How to Build a LabVIEW Application for UEI Data Acquisition

Hi I’m Phil, we’re here to quickly show you
how to build up a LabVIEW application using united electronic industries
technology and National Instruments LabVIEW. So right now we’re specifying a data
acquisition methodology and then we’ll indicate whether to pull
in raw data or scaled data and in this case it’s scaled data. We’ll make the application run in a
while loop and when it’s complete we’ll shut down the application We’ll display all 16 channels and we’ll add in a stop button. and there it is. You’re seeing 7.5 volts on the first channel. -7.5 on the second and alternating
throughout the rest to the channels and it’s just that simple. We have LabVIEW
interfaces, many other ways to interface to
data acquisition equipment. We’d be glad to talk to you directly about your

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