one. He then pivoted to talking about impeachment. More tonight on @NBCNightlyNews. Okay, so you get a sense of him kind of poking
fun at this, he’s not taking it too seriously. Lacy Rose then asks Hillary Clinton, if he
gets the nomination, will you endorse and campaign for him? And here’s what she says, and I think this
is incredibly important given the pressure from the establishment to vote blue no matter
what, right? You got to get Trump out. I’m not going to go there yet. We’re still in a very vigorous primary season. I will say however, that it’s not only him,
it’s the culture around him. It’s his leadership team. It’s his prominent supporters. It’s his online Bernie Bros and their relentless
attacks on lots of his competitors, particularly the women. So Cenk, I’m gonna let you jump in in a second,
but I wanna make a point about who Hillary Clinton is and how she campaigned. Because when she was campaigning against Barack
Obama in 2008, she kept referring to him. Her campaign kept referring to him and his
supporters as sexist. It’s sexist, it’s sexist, okay? So before the Bernie bro argument was being
used by the Hillary camp, there was an Obama bro argument used by the Hillary camp. In fact, Hillary Clinton was so vicious in
her campaigning against Barack Obama that this is what she did. I talked about this on a recent appearance
on Cuomo. There’s a lot of emphasis, a lot of, in my
opinion, defamatory comments about how Bernie Sanders is allegedly running a dirty campaign. However, there isn’t a single example of him
talking about someone’s character in a negative way or attacking someone’s personality. Or doing any type of character assassination. All of his emphasis has been on policy, and
we are in the middle of a primary. In a primary, you were supposed to emphasize
the differences in policy proposals. And the mere fact that he has done that has
gotten him in trouble for some reason when in the past actual dirty politics on the left
has been dismissed.>>Stop, stop. Stop, Ana.>>I mean, come on. Hillary Clinton released a picture of Barack
Obama in 2008 where he’s wearing a turban and it was during his trip to Kenya. She purposely did that in an effort to paint
him as a Muslim.>>What does that have to do with Bernie Sanders?>>I bring that up because Bernie Sanders
would never ever do something like that. But he still gets characterized as someone
who plays dirty politics. It’s disgusting.>>All right.>>Okay, we actually have that picture. We’ll show it to you. So Hillary’s team, people later thought that
the Republicans released this. No, Hillary Clinton’s team released this photo
like, look at Barack Hussein Obama. That’s the kind of dirty politics established
in place. By the way, it was worse than Obama Bros. Bernie Bros is illiterate. No, back then they didn’t call them bros. They called them Obama Boys.>>Jesus.>>Which is way worse, okay? So she’s played that dirty trick a thousand
times. Including Barack Obama who she now pretends
to support, but she tried to torpedo in vicious ways. So now, before we even get to the gender angle. Wait, you’re not gonna go there yet on supporting
Bernie Sanders if he’s the nominee? So that means by definition, you might not. So who would you support? Donald Trump? That’s an open question for you?>>Of course, it is.>>That’s unbelievable, after all this it’s
still unbelievable. But hold on, she not only says that. But I want you to remember the context. Bernie Sanders did 39 rallies for her after
he lost, 39. She had done 12 appearances for Obama, but
Sander did 39 gigantic rallies for Hillary Clinton. But no good deed goes unpunished. Now she turns around goes, I demanded loyalty
from you. And by the way, you gave it to me and you
took some heat for it too, by the way from some Progressives. Now, they will not be returned at all, in
fact, the most crucial time right before Iowa, I will try to sink you.>>Look, I think that you’re either forgetting
something or you’re being dishonest here. Because you’re not surprised by this. In fact, and I know you’re gonna love this,
you made a prediction back in March of last year. And I wanna show you that prediction.>>Yeah, okay, look, it’s always, you’re right
that I’ve said things like this in the past. And I don’t remember this clip at all that
we were about to show you. Okay, but for after all that they have said
about unity. After all that they have said, Bernie, and
they’ve asked, the media have asked them every single time. If you lose, are you gonna make sure that
you support the candidate, right? But they never ask the others. Finally, Hillary Clinton gets asked, and it’s
a, well, I don’t know, maybe. Maybe not, though, maybe not. Maybe I support Trump.>>Well, here’s Cenk from March of 2019, talking
about what is likely to happen if Bernie Sanders were to be the nominee.>>They would rather have a Republican in
office and continue the corruption. Than have Bernie Sanders or a Progressive
in office, where they would end the power of money in politics. I guarantee you, a lot of the establishment
is gonna pull up stakes and do the most hypocritical thing you have ever seen in your life. Support a third party candidate or maybe even
secretly not support Donald Trump, but pull out of the race and go, well, Donald Trump
did give me tax cuts. That would be okay, we’ve survived the last
four years. We might not survive Bernie. By that they mean, my money might not survive
Bernie. So, they are very likely to betray the Democratic
party.>>Yeah.>>The thing that they claimed that they cared
about all the time. One last thing about that. Remember what Hillary Clinton supporters called
themselves after they lost the primary to Obama? They called themselves PUMA, you know what
PUMA stands for? Party Unity My Ass. They never believed in party unity.>>Boom.>>You’re right. You caught me. I was right. So look, and I want to now predict this for
you. If Bernie is the nominee, they’re not going
to outwardly say they’re in favor of Donald Trump. It would be so preposterous, and people would
be so mad with them. Have you ever talked to any Democratic voters? They despise Donald Trump, right? If Hillary Clinton were to say, yeah, I’m
for Trump, heads would explode. And she’s not that stupid, and people in the
establishment are not that stupid. But look, she’s already prefacing for you
that hey, maybe I’ll stay out of it. Maybe I’ll stay neutral between Trump and
Bernie Sanders. Or maybe I’ll look to torpedo Bernie Sanders,
but not say it publicly, right? And by the way, Bloomberg runs. Easily help him. And make sure the Democrat loses the race
so I keep my tax cuts. Look, the establishment is filled to the brim
with corruption. And so this is just another evidence of it. Now, for the gender issue, she says he particularly
attacks women. Later she talks about how he attacks Elizabeth
Warren and Kamala Harris. I don’t remember Bernie Sanders saying anything
about Kamala Harris.>>Yeah, neither do I.>>That’s just totally made up, okay?>>Well, but that’s the thing. She gets to make these things up, and she
goes unchallenged. I mean, we challenge her, independent media
sources challenge her. But the corporate press that she speaks to
never challenges her. In fact this whole docu-series they’re putting
out about her doesn’t even go so far as to interview people that she’s slandering in
the context of these interviews, right? Monica Lewinsky, Bernie Sanders’ camp. I mean, she just like throws all these jabs
and it goes unchallenged 100%.>>In fact, they asked the documentarians
about it, they’re like, no, no, we did try to talk to Hillary Clinton’s opponents ideologically,
so we try to find conservatives.>>Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, what are
you doing? No, the main divide has been within the Democratic
party, and the main people share taxes, not Republicans, right? Other than Trump, she never talks ill of Republicans. In fact, there’s a quote later in this story,
she’s like, well, if it wasn’t Trump, and it was just a normal Republican, I’d have
been fine with it. I’ll give you the exact quote in a minute,
okay? So no, Progressives are the ones she attacks
and smears, and says all sorts of terrible things about. But to the mainstream media, Progressives
are invisible. Why would I talk to a Progressive? You’re not among the powerful. They’re not in the club. They’re invisible. They’re nobodies. Why would you ever talk to a progressive? It doesn’t even occur to them. So even as they’re punching progressives in
the face over and over again, in the documentary, in this interview. It doesn’t occur to them to talk to a Progressives
and say, hey, how do you feel about being punched in the face? All right, last thing on the Kamala Harris,
Warren, etc. So to my knowledge, Bernie Sanders has never
attacked Kamala Harris, nor have his supporters really talked about her much at all. I don’t know if you know this. She’s out of the race. Hillary Clinton just did this interview. But Bernie Sanders is so-called troubled today
because they say, you’re attacking Joe Biden too much. So what happened to particularly pointing
out women? So it turns out, they’re in a primary, and
they have made arguments against some of the candidates, some of whom are males, some of
whom are female, so->>Look, let’s just keep it real, here’s what
they want. They want Bernie Sanders to unilaterally disarm
in this race, right? They want Bernie Sanders to avoid criticizing,
rightfully so the candidates that he’s running against. He has not, I mean look. And I keep telling some of the Hilary fans
out there who keep attacking him as divisive and he plays dirty politics. Give me an example. I am more than willing to admit I’m wrong. Show me an example of Bernie Sanders unfairly
attacking his opponents on anything that’s not related to policy. Because look, we’re in a primary, he absolutely
should and should continue to go after the records of these Democrats, their policy proposals. That’s what the whole point of a primary is. Otherwise, why are we having debates? Why are we even having this discussion, right? But they don’t like the fact that he’s right. That he’s uncorrupted, that he walks the walk,
talks the talk. And that he focuses on what he legitimately
should focus on, which is policy.>>There’s no end to their hypocrisy. Later in the interview, she said, you’re probably
not going to be treated fairly, don’t let it knock you off your stride. Now she was just referring specifically to
women there, but she mainly talked about herself. I was just treated so unfairly, so unfairly. Okay, now, there’s actually some truth to
that. I felt that they focused way too much on the
emails. The mainstream media goes along with the Republican
talking points are nonsense about Benghazi, etc. And so there were some unfair attacks against
Hillary Clinton. That is true. Were there some sex attacks on Hillary Clinton
from Republicans? Absolutely. What’s she wearing? Is she too shrill? All that stuff that happened. Did it happen from the left? Of course not. The left is more liberal. More progressive than the centrist corporate
Democrats, but wait. You were talking about people who were treated
unfairly in the primaries. Didn’t you rig the primaries? Didn’t you take stolen questions from Donna
Brazil before a CNN debate? Didn’t you limit the number of debates with
your friend, Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Didn’t you run a money laundering operation
through the DNC->>This is unfair. You’re being so divisive, Cenk.>>Yeah.>>You’re being so sexist and divisive by
stating what the DNC literally did in 2016.>>But you were treated unfairly. Okay, and so by the way, when they hide behind
discrimination after they do attack after attack, after attack. And if you ever criticize them, they go, I’m
gonna hide behind discrimination. Well, you know what they do? They actually hurt the cause of fighting real
discrimination so much. Because when a woman is treated unfairly at
work, doesn’t get paid the same amount or is, God forbid, sexually harassed, etc. Then a lot of guys turn around and go, well,
okay, look at these people, all this crying wolf. Every time, nobody’s allowed to be criticized
because they’re a woman. Now, that’s not remotely true. But Hillary Clinton and others who callously
use gender as a political weapon, allow that to happen. So wait, did the DNC conspire against the
man or a woman? Let’s just remember, it was against the man. Did they do it because he is a man? No. But for you to claim, my God, I am the victim
from the Democratic establishment is preposterous. So, now let me get back to the Republican
quote to give you a sense of how Republican Hillary Clinton is. She said, quote, if I had lost to what I would
call a normal Republican with whom I disagreed on many things. But who I thought cared about the country
and put service over self. I would probably speak out and say we don’t
agree about that, but this is abnormal, what we currently have about Trump, okay? So she still thinks Trump’s an aberration. The other Republicans are great. They put service over self, on which planet? Bernie Sanders is a terrible guy, and I’m
gonna call him every name in the book. But my beloved Republican friends, outside
of Donald Trump. Wait a minute. What do you mean, outside of Donald Trump? They all backed Donald Trump 100%. What Republicans are you talking about? If we had had a normal Republican, well, that
would have been lovely, right? But Bernie, we can’t have, we can’t have him. He might end the corruption, then what would
we do for a living?

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