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JD: Hey, I’m Joe Denny, but you can call me
JD, Hypertech’s Performance host, and I’m excited to introduce you to our new line of
power programmers for the sport tuner market. That’s right, the world asked and we answered.
Our engineers have spent a grueling year developing optimized tuning, Dyno and track testing,
to bring the world’s leading, high performance engine power programmers to the import world,
and now they’re here. Our new line includes power programmers for Hondas, Infinitis, Mazdas,
Mitsubishis, Nissans, and Subarus. Let’s answer one question. What is power tuning? Well from
NASCAR to NHRA, serious racers with serious money have always used engine dynos to perfectly
tune their race car’s engine, a technique called, power tuning. But to develop optimized engine tuning takes
days and days of dyno testing, costing about a thousand dollars per day or more. So for
most of us, power tuning was out of the question. That all changed in the early ’80s when on-board
computers began to appear on production cars and trucks, and that is when Hypertech invented
power tuning products to make maximum performance tunes and affordable, easy to install product,
instead of a time consuming, expensive service. Let’s go talk to John Lambert, manager of
Hypertech’s tuning department and find out more. Hey John. John: Hey, JD. JD: Hey, do you mind telling us what power
tuning is? John: Sure, on our multiple chassis dynos,
we spend weeks on each vehicle and engine combination to develop the most powerful tuning
possible for both stock and mildly modified street vehicles. Those are the aftermarket
cat back and cold air intake systems. Here’s exactly how we do it. Spark advance, air fuel ratio, and intake
manifold pressure on turbo and supercharged vehicles are all controlled by the vehicle’s
computer programs, usually in the form of what’s called a lookup table. Using spark
advance as an example, we reverse engineer the computer program and find the appropriate
spark advance tables, then on the dyno, we baseline the engine to determine the stock,
torque, and horsepower output. Now we start to tune. We increase the spark
advance in very small increments at each and every tuning point, from just all vital to
maximum RPM, and then retest for power output again. If the power increases at a particular
point, then we advance the spark again and retest. We do this for every tuning point
until in each of those points, we see a power decrease from the previous test. When we reach
that point of diminishing returns, we know we’ve found the optimum Spark advance over
the entire rpm range for that engine. This maximum power spark advance curve is then
stored in our Max Energy power programmers. Air fuel ratio is optimized in a similar fashion.
We make incremental changes and test until we have found maximum power. Likewise for
manifold pressure or boost, if an engine has a turbo or a supercharge. Of course, you don’t
drive or race dynos, so after we’ve developed our maximum performance engine tuning, we
take every vehicle to the Memphis Motorsports track and compare acceleration and drag strip
performance between stock and high intake power tuning. No other tuning company does this. We then
post true and accurate track and dyno performance improvements on our website. JD: Well thanks John, now I see why Hypertech
is the world’s leader in high performance engine tuning. Now we’re going to talk about what else the
new Max Energy Sport is capable of, but first thing I’m going to do is show you just how
easy it is to install. All you’re going to do is plug the small connector
on the communications cable into the Max Energy and then plug the other end into the vehicle’s
diagnostic connectors, located under the driver’s side under the dash. But remember to never
disconnect the cable until the programming session is complete. Then all you do is follow
some on-screen prompts, answer a few yes or no questions to pick the tuning options and
features that you want. The first thing it will do is read a clear DTCs, or diagnostic
trouble codes. That means if you have a check engine light or service needed message, the
Max Energy sport will read the code and give you the ability to clear the code and turn
of the check engine light. It also makes it easier for you to take the necessary steps
to prevent it from coming back on. Now just note, for you guys with push button
starts, instead of you turning on the key into the on position, you’re just going to
hit the start button without pressing the break or clutch. Then once you have the value
selections, you’re just going to follow the on-screen prompts and begin the programing
process. When program is complete, the Max Energy screen will instruct you to disconnect
the cable. Now all you have to do is just enjoy your vehicle’s added power and performance. Now that we know a bit more about power tuning
and what the advantages are, we’re going to take some of these vehicles out on the drag
strip, tune them, and show you first hand just how awesome the new Max Energy Sport
really is. So keeping checking here at where you’ll find me, JD, and the rest of
the Hypertech crew as we explain in more depth each feature of the new Max Energy Sport and
we get out on the road and put our performance to the test.

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