Hiqayat-e-Sidqo Wafa Episode 14 – Muhammad Ilyas Munir Sahib

Hiqayat-e-Sidqo Wafa Episode 14 – Muhammad Ilyas Munir Sahib

Wherever the voice of truth hasn’t reached,
thereto we will go and recite the Qur’an. I seek refuge with Allah from Satan,
the accursed. In the name of Allah,
Most Gracious, Ever Merciful. Respected viewers, from MTA Germany, we present to you the program
Hiqayat-e-Sidqo Wafa. Respected viewers, from our previous programs,
we are accompanied today by our very esteemed guest, Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Munir Sahib,
who is a missionary of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at, and by the Grace of Allah, he is currently posted in Germany and is getting
the chance to serve the Jama’at here. Maulana, along with other aseeraan,
was blessed with the honor of being wrongly imprisoned for the cause
of Allah for a lengthy time period. And from the last few programs, we have had the opportunity to present this story
of imprisonment to you, our respected viewers. Dear viewers, before we proceed
with our conversation here in the studio, it is useful to present a brief
recap of the previous program. Let us view those. Meaning if it is freedom then our freedom would be an unusual thing. The late Hazrat Mian Khursheed Ahmad Sahib and the late Hazrat Mian Ghulam Ahmad Sahib came, and they were the first ones to welcome us. There was an amazing soaring sea of happiness; they were not just human beings. Dear viewers, you were just seeing a
few glimpses from our previous program. Maulana, on behalf of the entire MTA team,
I am very thankful to you for giving us time. In the previous program,
we already spoke about you arriving in Rabwah. The truth of the matter is that even when
I think of it myself, as an Ahmadi, our emotional conditions are alike; so, it would be natural that
you would be yearning to present yourself in front of
our beloved Huzoor (rh). And he who is passionately praying, when will his
eyes and his heart and your heart be gratified? How did Allah the Exalted
create that provision? May peace be with you. I seek refuge with Allah from Satan,
the accursed. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful. Immediately after our release from prison, Wakalat-e-Tabshir received instruction from
Huzoor (rh) to apply for my visa to England. It should be a missionary visa,
inclusive of my immediate family. Accordingly, Wakalat-e-Tabshir took the steps
and applied for the visa right away. We had our interviews
conducted in Islamabad. Obviously, the permanent
visa has a longer process; it’s not like a visitor visa,
which would be granted in a week or ten days. It includes a routine process
and an investigation aspect, as well. So, the embassy started the process
and told us that it would take four to six months. So, we were awaiting the result,
given the situation. In the meantime,
the Jalsa Salana UK approached, and Huzoor (rh) desired that all those who were imprisoned in the cause
of Allah should be present at the Jalsa. Therefore, the remaining four other aseeraan,
who were my companions through the whole ordeal, were granted a visit visa by the English embassy,
so they flew off there. But since I had already applied for
the permanent missionary visa and the application couldn’t be changed; the day of Jalsa arrived and everyone had the same
desire that I should also somehow reach there. And most of all, Huzoor (rh) desired the same,
as Huzoor (rh) had also stated in that Jalsa that they had tried and hoped that I would reach there by that day, but I couldn’t. Anyhow, at that point on the last day of Jalsa, Huzoor (rh) embraced all of the other four
aseeran, congratulated them and prayed for them. This created a wonderful and
awe-inspiring atmosphere, during which Kamla Baiwas also
recited a historic Punjabi poem, which Huzoor (rh) also enjoyed
and sang with him. It feels appropriate, Maulana,
with your permission that we include our viewers
in those memorable moments. Respected viewers,
let’s view those memorable moments. On behalf of the worldwide Jama’at, I will embrace them in front of your eyes,
after that we will do concluding prayer. Long live Prisoners in the cause of Allah!
Long live Prisoners in the cause of Allah! Long live Prisoners in the cause of Allah! Long live Ahmadiyyat! Long live Ahmadiyyat! Long live Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh)! Long live Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh)! God is great! God is great! Long Live Islam! On behalf of the worldwide Jama’at,
my chest is embracing your chest. Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. Walaikum Assalam. Assalamo Alaikum. Assalamo Alaikum. Give them alms in the seeking of their freedom,
O my Master! Fill my vessel with what you
have filled my heart with! Respected viewers, if the opponents of
Ahmadiyyat knew that to receive this honor, that you have just seen, in order to obtain this, an Ahmadi is ready
to spend his lifetime behind bars, not once, but a thousand times over –
rather is ready to sacrifice the life altogether- then they would not even bother going
through the trouble of putting us in prisons. Anyways, Maulana. Anyway, after that,
such conditions developed in Pakistan that led the lawyers to advise me and Huzoor (rh)
that I should leave Pakistan as soon as possible. When I met Khawaja Sarfraz Sahib,
who was our lawyer, he said that don’t ask why, when, or how; no matter what, make arrangements
to leave Pakistan immediately. I said that I can’t do much on my own. Anyways, guidance came from Huzoor (rh)
based on which, the arrangements were made. And immediately,
I obtained a visit visa for Germany. And there is an interesting part here for
which I would like to relate one of my dreams. So, the day when it was decided
that I should leave, it was a Friday. I saw a dream that morning that there was
a place or a house that was elevated and had three or four steps leading to its entrance
door with an awning shade on top of it. So, I see myself standing there,
and Amir Sahib Germany was also present there making it seem like he is standing in front of
his house and I’ve come from the outside to meet him-or, I’m not sure
why he’s standing there. But in my hand, I am holding
a suit of white shalwar kameez. So Amir Sahib, upon looking at it,
says, “Can’t you give this kameez to me?” We had very good relations
with Amir Sahib from day one because our house was the first house he entered
into after doing bai’at and arriving from Qadian. Hadayatullah Hubsche Sahib
brought him to us. Since then, we have had
wonderful relations with him. So, I say to him that
you can have the full suit! That is the whole dream. That was a Friday,
so after Friday prayer, I meet Respected Mir Mahmood Ahmad Sahib
as he was leaving on his bike. So, I quickly narrated
the dream to him. Mir Sahib responded immediately by saying,
“You will be appointed in Germany!” I replied I have been appointed in England
according to Huzoor’s instructions. He replied, “It can be changed”, and Mir Sahib quickly got on his bike,
turned the pedals, and left. That same day, I received the
instruction to leave Rabwah. Anyhow, I got a visa for Germany. At that time, there was no inclination
whatsoever that I would be going to Germany; there was not a single thought
of this in any part of my mind. It was only Mir Mahmood Ahmad Sahib, who first hinted at this through the
interpretation of that dream. But I didn’t understand how that
would have been possible since Huzoor’s (rh) instructions
had been different. Anyways, I received a visa in the
German embassy through a friend of Respected Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rahman Sahib, and on the 2nd of October, I arrived here. It was God’s decree that I was to
come to Germany instead of England. To this day, I don’t know
the wisdom behind it. So, now from this point, when was the
first time you had a meeting with Huzoor (rh)? So, I had arrived here on October 2nd. After that, these efforts were made, but all
efforts of obtaining a UK visa were unsuccessful. So, the visit visa here was extended. After that, I had to make a writ for me to obtain
a visit visa from here to UK as a missionary, which was not possible. Anyhow, that was a long process. So, during this time, in May 1995, Huzoor (rh) came to attend the Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Ijtema Germany. That was when I met Huzoor (rh)
for the first time in his office, and it began with a lengthy embrace and
then we had a detailed conversation. Then, by the Grace of Allah,
you also got the chance to visit England. Yes, after that, there was a long fight to obtain my visa for
Germany whilst remaining here as a missionary. This process took one and a half year,
and in July 1996, I obtained a visa for Germany. Until then, I was stuck here. I had “Duldung”, which is sort of
a temporary visa under which I could only remain in the province of Hessen;
that was the restriction on me for that duration. So, when I obtained a visa in July 1996, it was a residence visa for the entire country of
Germany, under which I could apply for England. Nonetheless,
this was a blessing of Jama’at. I took a letter from the
Jama’at to the embassy. Actually, it is a very interesting incident
that within two to three days, I received about three or four visas. In order to obtain a visa for Germany,
they said that I would have to exit the country. The closest embassy of Germany
was in Strasbourg; so, we went there to get a visa,
then entered Germany. Then we got it converted into a
permanent one in Germany. The next day, we went to the
English Consulate in Düsseldorf and got a visa for England from there
within a day, by the grace of Allah. We travelled overnight, and the next day
before Fajr, we arrived at Fazl Mosque in London. MashAllah. After all, it was the desire of our imam,
Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh). And dear viewers, when Maulana arrived there, Huzoor (rh) desired to have all of the aseeran shown in England, per Huzoor (rh). That is why Huzoor (rh), once again,
with the Grace of Allah the Almighty, blessed this servant of Ahmadiyyat, who
endured imprisonment for God Almighty- and Huzoor (rh) held this matter
in such high esteem in his heart- by embracing him there,
which we will present to you now. Today, the entire world is seeing
this divine decree being fulfilled. God is Great! The longing to embrace
you never vanishes. The wish to have you
by my side is beyond a limit. So, dear viewers, “this good fortune
is not from my exertion alone”. This love is only acquired through destiny,
by the Grace of Allah. Maulana, thank you very much. The way that you have presented this story of
imprisonment in a limited time to our viewers, may Allah accept this sacrifice. May Allah bless you
with good age and health. In the end, I would like to request you to
share the precious words of His Holiness, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba)
for your book, Hikayat-e-Daar-o-rasan
(Stories from the Gallows and the Noose), with our viewers and we will
conclude our program with that, InshAllah. If I have permission,
I would like to read out the letter itself. Yes, bismillah. Those fellows who have read this book
will know that in the beginning of the book, Huzoor (aba) kindly accepted my request and
wrote a letter, which is summarized as follows: “There is a long history of sacrifices
made by aseeran of the Jama’at. “And after the 1984 ordinance, the members that
became prisoners in the cause of Allah “and whom were sentenced with treacherous
punishments included you as well. “However, with the blessings of Allah and the
prayers of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh), “you strived through it and then Allah created
circumstances for your release as well. “For the sacrifice that you
made during that time, “may Allah enable your
future generations “to not shy away from sacrificing
in the cause of religion.” Ameen! “May Allah make this book a source of invoking “a new spirit of sacrifice in its readers. “May Allah reward you for compiling
incidents from your captivity “in order to strengthen and inspire
the faith and belief of future generations. “Jazakumullah o ta’ala ahsanal jaza. Wassalam, sincerely,
Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V (aba).” Jazakumullah o ta’ala ahsanal jaza. So, this is the message
that future generations that “May it enable future
generations to not shy away “from sacrificing in the cause of religion
and that may Allah the Almighty make this “a source of invoking a new
spirit of sacrifice in its readers.” Ameen, O Allah, Ameen! Jazakumullah
o ta’ala ahsanal jaza, Respected Maulana. Thank you very much! May Allah enable all
of us to feel and inculcate the effects of this in our practical lives according to
the expectations of our beloved leader, so that they may become a
source of strengthening our morality. That is the purpose of religion as
well as the purpose of the sacrifices that are made in the cause of religion so that they enable us to reform our souls. Dear viewers, from Germany Studios, MTA Germany team will
now take our leave. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you. Wherever the voice of truth hasn’t reached,
thereto we will go and recite the Qur’an.

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