Honeywell VisionPro 8000 Thermostat Review

Honeywell VisionPro 8000 Thermostat Review

Speaker 1: Hey YouTubers, got a video review
for everybody here. Speaker 1: Got a RedLINK VisionPRO 8000 by
Honeywell. And there’s the model number right there for
everybody. Speaker 1: This is a really nice unit. Right now it’s set up in non programmable
mode on single stage heat. I’m kind of go through the options and that. So you can go up and down on this. Tells you humidity. You have a red light right here to tell you
if there’s an alert. There’s a three volt lithium battery in here
to save your time and date on it I believe, and some other information. Your settings, I believe too. There’s a little micro SD slot underneath
here for installer information. But menus and the navigation on this is really
easy. And you’ve got your equipment status and your
other settings here. The installer options is usually what comes
up when you first install this. And you actually got settings for your RedLINK
and that. Speaker 1: Now this is only running on batteries. I don’t have a wire or a common wire or C
wire hooked up to it yet. I have to find out, because our furnace has
its own built in computer controller. So we just set it up to where the fan is controlled
by the system down there on its computer board. Speaker 1: Let me shut this off here and I’ll
show you the inside. There’s a little button right up here on the
top, you can open it up. And then, this thing’s actually pretty heavy. And you got your batteries there. You can see the little battery there for your
three volt down here. And everything connects in there. And then you got your little code when you
get these, so that’s your security code to log in on your units, installer options or
anything advanced. Speaker 1: And then this is pretty simple
set up. It will work with a heat pump and quite a
few other units. It’s actually a really nice set up, pretty
versatile, I believe it says it’ll work with three or four different styles of heating
and other zones and other things like that. So it’s a really good thermostat. We actually bought this to replace an ancient
Honeywell that probably came with the furnace that was actually having a problem. I’m going to put this back on here. Speaker 1: And by the way, real quick, you’ve
got this little warning or disclaimer, whatever you want to call it right here, about the
C wire up here on the … so if you don’t have the C wire, the RedLINK probably won’t
work at all for you unless it’s got some other set up. Put this back on here, and turn the heating
back on. Speaker 1: And one thing I want to mention
is we’ve got this, that we bought with it. Now, like I said, we don’t have the C wire
on here, so the RedLINK isn’t active, so I can’t actually use this switch. I’m sorry it’s in Spanish there. This is the model number down here that we
bought, but this is a lithium powered temperature, oh, it says temperature and humidity, my mistake. This is a pretty nice little unit, but you
have to have your RedLINK enabled or on to use it because you have to be able to add
it wirelessly. So I can’t add mine yet. Speaker 1: And I also bought a wall plate
for this, which it comes with a larger one and a small one. And I just don’t have those on here yet, because
we wanted to make sure this worked right off the bat. Speaker 1: So it has a lot of the programmable
features. I don’t know if you can actually see them
on the camera, but there’s little settings in here that just aren’t enabled yet. And they’re all over the screen, so you can
do quite a bit with this as far as options. And once you get down in here to your preferences
and that, you can set your reminders or when you want it to change over for your seasons
and stuff like that. Your scheduling, daylight savings. Speaker 1: There’s actually quite a bit, you
do- The clean screen features locks out the screens, so you can actually clean it, so
that’s pretty nice. Obviously that’s what it’s for. Speaker 1: Your dealer information, if you’re
installing this yourself like I did, you don’t have that. It’ll just say such and such, a bunch of numbers
and … But one thing I really like about this is your equipment status. You can see everything. It tells your air filter, your spring reminder
date, which I just set it up on what the system’s got here. Your model number, software, which, you can
update that, I checked, it’s already the current version right now for this thermostat. That’s if anybody wonders that. And then your date code on there. Speaker 1: And now I’ll show you the installer
options and that. All right. And you’ve got installer set up, you can actually
test the system once you get it going. Data logs, there’s your wireless manager,
restorative default, device info. Pretty much everything is on here and that. And you can select your wireless manager. And this is where you’d add your device if
you have a RedLINK. But that’s what it’s going to tell you if
you don’t have the RedLINK on it. Speaker 1: So let me get back out of that. Now, installer set up, you can actually go
through here and there’s a lot of stuff. It usually comes up asking you what type of
set up you want to go do and that. So there’s your sensors and that, but if you
ain’t got a RedLINK set up on this and you’re just using it for a standard thermostat, then
you’d be fine with most of the settings on it. Speaker 1: Anyways, that’s pretty much the
review. I wanted to kind of go through some of the
advanced options and stuff and show everybody kind of what it has. So if the video’s a little longer, sorry for
that. But I wanted to show everybody those and help
somebody save some money if you’ve got a more complicated system. Speaker 1: But one thing I’ll mention is we
were going to put a Nest or a Honeywell Lyric on our furnace. We couldn’t do it because the controller in
the furnace wouldn’t work with it, it’ll fight the thermostat. That’s what I was told by our furnace repair
guy. And I’m not for sure exactly how that works,
but this seems to work with the furnace with no problem. So if you have that kind of scenario, this
might work for you, don’t know. Speaker 1: Anyways guys and gals, don’t work
too hard. Have a good one. Bye.

25 thoughts on “Honeywell VisionPro 8000 Thermostat Review”

  1. I have this kind of device.. TH8320R1003, i replaced the batteries.. 4 AA and 1(3volt) .. when i put back that 4AA batteries , i now get a "Remove all 5 batteries for 5 minutes" i did that and waited 10min, 30min, etc.. but as soon as i put 4AA batteries.. the screen show "Remove all 5 batteries for 5 mintues" i'm just wondering if you have seen this before.. thanks.

  2. Hello. Question- how far in advance does the system kick on before the schedule time. For example let's say my wake time is 6am. Is it supposed to kick on at 6am or will it come out in advance of 6am. Thanks.

  3. Good review, I'm having estimates done for a heat pump.. and this controller-thermostat is what they are recommending. I'm also looking at the Lennox CS7500. By the way the other side of the box was in French.. not spanish, I'm French so I know.

  4. Do you know how to reset the thermostat if you don't know the password? Had a drunk brother put a password on it and can't remember it… Have tried to find something online but all of them reference to the older series

  5. I do age back for living and I have to say that this term stat is the best out there. Especially 4 Homeowners that are afraid of programmable thermostats.

  6. Will this work without a c wire? My system is newer but the house is older and my current thermostat doesn't have a c wire. I received 2 of these for free from my electric company and would like to use them. Would I still be able to use it with Wi-Fi without the c wire?

  7. This was super helpful!! Trying to unlock this thing at work to turn down the AC and now I know how to find the passcode. Thanks!! Can’t wait to try this tomorrow morning at work LOL

  8. Low battery alarm won’t shut up on this thing . Even after I changed them to new “alkaline” batteries.

  9. Honeywell vision pro 8000 has option to adjust cycles because no differential .
    Set it on 1 or 2 cycles per hour and no difference . AC continues to be ran by factory set of .5 degrees .
    Could be the wiring ?

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